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Bitcoin Cash [BCH] wallet added as a feature on WeChat

Akash Anand



Bitcoin Cash wallet now a feature on WeChat
Source: Unsplash

On 11th July, WeChat, the Chinese messaging platform announced that it has added a Bitcoin Cash wallet feature to the application, allowing users to send and receive the cryptocurrency. This was revealed in a tweet by the co-founder of the Tokyo Bitcoin Cash Meetup, kenshishido, which stated:

“Breaking: WeChat now has built in Bitcoin Cash Wallet! You can send WeChat friend on-chain! @liberkoki”

Twitter comments on the post revealing that WeChat will be using a third-party application to enable the Bitcoin wallet feature.

Alexandre Dreyfus, a Twitter user commented:

“Native in WeChat ? or 3rd party application.”

Kenshishido replied to the tweet by saying that:

“ I now learned is a third party app”

WeChat has been implementing a couple of changes over the past week with the main one being the launch of ‘WePage’. This feature offers brands on the platform the opportunity to deal with their homepage with added scrutiny and security.

Don Zhao, the Co-Founder of e-tail group Azoya told a Chinese daily, Jing Daily that:

 “As you know many of WeChat’s services are decentralized – you can’t really search for them and each of them appears separately (for example a brand’s official account & the same brand’s mini-programs). I think WePage could be an attempt for WeChat to fix this problem while retaining user experience, it serves as a gathering area for brands and retailers to display all of their services and channels to the customers.”

These changes in the application show that WeChat is trying to enhance its e-commerce capability.

The announcement Twitter post also had another hilarious comment by Spacepip[Ethereum]:

 “wonderful news.looking forward to the chinese government tracking all my spending and building a shadow profile on me.Truly great.”

shortclips, another Twiter user said:

“dope. would love to see something like this for the EU market as well. do they use cashadress and 0-conf etc? how is UX?”

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