Bitcoin’s price to cross $80K, but not in a ‘linear line’ – Binance CEO’s prediction

Richard Teng said that the surge won’t be a “straight line” and that there will be ups and downs.



Richard Teng, the newly appointed leader of Binance, has expressed optimism about Bitcoin’s [BTC] future trajectory, foreseeing a significant surge by year-end.

Teng’s bullish outlook, as reported by Bloomberg, highlighted growing confidence in the cryptocurrency’s potential amidst ongoing market dynamics.

Highlighting Teng’s prediction, the Bloomberg report noted, 

“Bitcoin is set to continue its record-breaking rally and rise above $80,000 as institutional investors pour more money into the crypto-backed exchange-traded funds.”

The major players behind the rally 

His bullish outlook on Bitcoin is driven by decreasing supply and increasing demand. Teng’s new projection, exceeding $80,000, reflects growing confidence in its upward trajectory. This aligns with the broader crypto market trend, boosted by the approval of a spot Bitcoin Exchange-traded fund (ETF). 

The surge in institutional interest has prompted many financial institutions to revise their outlook on cryptocurrencies.

Standard Chartered, for instance, has raised its year-end target for Bitcoin to an ambitious $150,000, signaling growing confidence in its potential for further appreciation.

In an event in Bangkok, Teng stated, 

“There has been relentless inflows into US spot Bitcoin ETFs since they were approved in January.”

He further added, 

“More endowments and family offices are expected to step up allocations into Bitcoin ETFs in the near term.”

This highlighted the broadening scope of Bitcoin investment across diverse financial entities. 

Teng’s Bitcoin market analysis

Moreover, Teng emphasized that the market’s trajectory will not be a linear progression but rather characterized by fluctuations. He added the rally won’t be a “straight line” and the ups and downs will be good for the market.

Overall, Teng’s insights shed light on the evolving landscape of Bitcoin investment, indicating a widening embrace of cryptocurrency assets among various investor groups. 

Teng’s leadership at Binance, succeeding Changpeng Zhao in November 2023, lends credibility to his forecasts. Amidst Binance’s $4.3 billion settlement with U.S. authorities, Teng’s insights as CEO provide valuable perspectives on industry trends.

Thus, as the market continues to mature, Bitcoin’s increasing acceptance as a legitimate asset class signals a promising outlook for its future adoption and growth.


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