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Ripple’s Mexican partner, Cuallix describes advantages of using xRapid in Mexico



Ripple's Mexican partner, Cuallix describes advantages of using xRapid in Mexico
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Cuallix has been in partnership with Ripple for a better payment solution to perform cross-border payments for a long time. Cuallix’s CFO Nicolas Palacios spoke about how they could be the only company in Mexico using Ripple’s xRapid solution.

Ripple’s official Twitter account posted a video on January 14, 2019, 12:00 IST about Nicolas Palacios speaking at Swell Conference. Ripple tweeted:

“@Cuallix’s Nicolas Palacios describes how xRapid provides a major benefit to cross-border payments recipients in Mexico. #SwellbyRipple.”

Nicolas Palacios said:

“Given that it is more faster and more efficient and more transparent, that can help us give that to our final client. In Mexico, I believe, we are the only ones using it, and Mexico has a need, the whole population to have good financing products and this [Ripple’s xRapid or other products] can be the right way to do it.”

Moreover, Palacios said that Mexico needs good financing products [payment solutions] and that the right way to that was with Ripple’s blockchain payment solutions that include, xRapid, xVia, and xCurrent.

Cuallix is a financial institution with more than 25 years of history with operations in Mexico, the United States, and Hong Kong. It is also focussed on providing credit and payment processing solutions to individuals and companies, with products based on specific customer needs and digital content.

Ripple and Cuallix have been perfecting their partnerships since early 2018 when Cuallix first used XRP and xRapid on its platform. Cuallix were also the winners of Blockchain Innovators in 2018.

@Victorpires85, a Twitter commented:

“All you hear about is Mexico and the Philippines … how about Argentina, Brasil, Peru, Vietnam, Indonesia, Mongolia, South Africa, Angola….. heck you name it. What’s happening there?! Or are we relying only upon Mexico and the Philippines for the next few years?”

@Thefist18 commented:

“I can’t remember who it is but the Japan to Brazil corridor is either working now or being tested. Large population of Japanese in Brazil for what I remember. Plus Japan to Thailand. India to middle eastern country’s. All kinds”

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