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Listing.Help: The go-to crypto listing agency offering top-notch services

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Companies periodically introduce new coins with unique characteristics in an attempt to address certain gaps in existing crypto offerings. While there are several motives to develop a new token, ranging from solving new use cases to just flexing, its long-term viability is decided by the size of the community that owns and trades it.

But, listing is a complicated process, users need to work with professionals who will make the process easier, faster, and cheaper. 

For example, users often take the help of IPO underwriters, who are financial experts working closely with the issuing body to calculate the initial offering price of the securities, acquire the shares from the issuer, and sell the securities to investors through the underwriter’s distribution network. This can be a tedious process.

Users who want to list their coins directly may encounter fraudsters or get rejected by exchanges due to a lack of understanding of specific requirements. Certain exchanges tend to overprice the deal, and in case of a dispute, they may not return the money.

Also, it is quite difficult to find credible partners that can operate unscrupulously because users don’t want to wind up making fatal errors that can force the project to be suspended.

Users trying to list independently need to familiarize themselves with the fundamental criteria required for selecting an exchange. So in most cases, users end up offering incorrect information about their project and will get rejected for listing. After following a succession of rejections, the financiers decide to freeze the project and cease all procedures.

Therefore, working through an agency is always a better choice.

Need for a Listing Partner

Thousands of projects have attempted to get listed on their own and ended up working with individuals who turned out to be scammers. Projects have picked illiquid exchanges to “get listed somewhere”, which has tarnished their image. Teams lost money and worked with dishonest market makers (MMs), after which they had to stop the project.

There are many fraudulent agencies in the market that charge high commissions for their services. Some even accept upfront payments and refuse to repay the money if the project is rejected. As a result, the project remains unlisted and will incur financial losses.

Listing partners have insider knowledge that might help get the project listed. Because listing managers understand the process. Only listing partners are aware of the specific criteria used by the exchange to evaluate the project. For example, if a project has a 100k community and the token is traded on a DEX exchange with a daily volume of $1,000, a conventional exchange will not list it.

Listing partners are aware of all the criteria that are important for Tier-1 exchanges. For example, Bybit checks a project’s past listings and if there are suspicious listings with unreliable Tier-3 exchanges, the listing will be rejected (even if the project is willing to pay). That’s why it’s important to work with listing agencies from the very beginning of your project’s development. They also provide resources such as market makers, marketing agencies, funds, etc. needed to meet the requirements.

How to choose the right Listing agency?

Look at the traction:  Verify which projects have already been listed by this agency, and on which exchanges.

Check the reviews: It is important to study reviews on different platforms, especially on independent forums. Thoroughly go through the customer reviews and find the pros and cons of that particular agency.

Study the team: Try to collaborate solely with organizations whose teams are public. Do they engage in numerous events? Is there information on the agency’s founders, important team members, and their reputation?

Talk to the managers: Study how they interact, and how fast they respond, also call them via video link just to ensure their professionalism.

Listing.Help: The go-to listing agency

Listing.Help is one of the best listing agencies on the market which ticks all the parameters. They are open to the public.

Listing.Help has been in the listing industry for more than seven years. Large clients like Shiba, TON, Tether Euro, Syscoin, De.Fi, and Bitscrunch are a few examples of key market participants with whom they operate under NDA. Listing.Help assisted over 1500 customers in becoming listed on exchanges throughout its operations.

They also run a network of firms that includes the Blockchain Life conference (one of the world’s largest crypto conferences), and a venture fund Jets.Capital (with over 170 projects in its portfolio), and their market maker (which has already quoted over 300 pairs).

The organization presently collaborates with over 100 key platforms, including Binance, OKX, Huobi,, and others. 

Listing.Help has grown to become the leading project listing firm by prioritizing publicity and customer feedback. They focus on reviews from the biggest review sites.

The organization presently collaborates with over 100 key platforms, including Binance, Huobi,, and others.

Listing.Help has grown to become the leading project listing firm by prioritizing publicity and customer feedback. They focus on reviews from the biggest review sites.

What makes Listing.Help stand out

Full-fledged support from scratch: Listing.Help helps develop a project from scratch. The platform helps with marketing, and editing and offers an entire package of tools and services required for the project to prosper. 

Listing.Help helps clients create a competent plan for presenting their project, negotiate directly with the exchanges, and resolve any issues that may emerge. 

The agency also connects clients with professional market makers and marketing partners, as well as monitors the exchange’s implementation of agreements before and after the listing.

The team will assist you throughout the listing process, from competent exchange selection and strategy building to MM (Market Maker) control and all exchange duties.

This agency will take a listing from start to finish, eliminating the possibility of running into scammers or unscrupulous contractors. 

Exclusive specialization in listing: The team will assist the project team throughout the listing process, from competent exchange selection and strategy building to MM (Market Maker) control and all exchange duties.

They specialize solely in listing (which is why, after 7 years of service, they have hundreds of cases with satisfied clients, as well as the ability to list projects on the top cryptocurrency exchanges).

They have proven market leaders and marketing partners with whom the team has collaborated for many years. Clients don’t have to hunt for someone on the side and risk encountering fraudsters. So this is a significant benefit that saves projects from avoidable hassles.

The best listing conditions: The platform offers lower prices than when working directly with exchanges, this is because the team works with exchanges on a long-term basis, so the platforms make good discounts. 

Projects can also get additional discounts on market making, bonuses in the form of advertising from the exchange, announcements on social networks, etc.

Involvement of the team: Listing. Help has a team of the best professionals from the crypto industry. 

From free consultancy to monitoring the exchange’s preparations for the project even after it has been listed. One significant benefit is that the team gives a “turnkey listing,” which assists projects in selecting an exchange, establishing a plan, and proceeding directly to the exchange.

Choosing the right partners for the project: Clients do not have to search for a large number of specialists necessary for the development of the project, because of Listing. Help has already found proven partners to recommend. These are market makers (one of the most important people who maintain the volume of tokens on the exchange), partners in marketing, legal services, smart contract auditors, etc.

The Final Word

Listing.Help has collaborated with over 100 exchanges, and hundreds of significant projects have been listed on exchanges with the assistance of this agency.

If your project requires a listing, we recommend that you contact Listing.Help. From the first free consultation, you will be convinced of their professionalism and the high quality of their work. The company has been on the market for more than 7 years and during this time there has not been a single case that has negatively affected its reputation. 

With their many years of expertise, they will identify the issues with your project that are causing the same exchange to refuse it, and they will assist you in resolving them and closing your listing issue on the most favorable terms possible. 

To learn more about the platform, visit their official website. And if you need a quality listing with reliable partners and in a quick timeframe, you know who can help. 

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.


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