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A holistic financial ecosystem offering a hybrid solution: Interview with EPNOC CEO

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The world of cryptocurrencies has created a plethora of business and investment opportunities. But a massive surge in the number of trading platforms has left investors in the grey zone as the majority of investors become lost in a cryptographic jungle. However, the digital market’s rapid expansion signals a rise in demand for crypto-related services.

Thus, the need for a holistic financial ecosystem catering to the needs of every investor or user in a highly volatile digital realm is ever-increasing. To fill this void, EPNOC has ventured into the crypto space to offer a trustworthy platform that caters to the needs of both investors and traders.

EPNOC is a revolutionary cryptocurrency trading platform that adheres to the highest levels of security and transparency, allowing traders to make smooth uninformed decisions. The cutting-edge platform allows investors to access many metrics, technical indicators, and current tools to develop trading strategies that optimize earnings on each trade. EPNOC is one of the most rapidly expanding committees, with notable initiatives like the EPNOC cryptocurrency trading platform, Coin, and the EPNOC NFT Marketplace.

In an interview with Abhay Rana, the CEO of EPNOC, we talked about the platform, its hybrid nature, its upcoming NFT Marketplace, the business model adopted, its future roadmap, and much more.

1. What was the vision behind creating EPNOC?

The vision behind creating EPNOC is very simple, EPNOC wants to emerge as a single platform where every crypto lover finds everything in a good manner on a single go. EPNOC wants to become a single platform where the users get everything new and simple. For example, a simple and advanced interface, high-speed transactions, bug-free, lesser transaction fees, high liquidity, maximum trading pairs, cross-chain, and fractional features on NFTs trading on a single platform.

EPNOC aims to offer a dependable, rigid, and holistic ecosystem to assist investors of the crypto world in achieving their financial goals. Our versatile ecosystem is capable of providing immediate assistance and a competitive edge to our investors through innovative and user-friendly designed tools. Thus, optimizing their investment even in the volatile digital world of uncertainties.

EPNOC vision lies in enabling users to identify and analyze the underlying trading parameters affecting the fluctuation in the price of digital currencies in the market. Making decisions based on actionable insights is the prime factor in becoming a good trader.

2. How does EPNOC solve the general problems and concerns of crypto investors?

Nowadays, all crypto enthusiasts face some problems trading crypto, regardless of the exchange being centralized or decentralized. As we all know both platforms have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, centralized exchanges have high-speed transactions, fewer fees on transactions, a simple interface, and high liquidity but have the disadvantages like third-party wallets, trust issues, bugs, etc.  Same as with decentralized, they have some advantages like no interference from the third party, hack-proof trades with relatively less speed, and disadvantages too like low liquidity, high fees on trades, and not so common interface.

EPNOC, a hybrid exchange, emerged to let traders enjoy the positive features of centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges. EPNOC hybrid exchange platform address issues and combine the usability of both type of exchanges.

On EPNOC NFT Marketplace, users can trade and accept payments from different networks(blockchain) for trades in NFTs to buy, sell, and stake.

A hybrid cryptocurrency exchange platform is a trading platform providing customers with access to private keys and enabling trades at low trading fees. The platform characterizes transparency, swiftness, and scalability and operates free of third-party control.

3. What features make EPNOC stand out from other crypto trading platforms in the crypto ecosystem?

As people realize the limitations of centralized and decentralized exchanges, more hybrid trading platforms are evolving with advanced features.

EPNOC gathers all the relevant signals in the market and provides the most actionable trends and impacts that involve listing alerts, technical indicators, presales, and other social metrics. It enables users to monitor specific coins and significant movements in their prices.

Some of the common features that are integrated at the time of this hybrid crypto exchange setup are:

Maximized Liquidity: A hybrid trading platform can be integrated with myriad liquidity options to ensure that the order book remains full.

Escrow mechanism: As third parties don’t exercise control over funds traded on a hybrid exchange, an escrow mechanism is set up to facilitate safe, risk-free transactions.

Seamless Transactions: A simple yet intuitive user interface and robust matching engine integrated within hybrid exchanges enable smooth, fast transactions.

