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3 Key Factors for Post-ICO Success

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3 Key Factors for Post-ICO Success

According to a recent Boston College study, less than 50% of ICOs are still operational after the first four months following their token sale. People are so focused on the fundraising side of the phenomenon that they forget to address the most essential matter: what are the key success factors post-ICO?

This question should be crucial for every investor or entrepreneur who intends to devote coins & time to a project. Here are our 3 tips to deliver a product or a service successfully post-ICO.

Creating Favorable Conditions for Delivery

Poor execution or none whatsoever is the major risk entrepreneurs face post-ICO. How can they deliver their project on time and as intended? The answer is usually a mix between the state of progress and the level of trust you place in your team.

At the fundraising stage, the project should already have proven its feasibility with the main features tested, while not being so advanced that the product is still able to spark valuable feedback from investors and potential consumers.

Additionally, the vision and skills of the core team must be strong enough to guide the whole group into accomplishing and overcoming any hardships that may occur during the execution phase. Human resource stability at the C-level is also another crucial factor.  

At, we have the expertise of the team behind Paymium – the first EUR/BTC exchange marketplace in Europe – to lead us. They have already delivered an alpha version of’s platform and started taking input from early ICO investors who have been provided early access to it.

Creating Product Awareness

“You can have the best product in the world, but if nobody knows about it, what good is it?”.

This Phil Knight quote showcases the importance of creating product awareness, which should preferably be done as soon as possible. Two main factors come into play in achieving this goal: first, an efficient engagement with the Crypto-sphere, followed by a tight-knit userbase.

The first element can be nourished by attending key events where crypto-fans will be present, such as conferences, forums or meetups, which provide the opportunity to present your project and build relationships with peers and people within your community.

The second consists of creating channels all over the internet where potential customers [and investors] can learn more about your product and discuss it, either directly with the team or with other followers, thus creating a lively and involved community. It is possible and even recommended to engage in such activities before the official launch of your ICO; just as did by creating a Telegram group of more than 40,000 enthusiasts to date.

Avoiding Cash Shortage  

The third and last stone to stumble over post-ICO is definitely the cash-shortage risk. Once you’ve reached your hard cap, coins are cashed in and a new challenge begins –  managing funds as wisely as possible.

Enough money must be allocated to the product development as planned in the business plan while putting savings aside for expected or unexpected problems. This stage is all about ensuring that you don’t fall short of money before reaching the project’s milestones as you have planned in the roadmap.

As for, the new cryptocurrency exchange platform was always intended to be launched after the public sale; the technical foundation has already been laid down and developed thanks to the founder’s shareholders’ equity. Funds collected are essentially meant to accelerate the rollout and quickly gain further market share for BCIO.  

All three prior risks have been carefully assessed and addressed by; this is why we firmly believe that we offer a quality investment option with minimal risk.

Our public sale debuts on September 27th, so join in! We strongly look forward to our post-ICO phase where we will create the #1 European cryptocurrency exchange platform by 2020 alongside you.

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CoinCola lists XRP as a supported asset on its Over-the-Counter marketplace

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CoinCola lists XRP as a supported asset on its Over-the-Counter marketplace
Source: CoinCola

CoinCola has officially listed XRP as a supported asset on its Over-The-Counter marketplace. The surge in trading volume has lead to the online trading platform to adopt XRP  to meet high demand as the digital asset surpasses Ethereum in market capitalization.

XRP, operated by the Ripple net, has proven to be one of the most resilient digital assets in the field as it consistently weathers bear-market conditions. While some markets plunged over 18% during the November 2018 crash, XRP took a modest hit of only 3.2%.

With a growing confidence in Ripple’s utility, market capitalization has increased to over $15bn. As Ethereum dips to around $12bn, XRP can now boast of becoming the premier altcoin and number two behind Bitcoin, according to Coinmarketcap.

How did XRP Come to Dominate the Market?

Inevitably a market with too much speculation will crash in order to correct itself. Just as the dot-com bubble wiped away many assets lacking any real utility, so too is happening in a post ICO market. For that reason CoinCola lists only the top digital assets with proven utility.

Ripple was designed as a utility protocol to tackle some of the most pertinent issues facing traditional banking institutions. It is a real-time gross settlement systems [RTGS], currency exchange and remittance network all in one and was designed to enable almost instantaneous transactions and direct transfers of assets between two parties.

