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13 Free Nude Generator and Clothes Remover AI Tools (2024)

8min Read

Discover top 13 Free Nude Generators and Clothes Remover AI Tools you can try in 2024. We tried them all and present you the best of the lot.

Nude Generator and Clothes Remover AI Tool

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The world has transformed entirely with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) into a virtual realm where every unthinkable can be made possible. The advancement of AI includes accomplishing various tasks through simple prompts to getting pictures nudified with utmost mastery. Daily countless AI software overcomes challenges encountered on a usual basis. They tend to solve every problem with every prompt. If you’re looking for free nude generator tools, keep reading.

AI now applies in a way that intrigues users of various industries. For those interested in exploring more AI applications in the realm of personal entertainment, our review of the top 15 AI sexting tools offers insightful perspectives. This software programs and orients itself to enable users to utilize AI to remove clothing with precision and utmost realism. Such applications permit the entertainment and fashion industries to immerse and rely on such software, which makes work life easy and fun.

Free AI clothes remover and nude generator tools

So, without further ado, let us delve into the intriguing side of artificial intelligence that includes free nude generator content in 2024.

1. SoulGen AI

SoulGen Free Nude Generator

Interface of SoulGen AI – Image via SoulGen AI

SoulGen AI is free nude generator model that will portray realistic nudity or anime results according to your imaginary prompts. You can feed a text where you describe the details of the individual you visualize in your mind, and the AI bot builds it for you. Besides, this automated nudity generator also allows to edit or expand the generated nude image. In this way, you enjoy your desirable thoughts when visually distinguished.

  • Ratings: 3.04/5
  • Main features: A visual realistic or anime output of your prompt, built-in AI image editor
    and extender

Additionally, if you’re curious about how AI is transforming the world of animated adult content, check out our guide on the 6 best tools for creating AI-generated hentai.

2. DeepNudeNow

DeepNudeNow Free Nude Generator

Using DeepNudeNow – Image via DeepNudeNow

This Free AI nude generator and cloth remover seamlessly give flawless results. Moreover, it alters and adjusts the clothing according to the curves. The tool helps with swift undressing. It also does not disturb the pixels and provides outcomes of the highest quality.

  • Global ranking: #25,792
  • Main features: Imprint nudity in the image provided.

3. DeepNude

Deep Nude

Getting started with DeepNude – Image via DeepNude

This is an AI prototype that made controversies all around. This free nude generator tool can be responsible to induce nudity in any image inserted. The program is trained to flawlessly swap, and remove items of clothing. However, various ethical and privacy concerns were raised against this AI model.

  • Rankings: #11,166
  • Main features: Creates nudity on the image inserted.

4. DeepSukebe


Leveraging DeepSukebe – Image via DeepSukebe

This is an AI-oriented free nude generator app that is mostly designed for adults to enjoy adult content. You feed in an image of choice and your preferred outcome in a few seconds that shall be a mere pleasure to your desires.

  • Ranking: #22,305

Explore further into the realm of AI’s role in adult entertainment with our comprehensive list of the 35 best AI porn generators available in 2024.

5. Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion

The power of Stable Diffusion – Image via Stable Diffusion

This is an AI app that illustrates images according to your needs. It allows you to create realistic images by inputting a text prompt. Lastly, every visual appeal can be satisfied by this AI-free nude generator tool with ease.

  • Ratings: 4.68/5
  • Main features: Creates realistic imagery


Remover APP

Interface of – Image via

This is another AI cloth remover prototype that is featured for the initial purpose of fancy editing and removal of undesired objects and apparel. This tool provides professional results open to both beginner and professional users. Additionally, this tool allows to enhance the aesthetic visuals and quality of the image. A tool that removes anything unwanted from your visuals within seconds.

  • Ratings: 4.62/5
  • Main features: Background removal ease

7. Lama Cleaner

This tool allows the user to diversify their understanding with their tool variety. They allow the user to remove and displace unwanted objects, which can help bring clarity to the image. It also provides a very advanced solution to image impainting and free nude generator productivity.

