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Hackers steal over $750K from Azuki as its Twitter account gets compromised



Hackers steal over $750K from Azuki as its Twitter account gets compromised
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  • Azuki, a popular NFT project, had its Twitter account compromised recently, allowing hackers to steal over $750,000 in USDC.
  • Azuki regained control of its Twitter account after some time.

Azuki, a popular anime-based NFT project, had its Twitter account compromised on 27 January, allowing hackers to steal over $750,000 in USD Coin (USDC).

According to Etherscan data provided by crypto wallet security firm Wallet Guard, hackers stole $751,321.80 USDC from a single wallet within half an hour of the malicious links being tweeted.

The data also revealed that hackers stole $6,752.62 in USDC from various wallets containing 11 NFTs and more than 3.9 Ether.

According to Wallet Guard, the total worth of stolen assets is $758,074.42.

Trouble unfolds before Azuki could regain Account Control

Azuki community manager Emily Rose tweeted that the Azuki account had been hacked and advised users not to follow any links from Azuki’s Twitter account.

Azuki community head and product manager Dem explained on a Wallet Guard-hosted Twitter Space yesterday (27 January) that scammers were able to post a wallet drainer link after getting hold of Azuki’s Twitter account. Dem advised users to be cautious and suspicious while the team attempted to reclaim control of the account.

According to Wallet Guard co-founder Ohm Shah, regardless of whether an account is official or verified, users should treat everything as suspicious until proven otherwise. Shah cautioned, “Don’t be the first person that clicks the link. It’s better to be paranoid in Web3 than not.”

Liz Yang, head of growth at Chiru Labs, said that the team was constantly in touch with the Twitter team and was investigating the matter. Yang added that Azuki would provide an update once we have more information.

Azuki announced several hours later that it had regained control of its Twitter account. As Azuki regained control of its account, it emphasized to its followers on Twitter that they should always go out on several platforms to confirm announcements.

Earlier this week, the stock trading platform Robinhood’s Twitter account had been compromised. The hackers forced Robinhood users to pay $0.0005 each for a token called RBH on the BNB Smart Chain.

Before the tweet could be removed, at least ten people had purchased approximately $1,000 worth of the scam token.

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