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Building a P2E Metaverse: An interview with GensoKishi CEO Maxi Kuan

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Currently, the Metaverse is gaining momentum, and one of the platforms that is gaining attention is GensoKishi. It is a 3D MMORPG game with the GameFi version of the ‘Elemental Knights’ game. The Elemental Knights game was launched in 2008 and has play-to-earn features like NFT tokens and UGC to earn.

GensoKishi recently ran its Whitelist Lottery which turned out to be a huge success for the platform with more than 100K entries.

In an interview with Maxi Kuan, CEO of GensoKishi, we talked about the play-to-earn platform, its native token MV, the Metaverse, its Whitelist lottery, and its roadmap.

1. Tell us more about the GensoKishi Metaverse and the Elemental Knights game?

So first off our game, GensoKishi Metaverse will be the GameFi version of Japan’s mobile game “Elemental Knights” that has a 13-year history and has accumulated 8  million downloads. It won the “Game Star Award Taiwan” in 2012 and we have 25k  active monthly users. In-game messages are opened 80,000 times a day. Still, we have active players in the community. We think we’ve gotten this far because we provide so much freedom for our users. This is an MMORPG so users will tag-team with other players to clear missions and find rare items. We have multiple worlds and continents where they can explore. That means you could imagine making them all NFTs and a  profitable ecosystem. 

And the exciting thing is the User Generated Content, which is a highlight of our P2E  style. Users can generate their own character/weapon/rare item/monsters and can use it to play in the game or make it valuable and sell it on the NFT market. They can also make their whole entire world where users can come in and explore. (Creators can charge fees for entry too) 

You can raise your own character, communicate online, hold parties, and even get married inside the game. So it’s a real lifetime Metaverse. 

2. What do you think about the current state and development of the Metaverse?

Metaverse is huge and it just started. The basic environment is ready:  blockchain/NFT/Web3.0 and what is waiting to be done is the UI/UX. Regardless of  AR/VR development (although it is quite good now) the Metaverse is providing us an important value: unique existing. (Web3.0) We are still at a very early stage of  Metaverse but Web3.0 made it perfect in the beginning.

We access the Metaverse and could be unique through the Web3.0 system. So it makes it “real” either online or offline. Which is the most important thing in this. All the services in the real world could be used in Metaverse through Web 3.0, and you already could make a profit with a  Metaverse system like GameFi. The future is now. 

3. What was the reason behind choosing the Polygon network for GensoKishi?

It is fast and has low gas fees. By using this second layer solution we can make this play-to-earn actually work. Eth is too expensive. 

And Polygon has a huge number of users/players supporting it, which is also the main reason why we choose it. Recently the biggest DEX was also announced to be launched on the Polygon network. 

Polygon Studios, the subsidiary Polygon created to support gaming companies like us, is directly supporting us to integrate our game onto their Blockchain.

4. GensoKishi is using a play-to-earn model for its ecosystem. How is it going to be useful for users? 

Yes, this is the GameFi(Play to Earn) part. We have several features for you: 

  • NFT and Tokens: In GensoKishi your adventure for free at the start, you don’t need to buy some characters to start. Team with others to beat monsters and get some rare items for deals in the game. You will have the ROND token, which is the in-game crypto. It will also be on Polygon blockchain so you could swap it to another token,  which means you could make a profit by doing so. 
  • UGC to Earn: Okay this is the highlight from GensoKishi, you could create your own equipment(Weapon/objects) and NPC(non-player character) into the game and enjoy the game with the items. You could just play with it in-game or make it more valuable, to sell it on NFT markets like Opensea or any other EVM compatible markets.  So you could create ANYTHING into the game, with totally free ideas. (Of course some improper objects we’ll have to restrict for “social security” in the metaverse of  GensoKishi) And, you could even buy LAND(Maps) in the game and edit it at your will,  which is another big feature of the game.

5. Tell us about the native token of the GensoKishi platform? What are its use cases?

MV is our governance token, built on the Polygon network. Users will need to stake a certain amount of tokens to generate their own unique original items, characters,  worlds, and castles. As we’re making this game into a DAO, voting rights will be given to holders as well to decide in-game policies and the game’s ultimate future. You can also stake it to earn in-game tokens ROND.

