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Pikamoon: Where Pokémon meets NFT gaming and lavish P2E rewards

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AAA-grade Web3 games are often few and far between, however as showcased by the likes of Axie Infinity, blockchain games have the ability to go global if the gameplay is there to facilitate it.

Further, as Q4 2023 continues making hints that the next crypto bull run may be on the horizon, now more than ever is the time to seek out the next unmissable blockchain gaming endeavor… whether it be for profit-taking opportunities, or simply because you love Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming. 

Either way – and as you may’ve already heard – one of the most impressive projects to be born out of the ongoing crypto winter is Pikamoon – a Pokémon-esque Player-versus-Player (PvP) metaverse world that’s offering a plethora of opportunities for DeFi gamers and investors alike. 

With the game’s highly-anticipated Beta launch just around the corner, this article will explore what Pikamoon’s NFT gaming experience has to offer, as well as why aping-in on its third and final $PIKA Presale round might be a good idea. 

Dreva: A Mystic Blockchain World Entrenched in Civil Conflicts

Irrespective of marketing, tokenomics, and any other form of hype-inducing practices, the underlying value of each and every gaming project comes down to two things… its all-encompassing gameplay and lore. 

This is an ethos that Pikamoon developers have adopted to its very core, as prior to publishing plans for an expansive and holder-empowering tokenomics ecosystem, the game’s setting, aesthetic, and overall gameplay dynamics were first conceived.

In what can broadly be dubbed as Pokémon’s inauguration into Web3, here is where Dreva comes in… a mystical virtual world that resides in the ever-expansive Pikaverse. 

Dreva plays host to six magically diverse elemental factions; Earth, Rock, Water, Fire, Air, and Thunder – where despite working in unison with one another in the real world, Dreva manifests as a virtual world that’s fuelled with tension between its different elemental regions. More specifically, such tension has boiled up (and overspilled) due to the perennial conflicts between the respective  ‘Pikamoon’ populations of each region. 

In turn, this is what forms the expansive lore and premise behind the entire Pikamoon gaming experience, as though being pitted against each other in an array of PvP and offline battle scenarios, pivotal questions regarding Dreva’s all-important power dynamics can be settled once and for all.  

Pikamoon’s P2E Gaming Experience 

With exploration, strategy, and combat serving as its core themes, players navigate across Dreva via in-game Pikamoon characters. 

In true Web3 style, Pikamoons exist as Ethereum-residing NFTs… where in an effort to onboard as many DeFi gamers and investors as possible, they’re initially being distributed – FOR FREE – to all of those who hold the game’s native $PIKA token. 

Such gamified NFT characters – which each sport a unique semblance of cosmetic and combat-related characteristics – serve as the backbone to every gamer’s Pikamoon experience, as after acquiring them and nurturing their dynamic potentials, they can be deployed across an array of intense PvP combat scenarios… where there’s only ever one winner. 

Actually, that’s a slight lie, as although only one Pikamoon NFT can come out on top, each and every blockchain gamer will be rewarded PIKA ($PIKA) for their activity in the game (where of course, the winner still takes home the majority of the prize pool). In simple terms, such P2E dynamic also acts as a tool for encouraging engagement beyond Pikamoon’s AAA-grade gameplay offering.

Further, what players decide to do with their PIKA winnings is up to them, as in addition to taking profits through making sales on centralized crypto exchanges (CEX), PIKA can be used in the in-game Pikamoon Store to purchase boosts, health potions, and weapons for their gamified NFT (as well as for purchasing entirely new Pikamoon NFT clan members). 

Away from its online modes, Pikamoon also caters to blockchain gamers wanting to engage in more casual offline gaming contexts. Here, not only are the barriers to P2E gaming lowered, but there are also more opportunities for PIKA to circulate (and therefore thrive). 

PIKA – How Does it Work in Pikamoon? 

As you may’ve gathered by now, PIKA is the unequivocal backbone to Dreva’s DeFi economy (and is therefore set for the moon once the game garners industry-shaking momentum during the next crypto bull run).

As previously mentioned, the token’s underlying utilities lie in its purchasing power for things such as magic boosts, health potions, and weapons for players’ gamified Pikamoon NFTs… which in of themselves – and through their combat-related enhancements – also serve as investment vehicles for reaping even more PIKA rewards.

On the flip side, Pikamoon players wanting real-world paydays can simply exchange their tokens for fiat currencies… where in the case of tokens earned in-game, 100% profit margins can be enjoyed. 

That being said, profit margins of a similar ilk (or perhaps larger once mass adoption is achieved) can be met through the purchase of cut-priced Presale PIKA tokens. 

In an effort to cultivate community, hype, and most importantly, investment-bound capital for developers, a whopping 15 billion of such heavily discounted Presale tokens were put forward by the Pikamoon team… with almost 12 billion (80%) of these being sold at the time of writing. In turn, this has attracted over $4.15 million worth of investments from early-adopting community members.

As a reward for supporting the project in its early stages, the remaining 20% of Presale PIKA can be picked up for just $0.0006 per token…meaning ample in-game and IRL profit-taking opportunities are still in the offering (so don’t worry… you still have time to ape-in). 

Moving forward, the Pikamoon team has devised several strategies for embedding even more utility into the token. Firstly, deflationary dynamics are set to arrive through 0.5% of its 50 billion supply being burned during transactions… whereas simple economics suggest, a reduced supply paired with a relentless demand from DeFi gamers is set to cause PIKA to pump. 

Secondly, staking features will be implemented after PIKA’s official launch, meaning in addition to its in-game usage, investors can also receive annual percentage yields (APY) for simply holding the hot crypto asset. 

The Imminent Pikamoon Beta Launch 

With over 10k Whitelisters, 20k Twitter followers, 10k Discord and Telegram members, and 100 ambassadors and influencers, Pikamoon is all set for its landmark Beta launch. 

For a sneak peek of what to expect, you can check out its trailer below… with thanks to OG Pikamoons ‘Torrentar’ and ‘Blazewig’ for showcasing how the game’s PvP battle system works.

The #PikaArmy 

Despite its indisputable potential, you may be wondering how an unreleased game has been able to cultivate such an engaged, cross-platform community.

In simple terms, the game’s front-facing figure Nix has a lot to say for this, as through his relentless commitment to keeping PIKA investors updated with regards to the game’s developments, a devoted #PikaArmy has surfaced across various social media channels. 

When it comes to what unites the ever-growing #PikaArmy – away from their sheer passion for the Pikaverse that is – Nix publishes alpha-laden ‘Pikamoon Diary’ entries on a frequent basis, whilst also hosting several AMAs and $100 PIKA giveaways on Twitter (X). 

Additionally, there is a team of global influencers spreading the word of Pikamoon, where through the game being on the radars of many crypto investors and influential figures, it’s been featured on publishers such as Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, and many more. 

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.  


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