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ZenCash [ZEN] 2.0.14 testing – Super Nodes and infrastructure Migration

Ranjitha Shastry



ZenCash [Zen] 2.0.14 testing: Super Nodes and infrastructure Migration
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ZenCash official yesterday announced the testing commencement of the Zen 2.0.14. The Zen 2.0.14 release is focused on bringing the zen code base, an editor plugin for high-speed HTML, XML, XSL coding and editing, into alignment with Zcash in order to allow certain modifications to be included, and for the introduction of a mandatory upgrade manager.

ZenCashOfficial announcement on Twitter page. Source: Twitter

ZenCashOfficial announcement on the Twitter page | Source: Twitter

ZenCash [ZEN] is imitative of the Zclassic cryptocurrency [Zclassic is a fork of Zcash]. This is an improvement of Zcash by making modifications to the zk-SNARKS system [zk-SNARKs works on zero-knowledge proofs.]. The Zen 2.0.14 upgrade was planned much before the announcement of Equihash ASIC and blockchain attack events, and hence new changes related to these have not been addressed in this upgrade because of time constraint.

The two main anticipated upgrades that have been made are:

  • Change in the block rewards to increase the secure node portion to 10% and add 10% for super-nodes. Upgrade to change the reward distribution to 10% each for community fund, secure nodes, and super-nodes.
  • Increase the treasury to 10%.

Improvements from Zcash system:

  • Low-memory prover reduces JoinSplit creation memory usage from 3 GB to 1.7GB
  • Experimental feature: Payment disclosure with new RPC calls z_getpaymentdisclosure and z_validatepaymentdisclosure
  • Support for incoming viewing keys
ZenCash tentative target dates I Source: ZenCash Blog

ZenCash tentative target dates | Source: ZenCash Blog

ZenCash tentative target dates. Source: ZenCash Blog

ZenCash tentative target dates | Source: ZenCash Blog

Regarding the infrastructure migration and super-nodes, their blog mentions:

“The deployment of Super Nodes are coinciding with the migration of our tracking server infrastructure to a new hosting provider.  Making this move gives us a higher performance and more stable platform for the servers.  Our plan is to test this completely new infrastructure with the Super Nodes tracking servers.   Once any issues are addressed and the infrastructure is stable the Secure Node tracking servers will be moved over.  There will be a deployment and test period for the Super Nodes before the earnings start with the mandatory upgrade.”

Soyab Malani, a Twitter user questioned:

“Migration of secure node” under the supernode timeline, did that mean that any secure nodes with over 500 $ZEN will get bumped up automatically?”

To which ZenCashOfficial replied:

No, there will be some configuration required.

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