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XRP Ripple Liquid Index on Google; BNC’s Liquid Index on Nasdaq ready, but not released yet




XRP Ripple Liquid Index on Google; BNC's Liquid Index on Nasdaq ready behind the scenes but not released yet
Source: Unsplash

On April 29, Nasdaq announced the addition of Brave New Coin’s XRP Liquid Index on the Nasdaq Global Index Data ServiceSM (GIDS). It also announced that the index would be live on May 01, however, the index, at press time, wasn’t accessible on both Brave New Coin and on Nasdaq. But an interesting revelation was the fact that the index showed up in a Google search.

A Twitter user @NaturallyPaid_ was the first to notice this and tweeted:

BankXRP, an XRP enthusiast suggested that since the index wasn’t live on Nasdaq’s site, Google might have been “pulling it from Nasdaq RSS feed”. In addition, the liquid index was also accessible on TradingView as well.

Source: Google

At press time, Brave New Coin’s website showed Bitcoin and Ethereum’s liquid index, but failed to show the XRP liquid index. The same was true with Nasdaq’s official website as well.

Source: BraveNewCoin

The price of XRP at the time of writing was at $0.3018, with a market cap of $12 billion. The Bitcoin rally hasn’t been kind to XRP as the 24-hour change was only 1.6%. Other altcoins have surged by massive amounts due to Bitcoin’s rally, and while this might not be good for the price, it is a good thing from a larger perspective. This suggests that XRP is not as correlated to Bitcoin as other altcoins are.

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XRP closes bullish week breaking 200-day MA; on the doorsteps of the Golden Cross




XRP closes bullish week breaking 200-day MA; on the doorsteps of the Golden Cross
Source: Pixabay

On the back of the most successful week for XRP, the second largest altcoin in the market has broken, what could be equated to the first inkling of the Bitcoin [BTC] bull run. Following Coinbase’s greenlight to its New York customer to engage in XRP trading, the altcoin shattered its 200-day moving average.

Bitcoin, prior to the April 2 ascendance, which was trading at just over $4,000 and on the back of a slew of reasons, broke the $4,623 200-day moving average (at the time) creating an impetus for a prolonged pump. XRP, following the mammoth 41 percent price rise on 14-15 May, has mirrored the king coin’s rise.

The 200-day MA of XRP, which, at press time, stood at $0.352 was shattered at around 0300 UTC on 14 May, where the cryptocurrency saw a massive 25.59 percent daily gain. Continuing to ride the Coinbase bulls, the cryptocurrency added another 12.27 percent daily price rise the following day, ending its slumping streak which persisted for much of 2019.

Interestingly, the XRP price rise could not have come at a more opportunistic time. During the early days of May, when Bitcoin was breaking resistance after resistance, and anchoring an XRP-less altcoin rise, Ripple’s cryptocurrency was in a slump. In fact, the other digital asset that aims to attract an XRP-esque market, Stellar Lumens [XLM] was also in a slump prior to last week’s rise.

On a year-to-date analysis, the two cryptocurrencies jointly referred to as the “Bank Coins,” contrastingly declined by over 12 percent each, as other coins like Litecoin [LTC], Binance Coin [BNB] and even Bitcoin [BTC] saw triple-digit gains. To answer back to their crypto-contemporaries, XRP and XLM were, by far, the highest gainers during the aforementioned period, wiping clear their slumping trends.

Another key indicator for the Bitcoin price rally lasting almost two months now was the realization of the “Golden Cross.” On April 23, the king coin saw its 50-day MA cross-over its 200-day MA as the price rose above $5,350, confirming the coming of the BTC bears, which have since pushed Bitcoin’s price over $8,000.

XRP is on the verge of realizing its very own Golden Cross. Following its May 14 rise and the current green candle-stick, albeit with a major anchoring role played by Bitcoin’s ascendance, the 50-day MA for the altcoin has been broken. If the current trajectory continues, like BTC, XRP could see the 50-day surge above the 200-day and begin a major bullish swing, if Bitcoin’s prices are to go by.

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