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Zcash [ZEC] enters into an alliance with StarkWare

Rajath Kumar



Zcash enters into an alliance with StarkWare
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Zcash recently announced that it would be entering into a business alliance with StarkWare Industries. Zcash provides a decentralized and open source of cryptocurrency which shields the transactions, hides the identity of the sender, receiver on the blockchain.

StawkWare Industries is an industry which develops/ makes STARKs. STARKs is a cryptographic proof system which does not give out any toxins and is safe and secure. They help in building a better security system and make the blockchain more secure and private. The partnership aims to provide a better and secure platform for customers so that transactions can occur more smoothly.

Zcash is seen struggling for prominence recently. The company plans to uplift the prices of Zcash by inviting more customers to its platform.

Zcash aims to empower economic freedom and opportunity to all and hence, have established a decentralized, resilient, attack- and censorship-resistant cryptocurrencies with strong privacy say their recent blog.

One of the main figures of StarkWare says:

“We will be partnering with Zcash to improve scalability and privacy in our blockchains with the newly developed STARK technology, to provide cryptographic proofs that are zero-knowledge, succinct, transparent and post-quantum blockchain.”

Alec Hays, a Twitter user says:

“This is a good partnership for the future of Zcash, really excited for whats coming next.”

Neal Jayu, a Twitter user says:

“Superb move! The future is ever brighter for financial sovereignty and privacy.”

Mia says:

“Let’s go, Time to finally start investing in Zcash, in my opinion, this is one of the most undervalued cryptocurrency, just wait till its price rises.”

Meggan, a Reddit user says:

“Zcash has entered into a good alliance, the transactions will be more secure and smooth, it’s only a matter of time before Zcash breaks into the top 10.

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Rajath Kumar is an intern at AMBCrypto. He became aware of the crypto-world through gaming and has been a part of it for two years now. Rajath does not hold any value in any cryptocurrencies or its projects.