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Is DeFinder Capital (DFC) the best altcoin for 2024?

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Users of the TON network have long desired a mechanism that serves as an adaptive connector for the TON blockchain’s diverse range of services and games.

DeFinder Capital (DFC) is a Web 3 company backed by TON and Pavel Durov that strives to be the solution to the aforementioned dilemma.

DFC’s agenda is community-centric, and it believes in the overarching notion of delivering a variety of interconnected services and goods, all linked by a unique proprietary token, thereby increasing community interaction and developing a sense of community within the TON ecosystem

This approach intends to improve community engagement and establish a feeling of togetherness inside the TON space.

This open dialogue not only improves the user experience but also contributes to the collective intelligence of the DFC community, instilling a sense of empowerment and fellowship that is consistent with the brand.

What is DeFinder Capital?

DFC is the token of the DeFinder Capital ecosystem, the first DAO/FAN token and the main token of the ecosystem of projects on the TON blockchain with over 100+ services on one platform. The $DFC token is bought not only by the local community of the project, but also by investors in the market and the TON team coming directly from the market.

 Now the token is in the top 500 of CoinMarketCap and in the top 2 tokens of the Toncoin ecosystem, second only to the main token $TON. The market capitalization is $65 million and the daily trading volume is an order of magnitude higher than other tokens in the TON ecosystem. 

The cryptocurrency was launched in 2023 as an ecosystem project with an extended ecosystem of products. DeFinder Capital is currently being developed:

  •  DeWallet – a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet on Telegram.
  • Arrakken Planet – a crypto game in Telegram offering to farm DFC.
  • Arbuz – a clicker for Telegram with an internal token already listed on cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • DeDonate – a crowdfunding platform for raising funds.

It is also important to note that the project is the founder of its own Foundation DFC Capital to invest in the TON ecosystem, support new projects and more. The project team is a community of the strongest market makers, including those who participated in the development of TON.

The DeFinder Capital ecosystem is constantly growing. Due to its wide-open functionality, the native token is able to work in many Web3 services and develop freely in the cryptocurrency market.

At the same time, the initial goal of the developers is to popularize the TON blockchain. DeFinder Capital aims to become the #1 project in The Open Network ecosystem and fill the missing niches with products. The DFC token is an add-on to TON that is designed to unite participants in this market segment.

There is no doubting the expertise of the developers at DeFinder Capital. They have presented a working product line in which the token has become a link. DFC was created at the end of 2023 without the usual financing and pre-sales. The cryptocurrency was distributed via airdrop, the second part went directly to the market.

In just a few months, the price of DFC increased more than 30x.

The coin showed a high initial performance, which would have been difficult to achieve without a strong market maker. According to foreign insiders, DeFinder Capital is the next project of the developers of TON. This is the reason for the anonymity of the team members. Now The Open Network promotes DFC on all its platforms, including internal applications of the ecosystem.

The Revolutionary DFC token

DFC is a social token, so the developers are focused on community development. Already now the project boasts the largest audience in Telegram – more than 500 thousand people. In addition, the community is constantly growing due to investors and traders coming from the market. In terms of trading activity, DFC ranks 5th among TON tokens. 

The cryptocurrency is community-driven using the DAO model, around which the DeFinder Capital ecosystem is built. New products are launched to meet specific requests of asset holders and do not directly affect the token price. The price of DFC will be determined by market demand. 

In the future, the cryptocurrency will be integrated into all products of the ecosystem and eventually added to The Open Network applications. The ultimate goal of the developers is to make the project a key part of the main network. DeFinder Capital aims to unite all participants, as Binance has done for the global crypto market.

According to insider reports, the team is already in talks with other major CEXs, as well as major market players – fund Binance Labs, market maker DWF Labs, which are among the most important in the development of the ecosystem.

The DFC token engages in all of DF Capital’s activities and interest areas and serves as a connecting factor.

DFC is the pulse of the DeFinder community, improving each contact and transaction on the site. As DeFinder expands, DFC’s role grows accordingly, increasing its utility and significance in the TON ecosystem. DFC is designed to be versatile and valuable, and it plays an important part in the platform’s evolution.

The token has the following functionalities:

  •     DFC enables users to easily and conveniently swap between members on the TON network.
  •     Permeates and connects all products of the DF Capital ecosystem.
  •     The token is necessary for using services and brings benefits to holders. Providing DFC grants for developers and encouraging social activity and donations.
  •     The DFC token, which is distributed to new holders throughout all Telegram and social media channels, attracts users to the DF Capital and TON communities, boosting its continued popularity.

DeFinder established DFC in December 2023, without traditional investor funding or token sales, to provide a level playing field.

The platform distributed DFC using airdrops and market placements, starting at $0.075. In just 50 days, the token’s value surged to $2.77, a 36x increase, demonstrating strong community support and its expanding position in the ecosystem.

In just six months, DFC has grown exponentially, with over 1000 DFC DAO holders and listings on major centralized exchanges (CEX), including MEXC, CoinMarketCap, and Coingecko.

Since its launch, the DFC token’s price has soared by more than 3600%, demonstrating its vast appeal and demand.

The DFC coin has also been incorporated into Telegram’s @wallet integrated wallet, demonstrating TON’s direct support for the project. Strategic agreements, such as the one with DeLab, a TON software company, have helped to grow the DeFinder ecosystem.

