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7 Best Crypto Wallets for NFT to Use in 2023

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Safeguard your NFT investments with the top 7 crypto wallets of 2023. This list covers the most secure, user-friendly, and feature-rich options to keep your digital assets safe and accessible.

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Cryptocurrency wallets are necessary for purchasing, exchanging, and selling cryptocurrency. Traders need it in order to safeguard and validate transaction data as well as store cryptocurrency safely. Custom crypto wallets provide traders with specialized solutions in contrast to those from crypto exchanges, whether they are software or hardware.

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How to choose the best crypto wallet for NFTs?

We have chosen these because they are convenient for beginners, their interfaces are user-friendly, and they provide security for their cryptocurrency and NFTs. They cover a wide range of cryptocurrencies, so users do not have to face any inconvenience. They have all established themselves in the market, and according to our research, these are the best crypto wallets for NFT.

Top 7 crypto NFT wallet apps in 2023

Here is a list of the seven best crypto wallets for NFT. Learn the best methods to store your NFT and digital assets.

Cryptocurrency saving accounts


MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet built particularly for Ethereum blockchain tokens. It was first made available in 2016 by blockchain software startup ConsenSys, and in 2020, a mobile wallet was made available.

You can use it both as a browser extension and mobile application to access decentralized applications (DApps) and buy, sell, and swap coins. DApps access includes NFT marketplaces and staking tools.

Using Metamask, you can create numerous wallet addresses for NFTs and cryptocurrencies, all of which can be viewed in one location. It is considered one of the most widely used wallets, which accepts ACH transfers, card payments, and digital wallets such as PayPal.


MyEtherWallet (MEW) is more of an interface that traders may use to store their Ethereum and Ethereum platform-related tokens and coins (ERC-20 tokens and Ethereum Classic tokens) rather than a crypto wallet per se.

MEW is software that allows cryptocurrency to be saved in the trader’s own computer rather than online, in contrast to other cryptocurrency wallets that keep bitcoin in their online wallet or web-based wallet itself.

Users can directly engage with the Ethereum blockchain network and create their own online crypto-wallets using the free, open-source, user-friendly client-side interface known as MyEtherWallet.

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is one of the finest crypto wallets for new users and investors, an open-source, decentralized mobile wallet that supports more than 160K assets and blockchains. Trading parties can use it to stake their cryptocurrency for interest. The wallet has since been improved to handle other popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in addition to the initial ERC20 and ERC223 tokens.

In June 2018, Trust Wallet was purchased by Binance. Users of the wallet can purchase cryptocurrencies via the native DEX (decentralized exchange) on the Kyber Network, thanks to the built-in Web3 browser. The Trust Wallet app also enables users to access the many DApps created on the Ethereum network directly.

Coinbase Wallet

One must first comprehend the distinction between Coinbase and Coinbase wallet. A web-based cryptocurrency exchange platform is called Coinbase or Coinbase Consumer. On this platform, users can trade, buy, and sell cryptocurrency. The Coinbase wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet, on the other hand. The main purpose of the Coinbase wallet is to store users’ cryptocurrency assets safely. It is considered the best crypto wallet for NFT.

One of the safest bitcoin wallets available in the market is the Coinbase wallet. Investors and cryptocurrency aficionados feel secure saving their digital assets on this wallet because of its integration with the Coinbase trading platform. A digital wallet called Coinbase wallet employs hot storage to hold cryptocurrencies. This wallet is a popular crypto wallet as a result.

Cash and Bitcoin in one cart – Image via Pexels

Ledger Live

Ledger, founded in 2014, has developed into a dynamic, expanding business that creates blockchain applications for businesses and individuals as well as infrastructure and security solutions for cryptocurrencies. The company was founded in Paris and has since grown to employ more than 130 people in San Francisco and France.

Aiming to secure the new disruptive class of crypto assets, the business has sold about 1,500,000 Ledger wallets in 165 countries. In order to create a secure chip for its series of wallets, Ledger created a unique operating system called BOLOS. A ledger takes pleasure in being the only market participant offering this technology thus far.

Atomic Wallet

Konstantin Gladych, the renowned CEO and co-founder of Changelly, introduced Atomic Wallet as Atomic Swap in 2017. It supports more than 500 coins. It is a decentralized exchange with strong security safeguards and a user-friendly design for crypto aficionados.

Among the services provided by Atomic are the simple switching of more than 60 crypto assets, proof-of-stake (PoS) assets, and fiat currencies from 18 renowned international markets. You’ll notice that it also provides cashback in exchange. Atomic’s primary goal is to create a strong, diversified universe that can hasten the widespread appropriation of cryptocurrencies.

The desktop wallet does not apply to Know Your Customer (KYC) rules since it views privacy as a crucial functionality to create a trusted network of users. The hardware wallet platform yields 23% income for staking year over year (YoY).


Exodus Movement, Inc. was established in 2015 by JP Richardson and Daniel Castagnoli to store digital currency safely. The multi-currency wallet supports more than 100 cryptocurrencies. Formerly exclusively available as a desktop version, the Exodus mobile app is now also available for iOS and Android devices.

Several alternative currencies, including Bitcoin, are supported by the wallet. Exodus supports bitcoin exchange without even registration. It is crucial to remember that Exodus uses Simple Payment Verification as a lightweight wallet.

This suggests that it employs many servers instead of downloading the whole blockchain to track wallet balances.

Comparison of the best crypto wallets for NFTs

Some features you need to compare when looking for the best crypto wallet for NFT:

User interface and ease of use

Having a pleasant user interface makes purchasing and selling simple for users.

Security features

NFTs can be valued at tens of thousands of dollars or perhaps millions. You want something as safe as it can be.

Crypto wallet – Image via Unsplash

Compatibility with different blockchains

Compatibility with other cryptocurrencies is a major factor. It’s a non-starter if it’s not supported because you won’t be able to purchase the NFTs you want.

Cost and fees

When you buy cryptocurrency using fiat money, you will almost certainly need to pay a conversion fee.


Summary of the best crypto wallets for NFTs in 2023

As the market for cryptocurrency wallets grows in popularity, selecting the best one becomes more difficult. The good news is that the top NFT wallets we have looked at on this list for 2023 range in terms of how simple they are to use. You can either buy or sell them just by reading this article.

Final thoughts and recommendations

The truth is that NFTs aren’t going anywhere, and we believe that they will only grow in popularity as a type of virtual asset that you can hold onto for a very long time and perhaps even profit from.

To identify the solution that best meets your goals, we strongly advise that you conduct research and engage in some light experimentation with a few different possibilities.


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