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Ledgible maneuvers crypto taxation to facilitate the institutional adoption of crypto

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For a long time, institutional investors have hesitated to engage in trading cryptocurrency and prefer to just observe due to the chaotic and volatile nature of the crypto market. As time went on, the chaotic crypto market began to exhibit more characteristics of the structured financial setting seen in traditional finance. 

Institutions and enterprises’ decisions to remain passive and pass up lucrative possibilities became increasingly difficult as the market grew more developed and came closer to a trillion-dollar capitalization.

Retail investors and Institutional adopters’ willingness to adopt digital assets has grown throughout the last several years, even now as the overall market faces a significant downturn. 

Experts believe that cryptocurrency-based use cases may assist communities in creating specialized goods and assure free-flow trading of the asset class for traders, hedgers, and even non-financial consumers. Thus, the widespread institutional acceptance of cryptocurrencies in several areas can help legitimize the Web 3.0 economy and bring additional workflows to existing TradFi infrastructure. 

Brands such as Starbucks, AT&T, and Microsoft have begun to accept digital currency-based payment methods. Earlier, El Salvador and the Central African Republic both recognized Bitcoin as a legal tender. In recent news, Goldman Sachs, an investment banking firm, revealed that it is now issuing bitcoin-backed loans as part of its cryptocurrency footprint growth.

Barriers to institutional crypto adoption

Investors are frustrated by the lack of a clear and robust valuation structure for digital assets.  Attempts to generalize frameworks for traditional market assets are dubious and may lead investors to incorrect conclusions. Moving the industry forward involves overcoming several of the following challenges and barriers to entry into the market for players still on the sidelines. 

The volatility of cryptocurrency prices remains one of the most significant hurdles to investing. Even while various products on the market allow hedging crypto volatility risks such as options and futures, they do not fully solve the problem.

Even though there are several regulatory advancements legal ambiguities remain a persistent issue for banks when it comes to crypto. Global regulators continue to be inconsistent in keeping up with blockchain technology to allow for innovation while reducing risks to investors and the financial system. The lack of clarity surrounding the definition and treatment of cryptocurrency continues to deter huge institutional money.

Crypto liquidity fragmentation is also a cause of concern for many investors. There are over 200 blockchains in the crypto sector, with over 6,000 coins and tokens. Crypto liquidity is dispersed among many controlled and decentralized exchanges (CEXs and DEXs), causing significant discomfort for traders.

Due to exchange liquidity, institutional investors that often wish to open a USD X-million stake are unable to do so without manipulating markets by causing significant price movements. As a result, selling significant holdings might take much longer than on typical exchanges, where deals are performed in seconds.

Speeding up institutional crypto adoption

A deeper grasp of cryptocurrencies and the principles of their pricing will emerge with time and experience, as well as the accumulation of information and skill that is actively happening in crypto communities will speed up the adoption process.

Crypto volatility will be handled by developing several new structured investment products that provide investors with better risk/reward ratios.

But as the institutional adoption of crypto progresses, traders and investors are unsure about the crypto asset’s taxation and the different regulations bounding these assets. To help users keep track of their crypto tax reporting and accounting, Ledgible offers cryptocurrency tax & accounting solutions that effortlessly makes tax reports for all crypto investments.

Secure and Automated Crypto Tracking 

Ledgible is a cryptocurrency tax & accounting solution designed specifically with institutions and professionals in mind – and is used by financial institutions, corporations, and accounting firms for crypto tax, crypto accounting, and crypto audit for billions of dollars of crypto assets.

The platform includes Ledgible Crypto Tax Pro for tax preparers and Ledgible Enterprise Accounting for corporate accounting, providing professionals with simply integrable solutions. 

Users can quickly connect their wallets and, exchanges to the platform. Ledgible account crypto tax will calculate their crypto tax burden, provide current-year planning, and prepare reports for their tax preparer or preferred tax software. The Ledgible platform can be used at no charge to track users’ holdings throughout the year.

Ledgible offers capital gain/loss insight across the user’s portfolio and reviews the data on a transactional level to guarantee that users don’t overpay. Ledgible ensures that users’ tax burden is minimized, even in technically complex scenarios like airdrops, hard forks, or NFTs.

Convenient crypto tax reporting

Ledgible Crypto Tax offers a variety of reports for the user’s tax preparer, tax prep software such as TurboTax or TaxAct, or general record-keeping for cryptocurrency monitoring. The extensive on-chain data aggregation capabilities of Ledgible combined with an independently verified software stack, make it the solution of choice for crypto holders, investors, new users, professionals, and early adopters. 

Current Year Tax Planning & Cryptocurrency Tracking allows users to track their cryptocurrency activities throughout the year and calculates tax exposure based on asset holdings and disposals. Users can simply track all of their crypto assets, including those from Binance, Coinbase,, and others, in one spot.

Ledgible Crypto provides a “source of truth” for cryptocurrency investments and tax preparation. Ledgible’s crypto tracking is free all year, except for tax season when users must pay for reports.

With cost-basis visibility, Ledgible’s unique on-chain features enable users to instantly trace when holdings move between crypto wallets and exchanges. Furthermore, users can account for costs to ensure optimal accuracy.

The Final Word

The capacity of institutions to allocate large resources will propel the crypto market to new heights, transforming it into a more professional and rewarding environment. Eventually, cryptocurrency will represent a huge turning point in the growth of the Web3 economy.

The institutional adoption of crypto is gaining momentum but traders and investors will stumble across many obstacles and doubts as they try to hop on the waves of crypto and be a part of its ever-evolving ecosystem. Legible offers a feasible solution to the concerns of traders by providing tax reports to ease their burden of navigating the tiresome knots of various crypto regulations and finding their payable tax amount.

In collaboration with Blockworks, the platform published a crypto tax guide to using its own experience in the crypto tax sector. Ledgible’s primary emphasis is on developing scalable software solutions that enable investors and institutions to incorporate cryptocurrency data into their existing financial systems. Aside from that, they generate, curate, and organize crypto-related learning content for industry experts, with a primary focus on expanding their knowledge base as a financial professionals’ center.

To know more about the platform, please visit their Twitter handle and their official website.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.



Jacob is a sponsored content writer at AMBcrypto whose interest lies in blockchain technology and its impact on the changing global economy.
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