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Helio Protocol X Synclub: A significant merger for efficient asset management 

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The origin of stablecoins was a significant breakthrough in the decentralized world. It’s all because of stablecoins that cryptocurrencies have now become more practical for everyday use. The former is designed to enhance liquidity in the crypto markets and revolutionize financial applications in the DeFi space. 

Though there are various solutions offered by stablecoins, the market is still devoid of a defined leader. In this ever-changing market, it becomes crucial to strike the right balance between threat, bonus, and security for both mass adoption and long-term sustainability.

To overcome these limitations, Helio Protocol introduced the notion of “Destablecoins” – a new class of assets within the crypto space for increased stability, highlighting a new scope in the present stablecoin landscape.

However, the team of Helio was not satisfied enough and underwent another round of development, and finally announced their merger with Synclub, an organization providing on-chain, safe staking services via its self-managed validator node, “Synclub”, on the BNB Chain. 

Helio X Synclub, the most awaited merger 

The merger of Helio protocol and Synclub is to empower users with enhanced flexibility in managing their assets within a secure and safe environment. The merger took place in the wake of 2023, the hottest year of LSTFi summer and also the hottest year for Helio Protocol.

However, before delving into the depths of the merger it’s important to clear the clouds around the arrival of LSTFi (a DeFi protocol built on top of liquid staking derivatives). The introduction of LSTFi is no less than a reincarnation of DeFi which is destined to stay. 

With its merger with Synclub, Helio protocol envisions itself acting as a catalyst of the LSTFi trend. This is done to revamp the current over-collateralized lending model of the Helio Protocol and further channel the power of liquid staking tokens for seamless yield generation of HAY. Whereas, other decentralized assets as collateral will be integrated and announced soon to the public.  

With all the developments around the corner, at present, the merger will only incorporate the addition of various new Binance Coin (BNB) and non-BNB LSTs as collateral for HAY. Additionally, there will also be a new organizational structure that will have a newly established foundation that is yet to be decided. The latter will be launched by the last quarter of 2023 and will take care of project revenues as well as operations. 

However, there is still room for uncertainty around the release of governance tokens that will be issued by the foundation and used to govern both projects. 

These changes demonstrate Helio Protocol’s renewed and strengthened commitment to the usage of LSTs in the DeFi model. With the vision to lead the BNB Chain DeFi (and the wider DeFi community) in the deep adoption of LSTs, Helio Protocol is positioned to become the new epicenter of LSTFi and Stablecoin innovation.  

About Synclub 

Synclub is a Web3 space offering non-custodial staking solutions for users to stake their assets securely. It is also an enterprise-friendly platform offering quick, reliable, and secure customizable nodes for its clients. 

The platform offers three unique features which make it stand out from the rest, including:

1. State-of-the-Art Security: Synclub guarantees an industry-leading security level that caters to the emerging needs of all users.

2. Non-Custodial Staking: This enables users to have complete control over their funds at all times while enjoying accumulating rewards.

3. User-friendly: The platform solves all the difficulties faced by the users in the background, and makes it easy for users to enjoy staking.

About Helio Protocol 

Helio Protocol is an open-source liquidity protocol built on the BNB Chain. It showcases a dual token model and a host of mechanisms to facilitate instant conversions, over-collateralization of assets, staking, borrowing, and yield farming. The platform works with the objective to deliver refine and enhance the present version of the stablecoins project by optimizing safety and capital efficiency with a novel model. 

At Helio, users get to enjoy three major use cases including:

1. Collateralize: Helio Protocol offers users the opportunity to utilize their BNB as collateral, integrating them into the expansive Helio ecosystem as active stakers on Binance. By leveraging the BNB Liquid Staking functionality, users can earn yields on their collateralized BNB or even borrow HAY stablecoins using it. 

2. Borrow: Through the Helio protocol, users who have collateralized their BNB position can easily access loans payable in HAY stablecoins.

3. Earn: Within the Helio Protocol, the accumulation of borrowing interest and staking rewards occurs within the Helio Revenue Pool, which is fueled by collateralized BNB. This pool serves as the source for redistributing HAY rewards to both HAY liquidity providers and stakers. As users hold or stake HAY for longer periods, their yield from these rewards increases, incentivizing long-term engagement and participation.

Roadmap ahead 

Helio Protocol is here to stay and has various other things planned for its future ahead. Multi-LST collateralization is one of the first things that the platform has planned to launch to continuously improve the security, accessibility, and utility of its platform. Secondly, it looks forward to building a multi-chain HAY to make $HAY accessible to a wider range of stablecoin users to bridge $HAY to different blockchains via multichain integrations.

Lastly, there are plans to maximize the value of HAY to expand the offerings and accessibility, by focusing on adding unique utility cases for both $HAY and SnBNB. All this will help the Helio Protocol to create a dynamic ecosystem that fosters growth, adoption, and utility for its native tokens. 

Thus, the merger between Helio Protocol and Synclub represents a significant milestone in the world of decentralized finance. This strategic partnership combines the strengths and unique features of both protocols, ushering in a new era of innovation and possibilities. By integrating their technologies, the merged entity aims to create a more robust and user-friendly platform, offering enhanced liquidity, borrowing capabilities, and staking opportunities.

To know more about Helio Protocol, visit the official website or follow them on Twitter

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice. 



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