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Pool Lotto: A decentralized global lottery pool

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It’s no news that people buy lottery tickets every year in desperate need to win big and finally get rich. However, many of them don’t realize that they can employ the same strategies in a fair, reliable, and transparent environment using cryptocurrency.

The good news is that Poollotto Finance was founded just for that reason- to create a revolutionary decentralized lottery system on the blockchain that ensures safety, transparency, no delays, and no third-party involvement.

While other projects are limited to the lottery, Pool Lotto provides a platform for excitement and discovery that incorporates automated and safe payments, NFT collection, DAO, and much more within its ecosystem.

The project addresses the common issues that people face in the present centralized lottery. Specifically, the need to trust a third party to ensure honest payments and fairness while you are putting their money at risk with no guarantee of ever winning. The issue of trust is solved by using blockchain and smart contract technology that ensures transparency. With blockchain, you are no longer forced to trust a third party to manage their funds because you can claim the winnings directly from a smart contract with no additional fees or commissions to the centralized body “house.”

The Pool Lotto Team

While researching the project, I was impressed with the unique blend of digital and real-world experience in their team. The team members come from a combination of backgrounds and experience, which makes them one of the best and most diverse teams in the world. They are experts in marketing, blockchain, finance, etc., which means they understand what it takes to make a cryptocurrency project both successful and profitable.

The project is led by Ben Harris, a technology entrepreneur and expert in gaming products. For the last 15 years, he has been managing and running gaming companies with leading gaming products. Ben is one of the leading blockchain gaming entrepreneurs in the world.

The Pool Lotto token (PLT)

The PLT token is a new generation of token-based smart contracts built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that provides users in the pool lotto ecosystem with a variety of uses-cases. It is one of the few projects on the BSC network that provides real uses and efficiency in its performance. As a token, PLT is expected to provide users with a variety of use-cases, including automatic and secure payments, NFT collection, DAO administration, and many more.

In the Pool Lotto ecosystem, the tokens in the lottery pools will help avoid centralized entities (House) from tampering with the results, increase winnings to players, and generate income to holders who invest on exchanges. You can also derive additional & passive rewards by staking your PLT in a digital wallet for an extended period.

The Pool Lotto token-based lottery system has a significant advantage over the traditional system for the following reasons:

  •         Blockchain offers complete transparency and reliability.
  •         No single point of failure, i.e. your money is protected and the “house” cannot cheat the players, disappear with the money, or transfer only a portion of the pool money. With Blockchain, every transaction is handled using pre-defined, immutable rules written as smart contracts that ensure your financial security.
  •         Complete transparency about the competition rules- since the smart contracts are open to all and allow you to see the rules.

It is ideal to know that the main goal of the PLT is not to make profits, but rather distribute tokens among players in proportion to their investment in tickets. This means that those who buy more tickets will receive more tokens when they win the jackpot or participate in other big draws. In turn, this will help to draw more players into the system and keep them there as long-term participants.

Token Economy

With a maximum total supply of 19,272,000 tokens, PLT has ample liquidity to support a significant amount of growth while also providing its current holders with strong value gains. Its current market cap is given at $134,299,472 and its fully diluted Market Cap is approximately $350 million.

As you can see, PLT tokenomics is designed to ensure sustained growth and value gains for PLT holders. Since 35% of PLT tokens will be locked up in lottery pools, the circulating supply of tokens would be initially low. As with any cryptocurrency in circulation, it will only increase as time goes on and the demand for the platform increases. Just so you know, PLT has increased 100X from its initial price of $0.25 cents since its launch in July 2021. 

Here are some announcements about the PLT token:

  1.   PLT is getting listed on Coinsbit on 04.03.2022. The available pairs are:



To get more info:

  1.   Dodo Dex & Poollotto Finance are working together to offer liquidity mining rewards on $DODO & PLT to users who stake their $BNB/ $PLT LP tokens on DODO.

Liquidity Mining Details:

  Starting time: 18/02/2022 12:00 GMT

  Ending time: 15/04/2022 12:00 GMT

How does the lottery work?

The basics of the platform are pretty simple: a set of smart contracts is responsible for running the lottery, while other contracts fetch and validate results. All steps regarding the lottery result are public and can be verified by anyone. It also means that all funds stored in the smart contract are fully transparent and will remain so until it gets to their final destination -the recipient’s wallet.

To participate in the Pool Lotto lottery, simply follow these steps:

  • Open a cryptocurrency wallet to store your Pool Lotto (PLT) tokens.
  • Select a wallet that supports Binance Smart Chain (BSC), such as Metamask, MathWallet, or ArkaneWallet.
  • Add PLT to your wallet’s list of preferred currencies by entering its contract address (0x631c2f0edabac799f07550aee4ff0bf7fd35212b).
  • Once you’ve completed the preceding steps, purchase PLT on the supported exchange, buy a lottery ticket, and wait for the round. PLT is currently listed on BitMart, PancakeSwap (V2), and DODO (BSC).

You don’t need any registration or disclose any personal information to participate in the lottery. Pool lotto does not save or remove the prize money of users’ lottery. Does not allocate spent funds from users to some other wallets and does not distribute winnings. All this is done automatically with a smart contract on the blockchain, which guarantees transparency of operation and the availability of open-source code for any user who wants to analyze it.

