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YouTuber’s ‘hacked account’ receives tokens, funds sent to Binance




YouTuber's 'hacked account' recieves tokens, funds sent to Binance
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Ian Balinca, a famous crypto-YouTuber whose account was hacked during a live-stream seems to have reactivated his account and sent the funds to Binance. The account was reactivated 13 days ago prior to which the last transaction was noted 49 days ago on 23rd May 2018.

The recent activity of the hacked account was noticed by a Twitterati, Jason Mo. He tweeted:

“Balina received his mainframe and quarkchain tokens in the same ETH accounts he claimed were hacked. Can’t make this shit.”

Latest activity of the account || Source: Etherscan

Latest activity of the account || Source: Etherscan

The hacked account has received Mainframe tokens twice, which were immediately transferred to Binance.

  • First transaction: 16 ERC20 SOP
  • Second transaction: 1,499,308 MFT [Transferred to Binance]
  • Third Transaction: 89958.4875 MFT [Transferred to Binance]

The recent activity has led to the majority of the people in the cryptoverse calling the YouTuber a fraud. Many speculators even believe that the YouTuber himself pulled the stunt to evade taxation on his earning from cryptocurrency.

Barney the DYORnosaur, a Twitterati says:

“Hidden message in those wallets, every single one is transferred from wallet to binance to dump on his followers.”

Wysie, another twitterati says:

“Maybe the hackers were kind and promised him not to use his wallet even though they got the private key :P. After all he claimed to have hunted them down and found them.”

Walter Van Diest says:

“Cant pay taxes over ‘stolen’ coins…”

ETH to Mars, a twitterati says:

“He has claimed to have been ‘hacked’ clearly a lie to try to avoid cap gains taxes etc. But then has used the same ‘hacked’ wallet to be paid by a random shit ICO for his shills. Wouldn’t use a compromised wallet so it shows how much of a scammer he is.”

The YouTuber retaliated to the accusations:

“Have you ever invested in an ICO before? I did Mainframe pre-sale in February before the hack via a smart contract. Receiving wallet address can’t be changed if you’re unaware. I still have access to my wallet but so do the hackers which is why I moved tokens. Please do your hw.”

To which Andu Potorac says:

“Worth noting: Quarkchain sale happened after the hack. So he didn’t do it prior. He’s just not smart. I guess a strategy to hodl is to to go to jail. Frankly doing the math he spent the money he had left and lost most of the rest. But he’s still traveling as he didn’t lose any.”

Brief-History of the incident:

The cryptocurrency investor and adviser lost $2 million worth of ETH because of a hack in the month of April. During his live stream, Ian had to abruptly stop his live stream after he received a message which said if he aware that somebody transferred all his tokens. Following which he released a statement on Telegram and Twitter about the hack.

He said:

“Crypto Family, I need you now more than ever. I ended today’s live stream because I am being hacked. I’m not worried about the money… I only care about catching the hacker.”

On his telegram, Ian, later on, released an in-detail information on Telegram regarding the hack. He said that he had listed his college email as his recovery mail but then it was compromised. Ian tried to follow up with his college for information regarding the security but was unable to do it quickly.

According to him, hackers hacked his email using his college email and then hacked his Evernote account where his public key and private key were stored.

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Priya is a full-time member of the reporting team at AMBCrypto. She is a finance major with one year of writing experience. She has not held any value in Bitcoin or other currencies.


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