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AmazeWallet: The world’s first Web3 smartwallet

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AmazeWallet is the world’s first Web3 smartwallet, connecting the entire Web3 space into one extremely familiar and intuitive mobile app. Currently, the smartwallet is in its final days of Beta with 100k+ Beta App downloads, 15k daily active users, and an impressive average of 30 minutes of app usage per user.

The app has some unique features which make it stand out from other Web3 products including running a light node from your mobile phone, an NFT event and art marketplace, mini-games, a multi-chain self-custodial wallet, and a fully encrypted messaging service. 

At present, the way people interact with the internet has been a game changer in the wider space. This has resulted in the rise of Web3, aka the decentralized web. The latter, built on blockchain technology and decentralized protocols, offers various advantages, including enhanced security, interoperability, transparency, and a lot more.

However, with continuous changes in the wider space, Web3 in its current state faces severe limitations including product segmentation requiring multiple browsers, complex hardware, and various user wallets to perform simple actions. Thereby, to address these challenges, AmazeWallet was built. AmazeWallet is built from the ground up, with its very own layer 1, AmazeChain.

This groundbreaking chain boasts a TPS of over 300 000 using multiple optimization mechanics including, zKEVM, sharding, and layering. Over the last 6 years, AmazeWallet developed its Web3 mobile application for both iOS and Android users. The new application is set to launch on the mainnet on June 28 and has been designed to simplify and enhance how people manage their digital lives. 

AmazeWallet and its journey to Mainnet 

Introduced in 2017, AmazeWallet is built by an international team of over 75 members. The team includes high-end staff from various tech giants like Microsoft, Dell, Amazon, and Tencent. Both the products fall in the ‘third generation’ of blockchain, building on both the P2P nature of Bitcoin and the smart contract scripting capacity of Ethereum.

Additionally, the mobile light nodes which run alongside full nodes help to deliver more storage, security, and bandwidth. 

 AmazeWallet solves the issue of mass adoption by providing users a reason to become a smartphone node, that allows mining and staying active; beyond just mining the AMT tokens. Using this smartwallet, users can trade 1500+ tokens across 60+ blockchains, connect to DeFi apps, play mini-games, message friends, mint and buy NFTs, store digital assets and stay up to date with the latest crypto news.

Inspired by stand-out features of Web3 products from Blur to MetaMask, Plasma, etc., and offering multiple and stand-out services makes AmazeWallet the first mobile app to include all the features of Web3 that users love. The app works with the vision to provide a more efficient and trustworthy way for users to exchange data online. 

On the other hand, the mission of the platform is to provide a blockchain that delivers the above while providing access to users in order to validate transactions daily on mobile. The multi-chain app, AmazeWallet, provides trustless support to over 60+ protocols, including Avalanche, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Polygon, and more, without relying on RPC nodes.

The platform’s Mainnet launch on 28 June 2023 marks the moment for miners to mine real AMT rewards. Every time users open the AmazeWallet app, they can validate blocks to receive daily AMT rewards. 

Key features and its benefits

As a portal to AmazeChain, AmazeWallet offers certain key features that cover the most important areas of the Web3 landscape including: 

  • Mobile mining allows users to stake AMT, validate blocks, and receive rewards using only 1-2% battery.
  • A Self-Custodial and multi-chain wallet that enables users to hold and swap tokens across 60+ blockchains.
  • Mobile Marketplace to mint NFTs from phones across multiple large formats including video and audio. 
  • P2P Messaging that provides 364-bit quantum-resistant and fully encrypted chats between friends. 
  • In-app swaps via 1inch available upon launch 
  • In-App mini-games including Snake & Tetris
  • Crypto news updates from leading sources. 

AmazeWallet and its roots in decentralization 

There are many big blockchain platforms from the older generation that offer a form of semi-decentralization. However, AmazeWallet ensures a true delegation of power by spreading it worldwide, at a cost-efficient and better performance margin.

Unlike legacy networks, anyone can start securing the network, with their phone acting as a full node connected directly to AmazeChain. All users need to do is download AmazeWallet to their mobile and stake the native token AMT and they are good to go. 

Being a truly decentralized mobile application in the Web3 space, AmazeWallet offers an easy-to-use, fully integrated ecosystem where application and blockchain work together in sync. This has resulted in users getting access to blockchain security, transaction speeds, and the chance to participate in the network in return for rewards.

Notably, AmazeWallet hit headlines across the globe highlighting their Genesis NFT set, unlocking higher hash rate mining rewards for holders. Further benefits for holders include:

– Access to a bi-annual AMT rewards pool

– Guaranteed Whitelist positions for future drops 

– Access to exclusive events 

Testnet miners are actively mining with test AMT tokens to be in the top 2000 in order to get their hands on the long-awaited Genesis NFT. To be in the running to receive such a benefit providing NFT, users will need to download AmazeWallet, collect their testnet tokens from the faucet, and begin mining by staking their tokens in the app. For a detailed breakdown of how to become a testnet miner read the latest blog from AmazeWallet. 

Roadmap ahead 

Amaze as a platform has seen various developments and successes one of them being the AmazeChain launched in 2017. The latter has been a revolutionary new secure and lightweight Layer 1 protocol that runs on mobile.

Now with the launch of the AmazeWallet app, there have been several additional features planned for the upcoming years which are dependent on obtaining the relevant operating licenses, including: 

  • Social features (mid-2023)
  • Creator tools (mid-2023)
  • Payment interface (late 2023)
  • Gaming platform (late 2023)
  • In-app exchange (2024)
  • Developer SDK (2024)
  • E-commerce platform (2025)
  • ZK-based Digital ID (2025)

Additionally, the platform also plans on building a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to govern the development and rollout of the above features.

All in all, AmazeWallet is the reason behind the increase in the number of miners using their mobile phones to validate transactions on AmazeChain.

To know more about AmazeWallet, please visit the official website.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.


Ishika is a graduate of Political Science from the University of Delhi. From writing content as a hobby to now pursuing it as a professional career, she has been living and breathing content all her life. Her interests lie in making sure articles are very digestible to a common reader, despite all its technicalities and jargons.
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