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Breaking the rules: How to get banned from ChatGPT

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According to OpenAI’s terms of use, a user may get suspended from ChatGPT if they materially breach Sections 2, 5, 8, or 9 of the terms.

Breaking the rules: How to get banned from ChatGPT

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OpenAI’s ChatGPT took the world by storm after it was unveiled in November last year. The artificial intelligence-powered chatbot impressed users around the world with its ability to help with problems in multiple fields including programming, finance, and general knowledge among others.

As a large language model based on the GPT-3.5 architecture, ChatGPT’s developers trained the chatbot on a massive amount of text data and to make it capable of understanding and generating human-like responses to a wide range of natural language queries and tasks.

Users have employed ChatGPT for various purposes including writing a resume, creating an abstract of a lengthy text, and writing the code for a program.

Some have explored more casual uses like creating romantic poems or generating witty responses to use on dating apps. Students have shared their experiences with the AI chatbot and revealed its utility as an excellent resource for help with their homework, assignments, and even tests. 

What else can ChatGPT do?

ChatGPT is smart enough to identify improper conduct by users, which in some cases leads to their accounts getting banned.

Yes, you read it right. One can get banned from the AI chatbot for several reasons. Several users have reported that they were banned by OpenAI from using its flagship product. In most of the cases, the accounts were suspended due to a breach of the terms of use. 

When asked directly if one could get banned from using it, ChatGPT responded by saying that it did not have the ability to ban users or take any punitive action against those found engaging in improper conduct.

However, it listed certain behaviors that may result in one’s chat being terminated or ended prematurely. ChatGPT can end a user’s session if they use offensive language or engage in hate speech.

Spamming or flooding the chat will also result in the suspension of the chat session by the platform. ChatGPT further revealed that it does not tolerate any attempts to use it for illegal or unethical purposes, such as hacking or cyberbullying. In fact, such conduct may lead to further action after the termination of the conversation.

Source: ChatGPT

According to OpenAI’s terms of use, a user may get suspended from ChatGPT if they materially breach Sections 2, 5, 8, or 9 of the terms.

Section 2 pertains to Usage Requirements. As per this section, users are prohibited from using the platform’s services in any way that infringes, misappropriated, or violates any person’s rights.

Users are also prohibited from using ChatGPT to develop models that compete with OpenAI. Any attempts to reverse engineer the AI chatbot or discover its source code or underlying components will also result in the suspension of a user’s account. 

Source: ChatGPT

Section 5 of the terms of use lays out conditions related to confidentiality, security, and data protection. Disclosing confidential information related to ChatGPT to any third party will lead to the suspension of one’s account.

Additionally, users are required to implement reasonable and appropriate measures to secure their access to the platform. Furthermore, any vulnerabilities or breaches related to ChatGPT are to be reported promptly.  Sections 8 and 9 pertain to dispute resolution and general terms related to the use of ChatGPT. 

OpenAI’s terms of use read,

“We may suspend your access to the Services if you do not comply with these Terms, if your use poses a security risk to us or any third party, or if we suspect that your use is fraudulent or could subject us or any third party to liability.” 

Usually, when OpenAI detects a breach of its terms of use, the first response is to issue a warning to the user. The warning informs the user of their inappropriate conduct and lets them know that the service is to be used in an appropriate manner.

Repeated violations of the terms of use eventually lead to an outright ban or suspension of the user’s account.

One user took to Reddit to share the message he received from OpenAI when his account was banned. The message read,

“After a thorough investigation, we have determined that you or a member of your organization are using the OpenAI API in ways that violate our policies. Due to this breach we are halting access to the API immediately for the organization Personal.”

Speaking on what constitutes a breach, OpenAI stated: violations of its content policy, repeated attempts at disallowed use cases or accessing the API from an unsupported location. 

Source: ChatGPT

Users on social media have shared accounts of their access to ChatGPT getting banned for a wide variety of reasons.

Some tried to jailbreak the AI-powered chatbot into doing something that it wasn’t designed to do. Others have attempted to trick the chatbot into engaging in inappropriate conversations.


All of the misconducts are considered a breach of OpenAI’s terms of use. It is important to note that not all bans are permanent. OpenAI may temporarily suspend some users and limit their access to ChatGPT. 

Notably, Open AI allows users to appeal a ban if they feel that it was enforced in an unfair or improper manner. One can reach out to the platform’s customer support and explain their side of the issue.

OpenAI will evaluate if the ban warrants a review or an investigation and accordingly decide if the ban is to be lifted or not.

Contesting a ban should be the last resort for any user. The company recommends all users maintain respectful and positive conduct and ensure appropriate conversations while using ChatGPT. 


Saman Waris works as a News Editor at AMBCrypto. She has always been fascinated by how the tides of finance and technology shape communities across demographics. Cryptocurrencies are of particular interest to Saman, with much of her writing centered around understanding how ideas like Momentum and Greater Fool theories apply to altcoins, specifically, memecoins. A graduate in history, Saman worked the sports beat before diving into crypto. Prior to joining AMBCrypto 2 years ago, Saman was a News Editor at Sportskeeda. This was preceded by her stint as Editor-in-Chief at EssentiallySports.
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