Here I list some utility features of MV token for everyone: 

  • Function to buy fashionable equipment at a discount price. 
  • The right to power up your fashionable equipment. 
  • Function to buy various paid items of various sizes at MV exclusive prices (these  items are used to competitively advance the game) 
  • Voting rights that allow you to decide the policy of this game (DAO which I  mentioned.) 
  • Function to stake MV (deposit MV and be rewarded with ROND)
  • The right to participate in the preliminary public closed alpha test and closed beta test presented by the project next year. 
  • The right to create and offer fashionable equipment (UGC function)  (Only for those who have staked out a certain number of MV) 
  • The right to purchase the rights to create lands, monsters, and NPC.
  • Fees used for in-game trading 

6. What are the different types of NFTs available on the platform? 

There will be many types of NFT in GensoKishi Metaverse. But the major ones will be Fashionable Equipments/Items/LAND/UGC NFTs, which play very important ecosystem parts in the game. 

Fashionable equipment will have special effects that help players competitively enjoy the game, also with parameters that increase players’ character power. And we also have a scholarship function for the equipment, that beginners could rent for an easier dungeon adventure or monster beating. 

Items, including rare items, are also unique and limited in GensoKishi. And the  LAND, which is also NFT that users could acquire and build on their own. With your favorite monsters carrying your NFT to fight other players, have your own castle to have special events. And most importantly other players will pay some tickets (in  ROND token, our in-game crypto) for playing at your LAND. This will be one of the most valuable NFT types in GensoKishi. 

UGC NFT is created by players who stake MV token, this will have the possibility of infinity for the idea/imagination is with no limit. Weapons, items, equipment or NPCs,  even buildings that you are available to create. Make it usable and valuable to keep it yourself or sell to other players. We look forward to everyone’s participation in the UGC  part very much. 

7. Talk to us about the community engagement activities and steps that you are undertaking in order to keep your community engaged?

Yes as everyone knows that community engagement is the most important part of,  DAO and Metaverse. We take serious consideration of it. Currently, we have official  Telegram/Discord/Twitter groups with multi-language speaking moderators within. Since the original version “Elemental Knights” has a user base of 8 million people.  We have huge community power from the non-crypto world and will take them to the  Web3.0. We focus on both activities that are attractive to crypto lovers and game lovers. First, we’ll engage users with our MV tokens IDO and NFT presale auctions with special offers.

On discord, we give special roles to those who invite users and enjoy engaging the community, sometimes will even make them whitelisted. Second, since we are making a GameFi “GAME” so there is still, of course, a lot of gaming contents spoilers for our fans: new gaming system, characters, magic, and skills. We want the community to be focused on the game, also on the crypto side. Third, we keep launching different campaigns for whitelisting of the IDO/Listing and NFT giveaways,  which is the most direct way to engage the community. There will be many events coming next year, which I will explain in more detail soon.

8. GensoKishi’s Whitelist lottery gained a lot of attention and saw more than 100K entries.  Did you expect such a good reception? 

Actually, I didn’t expect such a great reception, I want to give my best appreciation to everyone who attended the campaign. Many influencers around the world are talking about GensoKishi and the whitelist campaign, a new challenge from a 13-year-old Japanese RPG. It was a great success and with appreciation, we are running a 2nd whitelist campaign just now. Hope to give more MV token chances for everyone and to let more people know about us. 

9. What lies ahead on the GensoKishi roadmap?  

Thanks for asking. Let me list it roughly below:  

2022/1 MV token IDO launchpad with TrustPAD (might add more platforms, please  stay tuned) 

2022 /1 MV token listing on DEX(Uniswap/Quickswap/Sushiswap) and CEX(TBC) 2022/2 1st NFT presale auction 

2022/5 Closed α test 

2022/5 2nd NFT presale auction 

2022/6 Closed β test 

2022/6 3rd NFT presale auction 

2022/8 Official game launch 

2022/9 In-game token ROND listing on DEX(TBD) 

2022/10 1st LAND auction 

2022/12 1st UGC NFT auction 

2022/12 NFT alliance of companies/enterprise/IPs in GensoKishi metaverse(TBC)

10. What partnerships and collaborations do you have planned out in the near future?

First, we hope to collaborate with more game guilds that have leadership in the  GameFi industry. And with our partners’ help, we are under discussion for partnerships with some blockchain/crypto VC. Also with the launchpad event with TrustPAD confirmed, we have TrustPAD as a partner, which will bring more branding power and promotion events to GensoKishi Project. We are going to make more partnerships with exchanges, blockchain protocols, DeFi associations, for a better P2E  ecosystem/Metaverse of everyone.

We appreciate the more than 100,000 entries we received in Whitelist Round 1 and our partnership with Trustpad, we are now running Whitelist Round 2.

For more information on GensoKishi, please check out their official website.

 Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.


With Masters in Mass communication and journalism, Anjali's interests lie in blockchain technology adoption across emerging economies.
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