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Blockhain-enabled IViN network set to disrupt social media with revolutionary features

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Blockhain-enabled IViN network set to disrupt social media with revolutionary features

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Ever since the entry of social media into the mainstream, it has begun changing our lives in significant ways. The accessibility of social media, along with the easily available ways to utilize the Internet have resulted in an explosion of online lives.
However, current platforms like Facebook and Vk are slowly becoming less and less secure due to several reasons. Hacks occur on a daily basis, there is a pervasive spam problem and a lack of basic functionalities.
However, Intelligent Virtual Network, also known as IViN, is targeted at changing the landscape of the social media market. Offering a revolutionary new blockchain-based networking platform with multiple functionalities such as a trading platform for users, profile customization options, maximum security, protection against spam and much more.
The IViN team is set to launch an ICO in order to fund the creation of the network. The coin that investors buy in the token sale can be utilized on the platform for a huge advantage, users can buy styles for their page design, promote their stores on the platform, along with a multitude of additional features.
The various different platforms that are a part of the IViN are:
Trading platform:
This functions as a trading platform for various goods and services and is a place where users can conduct electronic bidding. They can engage in auctions, contests, post requests for quotation procurement information regarding the product.
Currently, existing trade platforms have primitive filters for searching their catalogs of goods and services, which makes it difficult for the users to find products which they truly want. IViN will remedy this by using a sophisticated filter with fine-tuning based on the latest variation of neural networking. This will provide users with a never-before-seen efficiency to find their products and will utilize preliminary lexical analysis in order to understand information clearly.
Profile Constructor:
On existing social networks, users can only change minor things on their social media profiles. IViN aims to change this by letting users customize the appearance of any page or store block.
It also allows users to change the background of their page, including the styling, appearance of icons, and the size and location of blocks on their page. The application will allow users to choose the number, size, and location of information modules, background color fonts, and profile themes, thus letting users express their hobbies, occupations, likes, and interests.
On existing social network platforms, users can easily lose access to their accounts due to malicious programs or parties. To combat this, IViN offers two-factor authentication, which will notify the user about the login attempt.
Upon notification, it offers two options. If it is the user trying to log in, they can confirm it, or refuse in case of an attempt by a malicious party.
The IViN system has 3 levels of verification:

Email and password:

Users who have verified using this method can send and receive messages, use the online cinema, and view and join communities.

Phone number:

Verification by phone number will allow users to create communities without earning the opportunity, and purchase services within IViN network.