The future

The Pool Lotto team has made plans to grow the platform even further in the coming months and years. They have several plans for expanding their scope, including finalizing their whitepaper, beta-launching the first lottery, adding new functionality and features to the lottery, and listing on major exchanges.

Official Links







Frequently Asked Questions

Q – How to participate?

A – only three steps separate you from a potential win. First, you need to register a cryptocurrency wallet for PLT tokens. Choose the option that supports BSC (Binance Smart Chain): MetaMask, MathWallet, ArkaneWallet.

Now you need to add PLT to the list of preferred currencies (currency address is 0x631c2f0edabac799f07550aee4ff0bf7fd35212b).

The final step is to purchase PLT on the exchange, buy a lottery ticket and wait for the round.

Q – What is my estimated profit and how it’s calculated?

A – Your winnings depend on how many digits of your ticket matched the winning number (starting from the first!). Even one lucky number will bring profit.

Match first 1 0.1%
Match first 2 0.4%
Match first 3 7%
Match first 4 12.5%
Match first 5 20%
Match first 6 50%
Next Draw Injection 10%

Q – Why should I choose pool lotto instead of a regular lottery?

A – This is convenient because you can buy a lottery ticket online at any time. Moreover, a new round plays every 90 minutes. And you don’t have to wait for days to know the results and winnings. The prize can be in your hands within two hours!

It’s transparent. A regular lottery has risks because here the results can be rigged. But PLTLOTTO eliminates the risk of fraud or human error. The technology of smart contracts on the Blockchain network makes it possible to conduct draws honestly, impartially, and transparently.

Q – Why pool lotto is better than similar lottery providers?

A – Because our main task is to make the project as convenient and friendly as possible for our customers. We are constantly developing, introducing new lottery options, listing on popular exchanges, etc. Moreover, you can always be up to date with the latest news and follow our joint progress. And most importantly, the prize pool is constantly growing, so the cash prizes are becoming more valuable!

Q – How is the prize pool determined? And do I pay any fees to participate?

A – The prize fund is replenished due to several factors. This is 100% of the value of the tickets purchased in this round. Also, if some group (for example, “match five”) was not guessed (and this fund was not paid out), the prize amount is redistributed to the next stage. Also, 10% of the total prize pool is always transferred to the next draw.

You do not need to pay any additional commission. All you need to do is buy a lottery ticket (cost – $5 in PLT) and get a chance to win big prizes.

Q – How is the owner of Pool Lotto and how do they profit from it?

A – Of course, every project requires funding. And we get it thanks to your activity. An increase in the number of transactions attracts the attention of investors and strengthens the value of the cryptocurrency. All this allows ensuring the high-quality functioning of the platform. Also, 5% of the capitalization of the coins goes to the development of the platform, 10% – to taxes and legal aspects, and 15% – to marketing and promotion. But the largest part is spent on selling coins to users, forming a prize pool, and paying out prizes.

Q – Can I make a profit from the Pool lotto without playing the lotto?

A – Yes, and this is another advantage of the PLT platform. Because you can profit not only from participating in the lottery round but also from staking. Cryptocurrency staking is a process that involves depositing funds in a digital wallet for an extended period to support the verification of transactions on PoS blockchains. Users earn additional cryptocurrency by participating in transaction verifications.

Also, do not forget that PLT is a young and promising cryptocurrency. This project is attracting a lot of attention, which means that the value of the coins will rise. And you can earn thanks to holding a crypto asset by selling it later at a good price.

Q – Who is paying for the maintenance of the pool lotto and the development?

A – 15% of the fund goes to promotion and marketing, and 5% goes to maintenance. The more users participate in the lottery, the more prospects open up for them and the project.

Q – Can someone change the model\rules of Pool lotto?

A – No, none of the users or participants can change the rules of the lottery in their favor. Smart contract technology guarantees the exact execution of the procedure, as well as its transparency and impartiality. Of course, the rules of the lottery round can be changed by the owners and developers. But this is not a project priority. Because we want to create the most comfortable atmosphere for our customers because you are the most important part of the PLTOTTO platform. Moreover, already in 2022, we will provide you with several more lotteries with valuable prizes.

Q – When will the lottery take place? Where can I see the results?

A – Convenience and efficiency are one of the main advantages of the PLTOTTO project. A new lottery round plays every 90 minutes. You can find out the results of the draw on our website or read on our social networks. Join to know more!

Q – What is the Pool lotto NFT ticket?

A – NFT – non-fungible token. This is a unique coin that gives the owner the right to exclusive use. An NFT ticket confirms that only you are the owner of this ticket, and no one else can receive your winnings. This is a reliable guarantee that it is the owner who will receive the prizes. And we care about the safety and convenience of our customers.

Q – How can I increase my chances of winning?

A – It’s simple – buy more tickets. But remember that the maximum number of tickets purchased in one transaction is 100. Also, you get a 0.05% discount for each new ticket purchased. The maximum discount is 4.95%. Use the most of your chances!


Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.


With Masters in Mass communication and journalism, Anjali's interests lie in blockchain technology adoption across emerging economies.
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