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Bitcoin Cash [BCH] can now be used to feed chickens, Roger Ver and Coinbase’s Brian Armstrong pitch in

Anirudh VK



Bitcoin Cash [BCH] can now be used to feed chickens, Roger Ver and Coinbase's Brian Armstrong pitch in
Source: Unsplash

In a bizarre turn of events, Bitcoin Cash [BCH] has found another use-case, wherein payments can be sent to a address in order to feed a group of chickens. This is then documented on a live stream, which has over 11,000 views currently.

Bitcoin Cash address for feeding chickens | Source:

Bitcoin Cash address for feeding chickens | Source:

The project was launched on the 25th of October and the address displayed in the stream has received around $310 in BCH sent to the address. Viewers can tip the address with $0.50 in order to feed the chickens through the Iozeta CryptoCandy dispenser machine.

The machine was created as a “fun and easy way to introduce your friends to the power of cryptocurrency”, and originally features a way to dispense candy after receiving payments to an address. The machine supports Bitcoin Cash, Dash [DASH], Litecoin [LTC] and Ravencoin [RVN].

However, this machine was repurposed by Spencer Lambert, a BCH enthusiast, who filled it with chicken feed and set it up in his farm. He then proceeded to start a live stream documenting the events of what happened when the payment was processed by the dispenser.

This then gained traction among the BCH community, attracting the attention of Roger Ver, the CEO of He then posted about it on the r/btc subreddit, stating that he was “amazed by this even though it is so simple.”

Brian Armstrong, the CEO of Coinbase, also admitted to having fed the chickens in a Tweet earlier today.

It also provided something for the community to rally behind, seeing as how the coin was being used for a novel use-case.

User hippography on Reddit stated:

“I was expecting digital chickens for some reason so it was a pleasant surprise that they’re actually real haha. Cool!”

User Joel Dalais on Twitter said:

“urm.. @SpencerLambert i might’ve just accidently sent £51 instead of 51 pence! check they dont get overfed! it’s kind of emptied the chicken feeder!”

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