  • Ratings: Not specified
  • Main features: Removes objects and watermarks


RetouchMe App

Layout of – Image via

This is an AI-generated app that helps fix visuals of a diverse variety. It can edit facial features and well as enhance the results of the image. The AI tool also supports natural beauty and withstands the positivity of one’s body and physical visuals.

  • Ratings: 4.1/5
  • Main features: Enhances features.

9. Remove BG

Remove BG

Using Remove BG – Image via Remove BG

This smart AI removal tool allows you to remove unwanted objects and items. It also possesses the ability to remove watermarks and objects. No expert photoshopping expertise is required to use this AI genius. It is 100% AI automate, which produces results as per satisfaction.

  • Ratings: 4.7/5
  • Main features: Removal of unwanted objects.

10. DeepSwap

DeepSwap Free Nude Generator

Getting started with DeepSwap – Image via DeepSwap

DeepSwap is the best AI-powered nude creator for swift face transitions and swaps. It gives realistic results in a matter of seconds. They stand by the motto of “Less effort, more results.” This app can be used for entertainment purposes. Various videos and photos can be edited without any daunting actions.

  • Ratings: 4.73/5
  • Main features: best for face swaps and transitioning.

11. Slazzer


Leveraging Slazzer – Image via Slazzer

This AI-oriented app can insert new backgrounds as well as replace them. This app allows you to edit endless images with great-quality feedback. It is convenient as is available on every digital interface setup.

  • Ratings: 4.24/5
  • Main features: Removes and replaces the background

12. PornJoy AI

Pornjoy AI

PornJoy AI is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to create explicit images in different styles like natural, anime, and hentai. This website uses keywords and text prompts to make custom nude images. It’s been showcased on adult websites like and PornJoy AI is made to fulfill users’ fantasies by making provocative images and adult GIFs.

  • Ratings: Not specified
  • Main features: Image Generation and Customization Options

13. Candy AI introduces virtual companions powered by artificial intelligence, enabling users to engage in chat-based interactions. Select from a variety of personalities, appearances, and voices for your companion, crafting conversations that align with your preferences and interests. Dive into diverse scenarios and themes, including romance, friendship, fantasy, or adventure, creating an immersive and personalized experience. is crafted to offer a connection that feels genuine and entertaining.

  • Ratings: Not specified
  • Main features: Diverse AI Companions and Adaptive Conversations

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What are digital undressing tools?

A: Digital undressing tools are software applications that manipulate images to create the illusion of nudity, often used to generate fake nude photos of individuals. Through advanced algorithms and computer vision techniques, digital undressing technologies work in a way that identifies every garment, attire, and clothing piece on a human body. Moreover, these garments include shirts, jackets, trousers, pants, skirts, shorts, etc.

Q: How do free nude generator tools work?

A: The AI tech prototypes or free nude generators train with deep learning (DL) models and large data sets that help them with precision aiming. They analyze the prompt concerning the digital visuals and then work their seamless magic on it.

They work on the digital visuals with the utmost proficiency, concluding the last imagery result with realism. These AI tools can also unveil the underlying features of the human body obscured by the mounted clothing.

Q: What are the advantages of using free clothing eraser software?

A: Tech-driven nude image production has a diverse beneficial gradient in multiple industries. Some of the benefits are:

  • Art industry: Such AI prototypes are in use for artistic purposes. Various artists need to finesse the art of the human body and imagery. Thus, such tools may help them secure creative visuals.
  • Fashion industry: The fashion industry is vast and forever welcomes new AI developments that delve with ease into the work of fashion. With free nude generator tools, people can use digital visuals to test apparel and attire before swapping them on live models.
  • Entertainment industry: Finally, the entertainment industry is dreary without such creations. Such innovations also drive adult entertainment industries that merge fun with the fashion of choice and style.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, with the fast advancements of AI, new features and elements shall be a new addition to various new editing AI tools. New virtual undressing applications or free nude generator tools may hint in the future but for now, this list can give options you can explore!


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