Key products in this ecosystem include DeWallet, DeFinder Capital Fund, Lineage Server, and TON’s pioneering professional betting service.

DFC Tokenomics

DeFinder Capital has set a maximum supply of 200 million DFC tokens, with a current circulating supply of 7.73 million. The team keeps a prudent 10% share of the total supply locked away as a reserve for 12 months, demonstrating a commitment to the project’s long-term viability. Airdrops receive 50% of the total supply, which equates to 100 million tokens.

Token Distribution Breakdown: 

Total supply: 200,000,000.

Airdrop allocation: 100,000,000 tokens.

Currently airdropped: 3,472,125 (and counting)

Following Solana’s footsteps

Just like how Solana used the ecosystem pumping mechanism to pump gaming platforms like Stepn and promote well-known meme coins like Pepe or Bonk, to bolster their presence in the community and gain maximum traction. TON is using DFC and a few other projects like Arbuz to trigger the pump so that people are talking about the project.

So, you should keep in mind that DFC has huge potential to follow Solana’s footsteps, this is another reason why you should buy DFC immediately so there is no FOMO.

DFC Token’s Price Chart

The DFC token has undergone an impressive rise in value. Since December, the coin has increased by 3061.1%, reaching an ATH of $2.77 in February.

At the time of writing, the coin was trading at $2.45. The RSI lingered above the 50 mark indicating that the buying pressure was slightly more than the selling pressure. 

 The upper band of the Bollinger Bands coincided with the price hike as its gap narrowed to signal a possible price consolidation.

These developments illustrate the incredible momentum that DFC is currently experiencing. DFC is fast consolidating its place as a major player, as indicated by its projected valuation of $486,165,534, which marks an almost complete dilution of its initial capital.

How to buy a DFC Token?

You can easily buy the DFC tokens using the following links:

The Platform’s Ecosystem

DeFinder Capital’s ecosystem is already gaining traction, with numerous products being developed on it, ranging from games to decentralized software. These goods include: 

DeFinder Capital Fund: A fund dedicated to supporting TON projects that make a direct contribution to community and ecosystem development.

The fund has made active investments in projects such as Lineage Server, Betty Games, and ArrakkenPlanet.

Notably, it organizes charity auctions, acquires NFT artwork, and donates the earnings to various organizations. The fund’s recent acquisition of “Sea Turtle Heading For The Sunrise” for 4,725 TON demonstrates its dedication to community involvement.  

DeDonate: DeDonate is the DeFinder ecosystem’s trusted platform for secure and transparent crypto donations. The service is designed to employ smart contracts to ensure that donations reach their intended recipient safely and effectively, eliminating the need for an intermediary. 

DeWallet: DeWallet offers users the finest solution for easily managing their cryptocurrencies.

The user interface is developed in such a way that it ensures secure storage, and seamless sending and receiving of diverse digital assets, with a focus on convenience and speed.

DeVPN: DeVPN is a fast and secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) that protects users from online risks by masking network information. DeVPN allows people to browse the internet safely regardless of their location. 

DeCoupons: A coupon platform built on smart contracts that provides users with security and transparency across numerous discount offers. DeCoupons is transforming the world of savings by leveraging cutting-edge blockchain technology.  

Arrakken Planet: Arrakken Planet is a Telegram mini-game with an integrated DFC farming and referral system. Users farm DFC tokens and compete against other players. In the future, the game will feature NFT-playable characters that DFC can purchase. The game can be accessible via the ArrakkenPlanet_Bot on Telegram.

Betty Games: Betty Games is a decentralized betting company that allows users to place bets on their favorite sporting events and receive money if they win. All bets are executed using smart contracts, making them trustworthy, fast, and safe. 

ARBUZ: ARBUZ is the top meme coin on the TON blockchain. Users need to link their wallets to qualify for drops. It is the best ticker on TON, having already surpassed NOT.

Arbuz Bot has also overtaken Notcoin in terms of new users in its first few days, with over 100,000 users. The key difference is that here, tokens with defined economics have already been released.

The Final Word

The Web 3 ecosystem is full of projects with no utility that manipulates users to invest in them. Users often lose money after investing in such projects.

DeFinder Capital intends to address this issue by taking an entirely new approach, recognizing this pervasive issue in the crypto market. The project’s approach of being a DAO social fan token helps to reduce market manipulation.

The project is a massive ecosystem mounted on the TON blockchain, one of the most renowned tier 1 blockchains. By using this strategy, DFC becomes a centralized token that will be used by numerous projects, providing it with a motive to grow over time.

Also, media speculation posits a link between Pavel Durov, TON, which means the project is being developed by a team that is already skilled and aware of what they are doing.

The platform has already established an active Telegram community and developed a game called Arrakken Planet.

It has also released DeWallet, which incorporates DFC into a DEX wallet that accepts TON tokens. Considering all of this, it is apparent that DeFinder Capital will expand in the coming years.

If it continues to grow at this rate, a market capitalization of $200 million to $500 million could be a reasonable goal. In the long run, DFCs could be worth $10 or $50, with a listing on a major exchange catalyzing DFC’s growth.

So, don’t miss the chance to buy a token that has the potential to be the best altcoin of 2024.

To learn more about the platform, please visit:






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