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XRP: Yoshitaka Kitao says he could become an “official of the Ripple Inc.”




XRP: Yoshitaka Kitao says he could become an "official of the Ripple Inc."
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Yoshitaka Kitao’s lecture from July 2018 was made public during the “Daiwa Investment Conference Tokyo 2019.” During the lecture, Kitao addressed a wide range of topics spanning the adoption of XRP, Corda and the Osaka Expo that is set to happen in 2025.

Kitao’s spoke about his overall strategy envisioning an ecosystem that was purely based on digital assets. He opined that the lawsuit between Ripple and R3 had to be sorted before an alliance could be achieved that would bring his plans to fruition.

Kitao acknowledged the smart contract platform that was brought to the table through Corda, which is currency agnostic, but also has a high “affinity for XRP”. He added that the alliance between Ripple and R3 would yield a “Global Standard” and that SBI Holdings was in full support of the same.

According to Japanese news portal, Coinpost, Mr. Kitao said, “I myself may be an official of Ripple Inc.” He added,

“We have a thick pipe with both companies that can become a global standard, and we will do our best to support you.”

SBI Holdings plans to achieve synergy in different sectors of the industry by leveraging partnerships with companies that are simplifying payments using blockchain and digital assets. Kitao previously revealed his plan to make Japan’s payment industry frictionless and help people take back control of their own money.

Kitao’s goal has been inching closer to reality due to advancements by Ripple and R3 and their partnerships with various banks in Japan and across the world. The XRP community reveres Kitao as he has been vocal about his fondness for XRP.

@ruscan90, a Twitter user commented,

“I was enthusiastic?? So I guess no 10$ EOY or with start of SBIVC… Story of my life… Guess we have to wait a couple more years for mass adoption. Still believe in XRP”

@FinesseDLT, another Twitter user commented,

“Looking forward to a world where “a glorified paypal” becomes the standard asset for the financial world.”

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Ripple: Cryptocurrencies can reduce friction in global commerce, claims CEO Brad Garlinghouse

Arijit Sarkar



Cryptocurrency can reduce the friction of global commerce, says ’s Brad Garlinghouse
Credit: Pixabay

Given the constant disregard for cryptocurrency and blockchain by financial institutions, prominent crypto-leaders have personally been preaching the technology for furthering global adoption. One such figure is Ripple’s CEO, Brad Garlinghouse.

Ripple’s Garlinghouse has always made an effort to minimize the common man’s speculation around tokens. Recently, he made headlines for sharing similar views on Recode Decode, where he said,

“You went from illicit activity to speculation, and today you’re going from speculation to utility.”

While exhibiting his support for cryptocurrency adoption, Garlinghouse made it clear to viewers that he did not expect banks and governments to “be obliterated by the new technology”. He also shared his vision for the future, stating that the system can be changed only by working with the system.

The Vox interview also touched upon Garlinghouse’s claim that crypto-adoption would result in the direct reduction of friction in global markets. He said,

“These are profound technologies that can really benefit society in lots of ways. We can reduce the friction of global commerce, we can allow people globally more access to the economies around the world to compete. I think that’s actually a really good thing.”

He further argued that different currencies, including fiat and crypto, could find specialized use-cases for different things. Along the same lines, he also supported Bitcoin [BTC] investments alongside developments in the XRP ecosystem, as he believed that both work best owing to their unique use-cases. The interview finally ended with Garlinghouse mentioning this on a cautious note:

“Focus on the substance, not the hype. It’s going to impact lots of parts of lots of industries in the same way the internet impacted lots of industries.”

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