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World’s 1st Crypto Prime Broker ‘TROY’



World’s 1st Crypto Prime Broker ‘TROY’
Source: TROY

Cryptocurrency trading world was scaling up, Indeed it’s Market was valued at USD 856.36 Billion in the mid-2018 and is projected to display a robust growth represented by the CAGR of 11.9% during 2019 – 2024.

The growth in venture capital investments coupled with rising awareness among the investors’ investors makes the crypto industry proliferating the market growth. Cryptocurrency exchanges tried to expand their offerings to sustain the needs of their users and traders, – but Troy Trade, who’s working to extend with prime brokerage services to established financial firms, as well crypto-trading operations that need tier 1 liquidity provider aims to leverage decentralized exchanges for the same audience.

Problems and Solutions

Problems of exchanges:

Exchanges have a clever set of tricks and it has been a headline in recent months.  Manipulating, Wash trading, these exchanges try to inflate their volume with fake transactions to fill liquidity traps and lure users to trade, and resulting in losses of investors’ assets. There is also a high risk in terms of security.  There was too much risk exposure in the centralized exchange, such as the closed-source code, the asset custody process that too many people get involved in. These processes are often opaque and centralized, which is easy to cause a lot of security bugs.

Introducing Troy Trade

Troy Trade is founded in 2018 which focused on professionals instead of opening a brand new exchange. They have been the first to implement the idea of Prime Brokerage on the Blockchain, built and design for professional traders and large money managers.

Troy Trade levels the technological playing field while providing the tools and services that professional traders need. Therefore, with Troy Trade users compete on a level playing when it comes to depths of liquidity, speed of execution, clearance and settlement times, margin trading accessibility, and account management. Troy Trade offers real-time analysis and provides the functionality, technical insights, and customer support that pro traders experience for professional and institutional investors

Troy Key Features

  • Master-level trading platform: Users operate on a single interface that offers full access to the aggregated liquidity of all crypto exchanges. As such, investors can utilize smart order routing, flexible account management, settlement services, and automatic risk controls.
  • Data analytics: Users have access to a comprehensive data matrix that includes blockchain, trading, market, social, and media data that is optimized by AI and proven quantitative models.
  • Diversified brokerage service: Users enjoy competitive fees rates and superior order execution. Coupled with real-time fund transfer and settlement services, professional investors get the service they need at the rate they deserve.
  • Full-stack quantitative solutions: Users experience co-location services that improve the performance of high-frequency trading algorithms and other services.

Troy Network is aiming to build a world-class financial platform based on the mature fundamental infrastructural blockchain, to serve all professional financial institutions as the most advanced crypto assets trading platform, and to provide any kind of commercial applications with full-functional trading tools, by aggregating the liquidity of all major global crypto exchanges and inheriting the advantages of DeFi financial service [decentralized, borderless, trustless].

  • Build a decentralized trading and settlement network in the mode of “application + protocol”;
  • Strengthen application layer commercial barriers [operations, resources, and traffic, etc.], reducing the hard fork risks;
  • Connect and aggregate the liquidity of centralized and decentralized exchanges;
  • Breakthrough the scalability bottleneck of the current decentralized exchanges;
  • Cross-chain interoperability, compatible with a variety of native tokens;
  • Built-in dark pool trading features, which can support the dismantling and execution of block trade.

Troy Trade is currently connected to thirty trading platforms, like Huobi and Binance, most trusted exchanges were included. It will let the users trade across different platforms, helping to even out liquidity. And in Q1 2020, TROY will be acquiring a full broker-dealer license and by September 2020, Troy will be running completely.

Disclaimer: This a paid post, and should not be treated as news/advice.

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