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Bitcoin Cash [BCH] will be accepted by 70% of the merchants in Cyprus, says Roger Ver

Simran Alphonso



Bitcoin Cash [BCH] will be accepted by 70% of the merchants in Cyprus, says Roger Ver
Source: Pixabay

On 27th July, Roger Ver, the Co-Founder of Bitcoin Cash released a video on’s YouTube channel. He discussed the Lightning Network and the acceptance of BCH in Cyprus.

A supporter of BCH from Cyprus said Roger Ver, “By November we are going to have 4,000 merchants, self-supporting Bitcoin Cash payments because they understand that Bitcoin cash is the real Bitcoin”.

The fellow supporter further exclaimed that BCH is super fast. It is cheaper and does not have the problems that Bitcoin [BTC] does.

The Co-Founder further stated that this indicates that about 70% of all shops in Cyprus are going to accept Bitcoin Cash. When asked whether the merchants would be accepting Bitcoin Core for payments, the Cyprus resident said, “no, it has no value anymore I mean the way it was in previous years”.

According to Ver, Bitcoin Core is not useful for payments anymore and that the Lightning Network is not even remotely ready for using business application. He further said that BTC is not even close to the Bitcoin that was described in the whitepaper of Bitcoin.

In early 2018, a new Bitcoin Cash community center was introduced in Cyprus to help local users, developers, and investors for use cases of BCH.

Roger Ver in the video also answered a few questions raised by crypto-enthusiasts on social media.

Bennie Van Rensburg asked:

“How can BCH be used as cryptocurrency or any coin for that matter with the extreme volatility? I don’t understand.”

Roger Ver agreed to Bennie and said that the volatility is a really big hurdle to overcome, for people to use it but it has so many other “fantastic characteristics” to explain. He explained that these characteristics include the ability to send these cryptocurrencies to anyone anywhere in the world, basically for free with no sign up required, no banks involved and no permission needed from the government. Due to these reasons, people are willing to go through the volatility as the other characteristics are useful, states Ver.

Furthermore, he introduced the new BCH developer series hosted by which has its own inbuilt developers suite.