XRP is the token used for representing the transfer of value across the Ripple Network. The main purpose of XRP is to be a mediator for other currencies; eg. bitcoin, fiat, gold and even airpoints. The transaction fees for such cross-currency exchanges are almost nonexistent and can be as low as $0.00001.

The protocol has since gained the trust of some of the world’s leading financial institutions. These include American Express, UBS, UniCredit and Santander that have all teamed up with Ripple to implement exchange services. Confidence in these partnerships has undoubtedly transmitted to the market and strengthened its value.

How to Get XRP

With fast and free registration, CoinCola offers one of the cheapest and easiest ways to begin trading XRP  and various other leading digital assets. And the OTC transaction fee for XRP is now 50% off!

CoinCola offers a unique platform where both an Over-The-Counter marketplace and an official coin-to-coin exchange is integrated into one platform. With cutting edge trading tools and resources, beginners and experts alike have the option to advantage off price differences across markets and leverage cross currency trading. XRP now joins the list along with BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC and DASH available for trade.

The OTC transaction fees are among the lowest in the market and deposits are entirely free. With an intuitive Android and iPhone app available in English, Spanish and four other languages, users can stay on top of the market at any time and from anywhere in the world.

It’s free to access some of the best markets and utilize advanced trading tools to begin or enhance your crypto portfolio, head over to CoinCola now to see what is on offer!

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WCX, the stock brokerage powered entirely by Bitcoin, just crossed $1 billion in transactions

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WCX, the stock brokerage powered entirely by Bitcoin, just crossed $1 billion in transactions
Source: Unsplash

Swiss-based WCX marks a new era in financial trading as a platform that lets you trade stocks, foreign currencies, cryptos, and more using just bitcoin – no fiat required.

Started by ex-Apple engineers and launched in October, the platform has amassed over 130,000 traders and recently surpassed $1 billion in traded volume.

WCX Sees Significant Growth

WCX was founded by Amatsu Soyonobu and Tagawa Hayashida, who worked for Apple in software engineering and management capacities. Both were early Bitcoin adopters and first started dabbling with the cryptocurrency in 2012.

Frustrated by the lack of real world use cases for the digital currency, and utilizing their previous experience in quantitative trading, they left their Silicon Valley jobs and set out to create a service to let regular people access global markets using Bitcoin.

We spoke with WCX CEO Amatsu Soyonobu: “If you’ve used an online broker before, you know that you’re required to link a bank account or to somehow deposit fiat to start trading. And that you’re geographically bound. And there are tons of other limitations.

But WCX is different, he says. “With WCX, what’s unique is that you just need BTC, which means you can access the markets from pretty much anywhere in the world. It makes everything so much easier and faster.

That includes deposits, withdrawals, trading, and onboarding, Mr. Soyonobu stated. “WCX basically combines the speed and trading experience of a crypto exchange with the broad range of markets typically offered by your stock brokerage.

That speed and trading experience is attracting thousands of traders from 189 countries, according to a company statement.

Bitcoin Means Lower Costs

The company charges 0% fees for deposits, withdrawals, and trades. Mr Soyonobu says that’s thanks to accepting Bitcoin only and shunning the fiat option, which is costlier. “Because we don’t have to rely on banks and accept just Bitcoin, we can cut costs that other exchanges and brokers have to deal with, and pass on those savings to our users in the form of 0 fees.”

“Just like using an open source tech stack drives your costs down as a software company, using open source payment processing, as in bitcoin, drives your costs down as a finance company.

The company makes its revenue from the spread it quotes on the various markets it offers, which can be as low as 0.001% for highly liquid foreign currency markets.

To us, bitcoin is a competitive advantage. Our costs across the board are inherently lower because the platform is powered entirely by Bitcoin,” Mr. Soyonobu says.

Using the WCX platform is pretty straightforward. Users can simply deposit Bitcoin and choose a market they’d like to trade. For instance, users can decide to trade cryptos, stocks like Tesla or Netflix, commodities like gold, and foreign currencies like Euro. The interface also displays real-time charts and a plethora of technical analysis indicators. Users can submit both long and short positions.

Bullish on Bitcoin

When it comes to Bitcoin itself, Mr. Soyonobu is quite bullish. “There is no doubt in my mind that the future of bitcoin is very bright. At WCX, we’re living it first hand every day. It will take a little time for everyone to get used to it, but we’ll get there.”

Mr. Soyonobu concluded: “We don’t touch dollars, euros, or banks because we think those belong to the past. Our goal, along with many others in the community, is to build a future powered by crypto, and I think we’re just getting started.”

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