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Monetize unused bandwidth and expand internet access with PKT

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Internet connectivity has increased dramatically in the last couple of decades, and the connection speeds have also gone up enormously. Additionally, the cost of internet subscriptions has also been on an upward trajectory, and it will probably not come down any time soon. 

The high cost of the internet and poor infrastructure in many places has locked out a significant percentage of the global population from reliable and fast internet. In fact, more than ⅓rd of the world remains unconnected to the internet. 

A new solution called PKT is a free-to-use software solution that enables anyone to monetize their unused bandwidth and can expand internet access, reduce bandwidth costs and generate passive income. But, before giving it a try, it is crucial to understand how it works.

Yes, You Can Monetize Your Bandwidth

If you have an internet connection then you have access to bandwidth. However, rarely do you use all your available bandwidth every 24/7. PKT enables you to connect your unused bandwidth to the PKT Network and get paid in PKT Cash ($PKT) every 60 seconds for maintaining connectivity. By connecting to the PKT Network, you are effectively proving you have the bandwidth. This effort is important because while proving you have the bandwidth, you are also transmitting small amounts of “dummy data” called announcements across the PKT Network.

The announcements simulate the processing capabilities of a global, high-speed data network, which in effect, establishes the PKT Network for its future use cases. These future use cases include free VPN, high-speed VPN, internet access via WiFi sharing, and mesh networking. However, while those use cases are still in development, it is currently possible to monetize your unused internet bandwidth today.

How Safe Is Monetizing Your Bandwidth?

Monetizing your bandwidth via the PKT Network is safe because no one is actually using your bandwidth, so there is no privacy concern. No one is accessing your data, and no one is accessing your home or office network. As a result, there are no vulnerabilities to your private data or internet connection.

It is important to understand that when you are monetizing your bandwidth via the PKT Network, you are using your upload bandwidth. Oftentimes internet subscriptions have limited upload bandwidth, so it is essential to check your plan and make sure you have upwards of 10 Mbps upload speeds.

It is also important to know if you have a data cap. Some internet connections have data caps, so it is recommended to check with your ISP to find out if you have data limitations before monetizing your bandwidth. Even an unlimited data plan may not truly be unlimited, and some internet companies may complain if you use more than your plan’s bandwidth limit. However, because PKT is only expending your bandwidth and not doing anything harmful to your network, there is no concern other than monitoring your available upload bandwidth for usage and limits..

What Is PKT Cash?

The PKT Network pays every 60 seconds in a cryptocurrency called PKT Cash. Since people are connecting to the PKT Network from around the world, PKT Cash ensures everyone is easily paid and can convert their rewards into their local fiat currency. PKT Cash is built for microtransactions, requiring near-zero network fees and fast transaction speeds. 

To monetize your bandwidth, you will need a PKT Cash wallet. A PKT Cash wallet can be easily installed on a Mac or PC computer. PKT Cash has a limited supply of 6 billion coins that will take 63 years to mine. Along with the fixed supply of PKT Cash, a limited amount of PKT can be mined every day. As a result, all miners compete to earn PKT Cash rewards every day.

Should You Share Internet Bandwidth?

The decision to share your internet bandwidth depends on how much bandwidth your household or office has available and the extent to which you are interested in supporting the PKT Network. If you are already paying bandwidth and not using 100%, then it makes sense to turn that unused internet into passive income.

Additionally, if you have available bandwidth and a powerful CPU-based device, then it is encouraged to use that hardware to generate passive income. If you don’t have an idle computer, you can purchase a PKT Cube, which is a plug & play device that provides a turnkey solution to start mining PKT Cash. 

Internet By The People, For The People

Monetizing your bandwidth is an easy way to generate passive income and helps build the PKT Network, powered by the people. This scales to become a high-speed network that provides an alternative internet access point and helps people who are unable to get good quality internet access from traditional ISPs.

The PKT Network makes it possible to turn your extra bandwidth into passive income. By connecting your bandwidth, this effort also makes high-speed internet access cheaper and more accessible worldwide, instead of relying solely on monopolistic ISPs. PKT is building network infrastructure by the people, for the people, with the goal of getting the next 1 billion people online.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.


With Masters in Mass communication and journalism, Anjali's interests lie in blockchain technology adoption across emerging economies.
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