Atomic Swap Exchange: Atomic swap smart contracts allow the peer-to-peer exchange of digital currencies without any third-party intervention.

4. How does EPNOC adapt to the constructive features of decentralized and centralized exchanges to become a hybrid exchange?

While centralized exchanges are trusted for their high liquidity and fast transaction speeds, decentralized exchanges provide users with anonymity as well as high-end security requirements for trading securely on the site. However, the shortcomings of centralized exchanges, such as higher susceptibility to data breaches and expensive transaction fees, as well as the challenges with high-frequency transactions of decentralized exchanges, have allowed a hybrid exchange model to carve its way into the market.

EPNOC ecosystem is an innovative project that mitigates the flaws of both decentralized and centralized crypto exchanges and merges to strengthen the constructive features of each. 

The EPNOC ecosystem combines the liquidity and usability of centralized platforms with the security and anonymity of decentralized exchanges. Investors retain total control of their assets and do not lose custody of any custodian. Crypto traders can exchange digital assets straight from their wallets and deposit tokens into a trustworthy smart contract.

EPNOC provides a next-generation hybrid crypto exchange platform and NFTs marketplace for users to trade digital assets using the best features and qualities.

With the power of both centralized and decentralized exchanges, the hybrid platform provides the best inclusions of both platforms in one place, providing the users with a highly secure, user-friendly, reliable, and transparent exchange that allows traders and investors to make a fair and unbiased decision.

5. What benefits do users gain from the EPNOC community?

EPNOC provides many benefits for its members. As a member of the EPNOC community, users will have the opportunity to interact with a variety of like-minded individuals, newcomers, traders, and platform owners.

The world of cryptocurrencies can be overwhelming for a beginner. People of similar interests from all parts of the world can share ideas and stay updated through communities. Members of the EPNOC community interact with each other via telegram in an exclusive group.

EPNOC is offering exclusive NFT drops, Priority minting, and an airdrop of one of its rare NFTs. EPNOC is offering passive income for its community from the staking of its tokens. EPNOC offers its revenue sharing with its staking holders for a lifetime.

6. Could you elaborate on the platform’s upcoming cross-chain NFT Marketplace and the business model adopted by it?

On EPNOC’s NFT platform, users can trade and accept payments from different networks (blockchain) for trades in NFTs to buy, sell, and stake. 

Like if anyone wants an NFT listed on the Ethereum blockchain(network) and he can purchase that NFT using BNB coins or using the Binance blockchain. Like this many possibilities and you have many choices. Contracts with real-world companies will each have an NFT minted, and the users can invest in and the revenue from this NFT will be shared with these investors.

Every month, stakers will be able to use the EPNOC token (EPN) to vote on which NFT the platform acquires. This NFT will then be fractionalized and made available to stakers. At EPNOC, someone can also invest in fractions of an NFT, and revenue from that is also shared with these investors. 

EPNOC is also the first platform to share its revenue from different things with token stakers and holders. We are the first NFT Place to work with some real-world companies and share revenue backed by an NFT.

7. What exciting competitions and prizes accompany the EPN token presale?

At the EPNOC presale, we have many exciting competitions and prizes.

The platform offers a 10% bonus for the first presale buyers. along with several referrals. We are running various giveaways right now. This week one lucky winner will receive $10000 USDT on 24 December 2022.

Many competition announcements are coming soon as the presale progresses.

8. What lies ahead on the EPNOC roadmap? Talk to us about it.

As after the presale ends EPNOC launches its EPN token on 10 March 2023. After that EPNOC First launches its Cross-Chain NFT marketplace and further its hybrid crypto exchange.

In the future, EPNOC wants to become a single platform for every crypto need. We plan to develop a revolutionary program in the form of a Defi loaning protocol (decentralized finance). According to the program we plan to invest some portion of the funds in this finance to generate more revenue in the future.

EPNOC wants to deliver the world’s first cross-chain NFT platform to work with real-world companies and share a considerable percentage of the revenue with the investors. EPNOC also wants to go into the field of financial solutions.

For more information on EPNOC, please check out their official website.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.



Jacob is a sponsored content writer at AMBcrypto whose interest lies in blockchain technology and its impact on the changing global economy.
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