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Sponsored [] partners with BitCloud & BeShare to improve cryptocurrency trading services for users

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on [] partners with BitCloud & BeShare to improve cryptocurrency trading services for users
Source: BitMax [], the pioneering innovative digital asset exchange, has established strategic partnerships with BitCloud and BeShare. With these new alliances, users who have already signed up for BitCloud or BeShare can have access to’s platform directly using their existing accounts. In addition, with real-time synchronization of’s exchange information with BitCloud and BeShare, users will be able to trade or place orders directly on’s exchange platform through Beshare or BitCloud’s APIs. is a global operator of an innovative digital asset trading platform with a broad range of products and services for global retail and institutional clients. With its relentless focus on transparency, reliability, and quality of execution and client services, has established itself as a clear leader in the crypto trading and exchange space as the next third-generation digital asset trading platform.

BitCloud is the world’s first combined trading platform. It is an ambitious project that aims to create a user-friendly and user-focused one-stop platform crypto trading service. It enables blockchain project investors to schedule and monitor their digital asset investments in an efficient and hassle-free way, and analyzes every aspect of the user experience to solve major pain points, reduce costs, increase profits, and educate investors.

This service comes with a number of innovative and useful features.

Using a powerful trading API, BitCloud provides users with rich trading functions and aggregates dozens of well-known and large-scale trading platforms. Doing this enables users to connect multiple exchange APIs and trade through them directly on BitCloud. Furthermore, an ingenious Strategy trading function has been developed to complement limit and market orders of each exchange. Using BitCloud’s Iceberg trading algorithm, users can execute buy and sell orders without significantly affecting market prices, even with large orders.

The Strategy trading AI approach is unique because it allows users to get the best possible price across the entire market by combining  order books and market depth across all participating exchanges. This approach also allows BitCloud users to trade in the majority of altcoins on the market.

BeShare is a special crypto trading app that has been developed to manage assets across different exchanges. It allows users to easily view market information that interests them and to execute spot and futures trades with just a few clicks. The project’s future roadmap includes plans to open accounts on the app and to charge and withdraw cryptocurrency using simple, easy-to-use tools and services.

The BeShare service comes with a unique set of services and advantages as well.

The first is aggregation trading. In this trading mode, users are guided through a simple set of trading steps in which they choose the exchanges they want to trade on, the pairs they are interested in, and specific orders or positions that are visible in the order books. Once these three choices have been set, the user can then execute aggregated trades across all the exchanges for the selected orders and pairs, from one integrated portal. This process also works for customized selections, meaning users can set up and edit their own choices and execute aggregated trades for those specifications as well.

The asset portfolio feature is similar to aggregation trading, but instead of combining prices and orders across multiple exchanges to execute a combined trade, it allows users to thoroughly manage their assets. They can first choose the assets and exchanges that they want to analyze, and then view the individual gains, losses, and order histories of the selected cryptocurrency, token, or asset. This feature is useful because it provides traders with a bird’s-eye view of how their overall portfolios are performing, regardless of which exchange or  wallet may hold their assets.

It is obvious that in order to make these features work, BeShare needs access to a wide range of crypto-market data. They achieve this by compiling comprehensive cryptocurrency information, setting price warnings providing round-the-clock market news, and aggregating market statistics on hot trades, trading shelves, premium rates, and more, all of which is then provided to users to facilitate well-informed and accurate trades.

By establishing technical partnerships with other leading players in the crypto market, continues to enhance its competitive and client-centric service offerings, grow global user base, provide  institutional-level trading platform with lower trading costs while improving liquidity and enhancing trading efficiency. Led by a seasoned team of Wall Street quant trading executives and technical experts from globally renowned universities, currently has over 50,000 global users and 30 active crypto trading pairs with additional listings under review. Supported by its 24 by 7 global operation, the platform continues to develop differentiating innovative trading tools and  user-friendly features that would transform the way of trading crypto.

