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Solid World DAO using crypto to fight climate change



ReFi, or Regenerative Finance, is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the blockchain space, and its advocates are challenging some of the biggest misconceptions about the crypto industry. ReFi projects are using blockchain technology and crypto-economics to fund public goods and coordinate around some of the greatest challenges of our time, including climate change. 

Solid World DAO is one of the many up-and-coming ReFi projects that are harnessing the power of Web3 to fight climate change. Solid World was formed by a team with deep roots in crypto, carbon farming, and climate activism, and has the backing of eAgronom, a successful tech company that is already working with farmers around the world to produce carbon credits.

Through his experience working with carbon farmers, Stenver Jerkku, co-founder of Solid World and eAgronom, learned that it was extremely difficult for sustainability projects to attain funding. 

For example, when a farmer improves their soil, or when a landowner plants trees, it can take up to five years for them to get verified to sell their carbon credits. This is not a very attractive offer and leaves very little incentive for companies and individuals to adopt sustainable practices.

To solve this problem, Solid World DAO is building a Web3 carbon marketplace that will allow for the pre-purchasing of carbon credits, which means that potential carbon projects can get paid upfront and receive the funding that they need to get started. This will not only provide much-needed liquidity to carbon traders but will also encourage the development of more sustainability projects and will inspire more people to become carbon farmers or generate carbon credits. 

Solid World already has reliable carbon sequestration partners in farming and forestry, who have around 2.5M acres of combined land, and all of them are improving their areas and eligible to sell their credits. 

Solid World’s platform and token will be launching on Polygon in Q3 of this year, but the DAO is already starting to bring on contributors and is developing a strong community of builders and crypto “regens.” Joining the community on Discord and Telegram is the best way to get involved with the project and it is also the best way to keep up with the latest details on the token launch and whitelist opportunities. 

You can learn more from the introductory presentation on Solid World’s YouTube channel. You can also check out the project’s website at

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

With Masters in Mass communication and journalism, Anjali's interests lie in blockchain technology adoption across emerging economies.

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