Verification of passport data will allow for the creation of shops on the trading platform, and to make purchases on the trading platform.
Creating a fake social media account is simple, but complicated identity verification systems will prevent spam attacks. Spammers conduct activities such as fraudulent reviews, distribution of unwanted content, click-baiting, and likejacking.
The IViN network offers users with an overlay functionality, which can perform any function on the IViN network without minimizing the application or switching tabs. This effectively means that users can watch a movie, and chat with friends, or edit profile their profile as they do so.
To tackle the problem of limited functionality in today’s social network platform, IViN offers personal/group chats. This also includes chats of various communities, shops, and clubs.
Users can also communicate through audio and video communication including group conferences with close integration with the rest of the platform. Users can conference call in a text, audio, video and VR chat. They can also use tools such as screen demonstration, online blackboard, online code editors, and documents.
IViN Cash:
IViN Cash will easily allow users to exchange fiat currencies for cryptocurrencies at any time. At launch, IViN Cash will list Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH], Litecoin [LTC], ZCash [ZEC], and WAVES. More tokens can be added as time passes.
The minimum amount for a transaction is only 0.0001 BTC, making it suitable for small purchases. The service will run in automatic mode, with the transaction taking place instantaneously. Compared to existing services, IViN Cash will be beneficial for users and miners.
Virtual Reality:
Recently, the VR space is moving closer to mainstream adoption. This is seen by AMD’s development for the adaptation of VR Technology through the LiquidVR project.
IViN aims to create a VR environment with the help of game engines in VR such as UE, CryEngine or Unity. This includes applications such as simulators, games, entertainment, education, social networks. Other applications of VR will also include virtual shops, libraries, virtual museums of the world, interactive exhibitions, design, and engineering solutions.
IViN is made to be utilized as a decentralized payment system that uses the same name unit for accounting operation and data transfer protocol. This is also ensured by cryptographic methods to ensure the functioning and protection of the system. Due to the immutable nature of the blockchain, there is no mechanism to cancel confirmed transactions.
The blockchain will function on Proof of Stake and will allow for the safe transfer of the IViN token from one participant to another. Other things that the blockchain offers are encryption of wallet data, storage, and processing of transactions, and the cryptographic encryption of user data.
There is a total of 1 billion tokens that will be in circulation. There are 3 stages to the distribution of the tokens. The first stage is the presale, where 100 million tokens are available for purchase with a 30% discount on the price that it will be sold at during the ICO. These funds will be utilized for promotion and advertising.
The second stage is the ICO, and it offers 300 million tokens at $0.1, the funds from the ICO will allow the product to be at the release stage.
The third stage of token distribution is promotion, where IViN network will distribute 200 million bonus tokens to encourage users for certain actions in the project such as invitations of users, published content, and participation in the IViN ecosystem.
Out of the remaining 300 million tokens, 100 million will be distributed among members of the team, 100 million for marketing and 100 million is allocated for advisors and the IViN Coin lottery.
If users buy more than 10 ETH worth of IViN, they are entered into a lottery whose winnings will be 10000 Ivincoin.
AMBCrypto reached out to IViN to clarify doubts about the project.
What drove you to create IViN?
We were inspired by the shortcomings of existing social networks, as well as the shortcomings of internal payment systems or their complete absence. Our token will make it easier for users to make purchases inside our trading platform, as well as give a chance to earn money.
How do you plan to integrate/compete with existing social media platforms?
The main idea of the project is to give users freedom:
1. To date, social networks exist in the form of pages in the browser, which greatly limits the user’s ability to design their profile, thanks to the function of the profile designer, the user will be able to configure his profile as he wants it himself and here everything is limited only by his imagination.
2. Many users are faced with the problem of multi-window in browsers, and we offer a solution to this problem in the form of combining the most necessary services to the user in one application. The user will no longer need to open dozens of tabs and switch between them to watch a movie, chat with friends, edit your profile, etc.
In addition to the inconvenience of working in several tabs, there is a problem of limited computer resources, namely, each browser tab consumes resources. In our network this is not a problem, watching your favorite movie, you can open the overlay application and reply to messages, scroll through the latest news, upload photos to your profile, etc.
This decision will reduce the resource consumption of your device, which will serve to reduce the energy consumption and the battery of your gadget will live longer without recharging.
3. Since the social network will be implemented in the form of a cross-platform application, we will easily add innovations and functions in the form of updates and patches on which our team of creative developers is working.
4. Each user can take part in the ecosystem of our application and take part in its development [for example by offering some function or innovation] and if it is really interesting it will get a reward from our team for this.
5. We consider that one of the main components of our concept and philosophy is the relationship between users. Therefore, any user, whether he is a designer or a musician, can be a private teacher or artist to prove himself and his creative nature by offering his services or helping other users on a single trading floor. Or for example to draw a ready-made style profile of a store to sell it and get a reward.
6. About a year after the official release of the application, we integrate the virtual reality platform into our social network and thanks to the fact that our social network will be implemented as a program, we can easily do it.
For us, virtual reality is an even greater set of tools and opportunities for our project, as well as a completely new perspective on the world of a virtual social network as a whole.
Will IViN be taking steps to ensure the virtual well-being of its users?
First of all, the well-being of users will depend on security for this, we will have a multi-level verification system [the higher the level of verification, the more privileges are available to the user].
What is the incentivizing factors to get businesses/shops on IViN?
Now there are many online stores that sell a wide variety of goods, but for a regular user, it is problematic to create a website for creating a cash register and administering [or it will have to spend a lot of money or time for training to create the simplest site]. We offer the best solution for both professionals and for beginners to create online stores that will easily and as soon as possible configure the desired profile of the store, as well as decorate it to your liking.
What does IViN offer that traditional social networks do not?
First of all, a flexible and diverse functionality, the possibilities and implementation of which will be revealed by the users themselves. When I am asked a similar question, I always give an example of Instagram which was originally conceived as an ordinary photoblog, and now for example in Russia, a huge part of sales of goods passes through it. We give only a handy set of tools, and its application is limited only by the imagination of users.
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