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Bitcoin can prevent ‘rich people’s insane wars’ – Exec

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Bitcoin has a compelling place within the global economy. In fact, analysts believe Bitcoin can stop wars too.


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  • Max Keiser and Elwood proposed Bitcoin as a tool for world peace
  • They underlined its resistance to control by central banks and governments

In a recent interview with Elwood at Orange Pill, Max Keiser, a senior Bitcoin advisor and Chairman at Volcany Energy, delved into the intricate relationship between traditional fiat currencies, wars, and the transformative potential of Bitcoin (BTC) as a harbinger of global peace. 

Their discussion comes against the backdrop of Ukraine’s legislative moves to freeze bank accounts and assets of those evading military conscription – A measure that starkly highlights the coercive power governments wield through centralized financial systems.

Fiat currency serves as a war catalyst

Keiser and Elwood critically examined the role of fiat currency as a catalyst in the perpetuation of global conflicts. They argued that fiat currencies facilitate the continuation of wars. Fiat currencies uphold the economy of every country, which are then targeted by other countries. If fiat currency are replaced by Bitcoin, most countries would not have a purpose to fight wars.

Additionally, unlike fiat currencies, which are prone to governmental control and inflation, Bitcoin’s decentralized nature and cryptographic security offer an “impenetrable encrypted wall” around a country’s economy. 

In the interview, Elwood noted,

“With Bitcoin, none of us have to go fight an insane war that just benefits rich people.” 

Central banks essentially want wars: Here’s why

There was also a discussion revolving around the central bank’s stance on Bitcoin becoming the primary currency. A fundamental aspect of how central banks operate, with wars, is based on giving debts that significantly contribute to a bank’s income growth. If Bitcoin takes over as a standard currency, these banks will have no motive to lend money.

Talking about this in further detail, Elwood added,

“The central banks just want you to keep betting on both teams. They don’t care who wins.”

This nexus between war, fiat currency, and debt underpins the duo’s advocacy for Bitcoin as a viable alternative for securing global peace.

Bitcoin: A powerful tool for world peace

Moreover, Keiser and Elwood envision a world where Bitcoin’s adoption leads to a paradigm shift in international relations. With economies secured by Bitcoin, nations would have little to gain from aggression and would instead seek peaceful resolutions to disputes. This perspective is not merely idealistic but talks about the technological and economic realities that Bitcoin presents – A stateless, decentralized currency immune to the whims of government and central banking policies.

Highlighting the importance of Bitcoin becoming the global currency, Keiser stated,

“Economics has always evolved in the course of human history as a by-product of wars. If there is no profit in going to war because the money is unconfiscable, then you’re not gonna go to war.”

The call to action for U.S. congressmen and policymakers worldwide is clear: Embrace Bitcoin as a tool for promoting world peace. By advocating for the faster adoption and usage of Bitcoin, leaders can mitigate the traditional financial mechanisms that underpin and perpetuate wars.


Prakriti is a Content Writer at AMBCrypto. She describes herself as a passionately creative individual, with a dash of strategic prowess. With over 3.5 years of experience in the field of content writing and marketing, she is dedicated to churning out top-notch content in domains like Crypto, Web 3.0, AI and contributing to quench the thirst for technical knowledge of her readers.
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