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What is MarketMuse? Features and Pricing Explained

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Unlock the power of AI-driven content optimization with MarketMuse. Learn how its unique features can elevate your SEO game and discover if its pricing matches your budget. Read on!

What is MarketMuse

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In the era of digital marketing, content reigns supreme. Quality content is instrumental in driving organic traffic, generating leads, and boosting conversions. In this regard, MarketMuse, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered search engine optimization (SEO) and content planning tool, has emerged as a game-changer.

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This comprehensive review of MarketMuse aims to provide an in-depth understanding of the platform’s features and pricing. We will also take a look at some of its limitations.

MarketMuse: A closer look

MarketMuse is a cloud-based, AI-driven platform that assists marketers and content creators. The platform is designed to facilitate the creation of content that is exhaustive, authoritative, and conducive to high search engine rankings.

It utilizes machine learning (ML) and AI to examine content, recommend content, and develop comprehensive content briefs, thereby aiding brands or agencies in creating superior content.

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A deep dive into MarketMuse’s features

MarketMuse offers a plethora of features that help in curating high-quality content. Here are some of the platform’s most prominent features:

1. Keyword research

Keyword research is a crucial aspect of SEO, and MarketMuse simplifies this process. Upon inputting a query into the search bar, the tool generates a detailed list of keywords and topics covered by top-ranking articles, along with their suggested distribution. It also provides keyword variants that can be used in place of repetitive keywords, ensuring that content flows naturally.

2. Content optimization

MarketMuse’s content optimization feature analyzes your content and provides a content score, an average score, and a target score. This score is influenced by the overall quality of your content and its potential to rank well for the identified keywords. By increasing the word count and incorporating more relevant keywords, you can improve your content score.

3. Competitor analysis

Understanding what your competitors are doing right can provide valuable insights into improving your own content strategy. MarketMuse’s compete feature shows the top 20 articles for a chosen keyword, along with their content scores.

A unique heatmap displays which topics each article has covered and how well they have been explained. This feature allows you to identify content gaps and areas for improvement in your own content.

4. Content inventory

MarketMuse’s inventory feature enables users to store and manage all their content in one place. It provides page-level analysis, topic-level analysis, and content planning capabilities.

This feature is handy for performing a content audit, which can help protect your site from search engine algorithm changes.

5. Internal and external link recommendations

The connect application in MarketMuse provides recommendations for internal and external links based on your focus keyword and topic. This feature scans thousands of web documents to identify the most impactful links for your content.

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what is MarketMuse

Logo of MarketMuse

Analyzing MarketMuse’s pricing structure

MarketMuse offers a free plan alongside three premium plans, each catering to different user needs and budgets:

Free plan

For those wanting a no-cost option, the Free plan offers a cost-effective entry point. With zero financial commitment and no credit card requirement, one user gets access to 10 monthly queries and an array of limited features such as SERP X-ray, Heatmap, and Topic Navigator.

Despite some limitations—like no export options or ChatGPT integration—this plan does provide unlimited content briefs, domain analysis, managed topics tracking, and platform training sessions.

Standard plan

Ideal for individuals looking to enhance their content research and optimization, the Standard plan comes at $149 per month or $1,500 annually. Users can execute up to 100 queries per month and enjoy full-feature access, including SERP X-ray averages, site-level analysis in Heatmap, and Topic Navigator.

Additional utilities like linking recommendations, various export options, and ChatGPT integration are also included.

Add-ons: Inventory snapshot and saved view bundles.

Team plan

Aimed at smaller teams, the Team plan costs $399 per month or $3,900 per year. This plan allows up to three users and offers unlimited queries. It encompasses all features of the Standard plan and facilitates team collaboration through shared data and content insights.

Add-ons: Extra users at $99 each, inventory snapshot, and saved view bundles.

Premium plan

Tailored for enterprises, the Premium plan provides a custom pricing structure based on annual agreements. This package gives team-wide access and includes all available features with no query limitations. 

Personalized data and content intelligence make this plan particularly suitable for those seeking advanced capabilities.

Limitations of MarketMuse

While MarketMuse offers a host of advanced features, it does have certain drawbacks:

  • High cost: MarketMuse is one of the more expensive content marketing and SEO tools in the market. Its premium plans may be beyond the reach of small businesses or individual service providers.
  • Limited user-friendliness: The plethora of options available on the MarketMuse dashboard can be overwhelming for first-time users. However, the platform offers guided instructions and a comprehensive help center to assist users in navigating the platform.
  • Lengthy load times: The tool can take a while to load reports and optimize applications, which could be frustrating for some users.
  • Lack of detailed keyword research: While MarketMuse provides keyword recommendations and insights, it does not offer detailed backlink data, a key metric provided by many other SEO tools.
  • Limited free trial: Lastly, the free trial version of MarketMuse only offers 10 queries per month, which may not be sufficient for users to fully evaluate the tool’s capabilities.

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what is MarketMuse

Leveraging the power of MarketMuse

Final verdict: Is MarketMuse worth it?

MarketMuse is a feature-rich, AI-driven SEO and content planning platform that can significantly enhance your content marketing efforts. However, its high price point may deter small businesses or individual service providers.

If you can afford their premium plans, MarketMuse can be a game-changer for your content marketing strategy. However, if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly alternative, there are several other SEO and content marketing tools available that offer similar features at a more affordable price.

In conclusion, whether MarketMuse is worth the investment depends largely on your specific needs and budget. It’s advisable to thoroughly evaluate its features, pricing, and alternatives before making a decision.


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