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Bibox Announces to launch “Bibox Orbit” on April 22

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Bibox Announces to launch “Bibox Orbit” on April 22
Source: Bibox

Bibox, one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, announced to launch its IEO [Initial Exchange Offering] platform, dubbed “Bibox Orbit”, at 8:00 P.M. on April 22, 2019 [GMT+8], aiming to excavate and boost the launch and the development of high-quality decentralized projects, per its official statement.

In light of a fair and just principle, Bibox adopts lottery format for its token launch platform, Bibox Orbit, giving everyone an equal opportunity to participate.

“One of our intentions to launch Orbit plan is to help promote the application of premium projects. Bibox Orbit assists budding premium projects with ecological construction and long-term development, which would surely contribute to a robust blockchain and cryptocurrency market. Bibox Orbit, more importantly, is to provide the growing crypto users’ an easy and safe access to quality projects.” said by Aries, co-founder of Bibox.

What is “Bibox Orbit”?

As a quality digital assets trading platform, Bibox is focused on excavating and boosting the launch and the development of high-quality decentralized projects. Based on this vision, Bibox Orbit, gathering the years of accumulated valuable experience and quality resources of Bibox team, came into being.

Aiming to provide the best growing environment for premium blockchain projects, Bibox Orbit is a token launch platform, where premium decentralized blockchain projects are able to raise funds for their better ecosystem construction and long-term development. Meantime, Bibox Orbit offers projects’ tokens to Bibox users who will contribute to projects’ ecosystem development.

The project details are coming soon, please stay tuned for the update.

How to participate?

To make sure everyone has an equal chance to participate, Bibox is going to use the lottery format for each participant.

BIX, the Bibox native coin, is the only digital asset designated for pre-purchase payment. The pre-purchase starts at 10 A.M on the 22nd of April, when users are able to transfer the BIX to the event page, get the numbers of the draw, and ends at 5 P.M. the same day. The winning result will be announced at 8 P.M. on April 22, the corresponding amount of BIX will be automatically deducted from those who win the draw. The pre-purchased token will be released to users’ accounts.

Specific rules are as follows:

  1. Limit of personal pre-purchase amount: The highest individual pre-purchase amount is $5,000, the highest actual amount an individual can get is $800. Users can independently allocate the maximum individual purchase amount among various projects of this phase.
  2. At the drawing time, all pre-purchase amount will be divided equally, and the draw will be conducted according to the proportion of the users’ total pre-purchase amount and the actual issuing amount by project teams. The Least Winning Amount will be announced on the event page.
  3. For a single project, in accordance with the proportion of the draw, the more you pre-purchase, the higher the probability you will win the draw.
  4. KYC verification is required.

About Bibox

Bibox, one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges registered in Estonia, has offices in the US, Switzerland, Canada, China, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Vietnam, with plans to expand to more countries. Bibox traders enjoy secure, stable, and user-friendly digital assets management services, with access to over 100 high-quality coins and over 200 trading pairs. In the last 24 hours, the daily trading volume amounted to $693 million.


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Press Release

WaykiChain Confirms Stablecoin: WUSD Offering Coming in Q3

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WaykiChain Confirms Stablecoin: WUSD Offering Coming in Q3
Source: WaykiChain

Current Market Landscape

Coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum are highly volatile. On any given day, it is common to see an increase of 10% – 20% or even a decrease. That makes using most cryptocurrencies for daily transactions inconvenient. Imagine paying $5 for your soybean latte today and finding out tomorrow that it should have been $4. Price changes like that are shocking for a consumer. The adoption of stablecoins will be a catalyst to the new decentralized internet becoming mainstream.

Four Traits Necessary for an Optimal Stablecoin

An optimal stablecoin should have the following four traits: price stability, scalability, privacy and decentralization. Additional traits that will assist the wider adoption of any stablecoin are simplicity along with elegance of concept, easy integration points for partners, and ability for an decentralized exchange to work with.There are three main categories of stablecoins: Here we are going through one by one.

Defects of Mainstream Stablecoin

Likely, the most well known stablecoin is Tether. It’s been in operation for the last few years and boasts a large market capitalization of over $2.7 billion. Tether achieves it’s price stability in a very intuitive way – direct pegging 1:1 with the US dollar in theory. However, Tether does have its detractors. There has been a lot of speculation around the legitimacy of Tethers USD holdings due to the lack of transparency since they have not made public any audited reports supporting the funds they have in “reserve”.

As for the Rising Star: Maker, its stability of the system is obtained by means of smart contracts. According to the Maker model, users do not purchase Dai, rather they create it in exchange for Ethereum. Price stability is maintained by the system automatically auctioning its Ethereum to maintain the price. This coin is not backed by fiat currency, which is a criticism of many of the stable coins and seen as a positive move forward to a fully decentralized and autonomous stable coin. Another case to this, it has been proved highly complex and slow-moving.

Terra pegs their price to $1 USD, and it is also endorsed by the South Korean government. However, because the south Korean government does not allow other countries to conduct digital currency transactions in South Korea, the policy makes it impossible for global users to open bank accounts in South Korea, so no one can actually buy any cryptocurrencies from other markets to trade in South Korea.

Stable coins offer the most critical component for widespread cryptocurrency adoption – Price Stability. However, this market is still in its infancy and although there are a lot of promising projects underway, it still haven’t been done to identify a clear winner. The market is calling for a new trend.

Dark Horse Being Visible

As a low-key high performance project constructed by a programmable technology infrastructure, we are here to fight a way out, by adopting our integral ecosystem supported WaykiChain stablecoin. WaykiChain WUSD is pledged by WICC, which lower the barrier for smart contracts development, optimize the project operation and business operation. An optimal cryptocurrency should have the following four traits: price stability, scalability, privacy and decentralization. Additional traits that will assist the users out of blockchain industry ringer on an easier way to the system, that will give users the confidence in making daily transactions.

We hope the full adoption of WUSD will alleviate the worry of your purchase with the volatility of coins like Ethereum and Bitcoin. For unveiling its mysterious veil, please stay tuned.

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