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Zcash Foundation to introduce “zeal imagery” into their “visual identity”

Ranjitha Shastry



Zcash Foundation to introduce "zeal imagery" into their "visual identity"
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In June Zcash Foundation recently conducted an “experimental governance process”. The result of this was announced at Zcon0 on June 28th. The initiation of “experimental governance process” was announced back in April. It was said that this process will focus on some critical decisions for the Foundation.

Zcash also announced recently about the release of the “Overwinter compatible 1.1.2” which is said to perform changes that are necessary for Sapling.

Zcash's announcement | Source: Twitter

Zcash’s announcement | Source: Twitter

Ian Miers and Amber Baldet were selected by the Community Governance Panel as new Board members for Zcash Foundation. About the Foundation’s governance system, Andrew Miller, Chairman and Josh Cincinnati, the Executive Director wrote:

“Our approach — which we anticipate will evolve over time — will be to appoint a “Community Governance Panel,” consisting of a broad collection of people who have contributed in some way to the Zcash community via some public & visible presence.”

An interesting ballot proposal was the Foundation’s attempt to place the “official Zcash mascot” and the options provided were zeal [a collection of zebras], waterbear, squirrel, axolotl, a talking horse. The Zeal got 28 votes and the Foundation quoted, “The winning zeal is a symbolically rich mascot.”

The ballot proposals were submitted to voters as statements that they could approve or reject. Some of the ballot proposals were:

  • The Zcash community to maintain ASIC resistance.
  • The Foundation should plan to migrate the Zcash protocol to a new proof of work algorithm.
  • The Foundation should be open to discussing changes to monetary policy, supply schedule.
Foundation Chairman Andrew Miller's witty comment | Source: Twitter

Foundation Chairman Andrew Miller’s witty comment | Source: Twitter

Neal Jayu, Zcash-fueled anarcho-monarchist commented:

“Now that the zeal has been chosen as the @ZcashFoundation mascot, does that make us $ZEC fans… #Zcash zealots?”

Director Josh Cincinnati explained that although they needed board accountability and public’s opinion for matters related to the Foundation’s acumen, the ballot decisions will be considered as an advice. The Foundation at present doesn’t have the authority to make decisions. He also added that in cases where the community’s opinions are strong and have a certain weight, it will be considered in the future work of the Foundation.

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