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Zcash [ZEC] releases details on its weekly progress

Priyamvada Singh



Zcash [ZEC] releases details on its weekly progress
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On July 20th, Zcash released its weekly update report on its official forum. Currently, the team is on a 3-week sprint that began last week. In its blog, Zcash gave updates on its various teams and their roles in the system, such as the Zcashd team, Ecosystem team, Documentation team and more.

Zcashd teams’ focus points on the Zcashd Client:

  • Support for the Shielded Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets [HD Wallets] aka ZIP32 [ZIP PR 157].
  • API for Sapling proof generation: Sapling is an upcoming network upgrade for Zcash, which will release in October 2018. It will add more efficiency to Zcash’s shield transactions.
  • Remote Procedure Call [RPC] support for Sapling Keys: RPC is a protocol used by a program to request another program on a different computer of the network to perform a service without the necessary understanding of the network.
  • Support for Sapling note.
  • A new version to Sapling’s specifications: It carries complete proofs required to back ‘Pedersen hash optimizations’.

Updates on Development Infrastructure Team, Zcash

This team provides for all the requirements of developers, in terms of tools and infrastructure for efficient collaboration, design, implementation, reviewing, testing and shipping quality projects.

Its other roles include:

  • Resolving continued breakage by using MacOS
  • Creating a CI worker for Windows
  • Examine the current infrastructure of CI and offer potential upgrades
  • Fixing the CentOS 7 Builder

Zcash’s ‘meta’ update on the team

The two teams for protocol and Zcashd, have been combined. Apart from the unknown fixes yet to be fetched from the audit result, a large part of the engineering around consensus level is completed. This leaves wallet-level support for Sapling as the top priority.

A new team has also been added to attend to the reference mobile wallet project. This has also been included in the proposal 7 of the recent roadmap.

Another enterprise team has been added to the system. This team will be looking into projects such as Quorum collaboration from last year. Zcash has also conveyed in its official blog that this section will not possess many future updates as the collaborations are carried out under Non-Disclosure Agreement [NDA] until the announcement of a project.

Ecosystem Team

This is a team that will be looking after anything outside the association with Zcashd or the protocol. It will also provide support for tools and services for third-parties. Most importantly, this team is responsible for handling the ecosystem projects built by Zcash Co. Therefore, tracking in this section is restricted to safeguard confidential information on third-parties.

Some of its sub-roles are:

  • Establishing a connection with third-parties and provide for any support that might be required.
  • Working on the outreach and education factor of the Sapling project for third-parties

Lastly, Zcash included updates on its Documentation Team.

This team is also directly associated with Zcash and Zcashd and helps enhance the overall accessibility of the systems.

Its sub-roles include:

  • Investigating the ‘ReadTheDocs’ translation process to formalize it.
  • Testing GitLab for repository hosting
  • Contributing to the feature-based wallet selection guide
  • Migrating the documents from the website to RTD

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Priyamvada is a full-time journalist at AMBCrypto. A graduate in Journalism & Communication from Manipal University, she believes blockchain technology to be a revolutionary tool in advancing the future. Currently, she holds no value in cryptocurrencies.


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