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76315|Baer Chain CEO Vincent:The core of Baer Chain is ecology and technology

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Baer Chain CEO Vincent:The core of Baer Chain is ecology and technology
Source: Pixabay

Vincent graduated from UCLA [the University of California, Los Angeles] with a Master’s degree in Business Finance. He has worked for the global e-commerce giant Amazon headquarter in the United States and joined Morgan Stanley in 2015. He got involved with BTC, ETH earlier, and has unique insights into Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. In 2017, he founded Baer Technology in Hong Kong, the founder and CEO of Baer Chain, dedicated to the application of blockchain technology.

The positioning of the Baer Chain is “the world’s first technology-driven blockchain game industry ecosystem platform.”

Source: BearChain

Why Baer Chain chose the game field, because the blockchain application is suitable for game application scenario except for the financial industry. The Baer Chain founding team members have been deeply involved in the game field for many years and deeply know the unsolved problems of small and medium-sized game development companies. Therefore, Baer Chain hopes to create a decentralized shared platform to reshape the game ecosystem to solve the game industry’s core demand points.

The essence of the blockchain is “co-construction and sharing.” So Baer Chain’s original collaboration mechanism is designed to create a highly active community where all values are interoperable. The developer goes straight to the player and breaks the monopolization. In addition, based on the high flowability of the BRC, the entire platform forms a flow value loop. Not only that, eliminating of centralized control, players will have more right to say. At present, Baer Chain’s community users have exceeded 630,000.

Source: BearChain

Vincent mentioned that the current blockchain game can be said not a game in fact. So to achieve a true blockchain game, it is necessary to focus on the track in the vertical field of the game through technology. Baer Chain optimizes the game application through its own technical architecture advantages, and its operation efficiency and stability are higher than the existing main network, which will be able to meet the high concurrency requirements of large games for computing power and resources; Baer Chain main network is about launched for a public test in April. After the official launching, there will be more real blockchain games on the Baer Chain.

Source: BearChain

Vincent has always believed that the future of blockchain has come, but only the development of technology is the core element to achieve the application of blockchain. Vincent is willing to witness the development of this industry with entrepreneurs who insist on the development of the underlying technology in the blockchain.

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76230|CoinAll Launches a 10000 USDT New-User Campaign to Expand Community

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CoinAll Launches a 10000 USDT New-User Campaign to Expand Community
Source: CoinAll

CoinAll has today announced the launch of a new user campaign which will last a month and features a 10,000 USDT bonus pool. Users who complete the two-task mission will have a chance to share in the bonus. The campaign comprises two tasks. In task one, new users have to register on CoinAll and pass KYC1 verification.

In the second task, new users need to deposit CoinAll-listed cryptocurrencies into their accounts. Upon completion of the two tasks, they will get the bonus. The campaign is open to all digital asset traders from around the world.

Katherine Deng, General Manager of CoinAll stated,

“Community is the foundation of CoinAll. We hope to make it larger and stronger. Together with our users, we endeavor to make the industry better in the near future.”

CoinAll is a community-driven exchange, which means the users of the CoinAll community have the power to influence the development of the exchange. CoinAll also launches various promotions for the community as well.

For example, the blockchain quiz show “Who Wants to Be a COINALL-inaire” hosted in March, featured the industry’s first “decentralized question bank” and attracted hundreds of thousands of participants. By answering 10 questions correctly, users could take home hundreds of USDT in prizes. While enjoying the fun and bonuses, users also broadened their knowledge about blockchain technology.

By offering a variety of campaigns, CoinAll has rapidly established a community of tens of thousands of members.

Besides community development, CoinAll also spares no effort in offering high-quality blockchain projects to traders.

For example, COSM, which will be supported by Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone and is the first dApp partner of Samsung, was one of the very first offerings by the exchange. CoinAll has also listed other well-received projects such as BTT, ZIL, ONT, and Grin.

As an fast-emerging exchange, CoinAll was recognized as the first strategic partner of OKEx, the top-class exchange in the world. CoinAll is showing great ambition, pledging to become top-20 exchange in the world within 1 year with the help of OKEx.

“We feel grateful to our users,” said Katherine Deng. “And we want to give back to our community and make it larger and stronger. This time, our new campaign also reflects our great determination that CoinAll will continuously offer projects of high quality and good trading experience to global users.”

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