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XRP to be added as base pair for 130+ trading pairs on CoinField’s test net




XRP to be added as base pair for 130+ trading pairs on CoinField's test net
Source: Pixabay

XRP adoption is currently on an uptrend, considering the number of cryptocurrency exchanges adding XRP to their rosters. CoinField, a Canada-based cryptocurrency exchange, announced that it will be integrating support for over 130 new coins to their testnet.

The tweet by CoinField read:

“We’re glad to announce 130+ new coins have been successfully integrated to our #TESTNET and will be added to @CoinFieldEX eventually once our #legal evaluation and security review is done. We will offer these new coins in both fiat & #XRP based trading pairs. #cryptocurrency”

The details about the coins are yet to be announced, however, the CEO and co-founder of CoinField, Babak Bob Ras, stated that he will be announcing the list on his Twitter page soon.

Additionally, he posted a poll on Twitter to understand the diversity of user portfolios and to check whether they would HODL. XRP received 72% of the 2,183 votes cast.

Recent developments

XRP was recently added on Rain, a Sharia-compliant crypto exchange in the Middle East. XRP was the fourth crypto added on the exchange after Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. In addition, XRP can now be sent through Microsoft Outlook by installing a simple add-on.

XRP is being accepted by various exchanges around the world, the most recent in the ecosystem being the coin getting added to PayGlobal’s ATM bank card payouts.

@NikkiKatz, a Twitter user, added:

“Good job. I knew I picked this exchange as my #1 for a reason!
I just hope (which I am sure you will)listen to whatever havw wanted for a while… which means $HOT $NPXS $ADA will be amongst those 130+ good job… finally I don’t have to buy #BTC to purchase useful coins! TY.”

@XRPdeathstar, another Twitter user, added:

“This was a bit of a tough one, never dreamed of having that much to be able to buy crypto lol.”

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