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XRP transactions now available on pilot Automated Teller Machines [ATM] in New Jersey

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XRP transactions now available on pilot Automated Teller Machines [ATM] in New Jersey
Source: Pixabay

The convenience of transferring cryptocurrencies has been a foundation upon which several exchanges have built their updates. With the inception of cryptocurrency ATMs, users have claimed that the service makes it easier and faster to conduct cryptocurrency transactions.

In a video uploaded by CryptoMedia News Desk, a user was seen using a cryptocurrency ATM to purchase XRP. According to the tweet, the ATM was from BelcoBTM, which was located in New Jersey. The user used the machine to transfer XRP to a TrustWallet wallet.  The organization also tweeted, saying:

“Fees are a little high but still #XRP in an ATM is a gamechanger, glad to be from the first users of this service. #xrpcommunity #xrparmy #xrpthestandard #xrpthebase”

The video shows the user selecting XRP as the option on the machine, after which he is asked to enter the phone number for a One Time Password. After clearing the OTP stage, the user scans a QR code on the Trust Wallet app to verify the machine and the required XRP is then bought using a normal debit card.

Many people from the XRP community have lauded the move, with some calling it the stepping stone towards mass adoption. Misty Sins, an XRP enthusiast commented:

“That’s great! Thanks for sharing. I cant wait to see XRP listed on the Crypto ATM’s here in Vegas.”

Cryptocurrency ATMs have existed for some time now. It was recently revealed that Bitcoin Lightning Network payments could be possible via Bitcoin ATMs. The transaction was conducted by Felix Weis, a developer and a researcher, who, after the transaction, commented:

“Just a proof of concept ‘top up your existing channel’. Lots of bugs but two different mobile wallets worked fine.”

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Ripple: Cryptocurrencies can reduce friction in global commerce, claims CEO Brad Garlinghouse

Arijit Sarkar



Cryptocurrency can reduce the friction of global commerce, says ’s Brad Garlinghouse
Credit: Pixabay

Given the constant disregard for cryptocurrency and blockchain by financial institutions, prominent crypto-leaders have personally been preaching the technology for furthering global adoption. One such figure is Ripple’s CEO, Brad Garlinghouse.

Ripple’s Garlinghouse has always made an effort to minimize the common man’s speculation around tokens. Recently, he made headlines for sharing similar views on Recode Decode, where he said,

“You went from illicit activity to speculation, and today you’re going from speculation to utility.”

While exhibiting his support for cryptocurrency adoption, Garlinghouse made it clear to viewers that he did not expect banks and governments to “be obliterated by the new technology”. He also shared his vision for the future, stating that the system can be changed only by working with the system.

The Vox interview also touched upon Garlinghouse’s claim that crypto-adoption would result in the direct reduction of friction in global markets. He said,

“These are profound technologies that can really benefit society in lots of ways. We can reduce the friction of global commerce, we can allow people globally more access to the economies around the world to compete. I think that’s actually a really good thing.”

He further argued that different currencies, including fiat and crypto, could find specialized use-cases for different things. Along the same lines, he also supported Bitcoin [BTC] investments alongside developments in the XRP ecosystem, as he believed that both work best owing to their unique use-cases. The interview finally ended with Garlinghouse mentioning this on a cautious note:

“Focus on the substance, not the hype. It’s going to impact lots of parts of lots of industries in the same way the internet impacted lots of industries.”

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