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21 Best Crypto Marketing Agencies to Check Out in 2023

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Looking to supercharge your crypto project’s marketing efforts in 2023? Dive into our list of the top 21 crypto marketing agencies that can take your venture to the moon!

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In the swiftly evolving world of cryptocurrency, effective marketing can make the difference between fleeting relevance and enduring success. With the increasing mainstream adoption of crypto and blockchain technologies, businesses are seeking specialized agencies to navigate this dynamic landscape. This year, more than ever, finding the right partner to amplify your crypto vision is essential. To assist you in this quest, we’ve curated a list of the 21 best crypto marketing agencies of 2023.

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Whether you’re a seasoned blockchain developer or a nascent crypto startup, these agencies promise to take your brand to the next level. Dive in to find your perfect match!

crypto marketing agency

Exploring crypto marketing agencies

1. AMBCrypto

AMBCrypto is a leading cryptocurrency news outlet that specializes in delivering up-to-the-minute updates, analysis, and expert opinions in the blockchain and digital assets space. With an editorial team deeply rooted in the crypto industry, AMBCrypto offers not just news but also in-depth investigations, price predictions, blogs, and insightful commentary.

The company has established itself as a marketing powerhouse in the specialized sectors of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and artificial intelligence (AI). Since its inception, the platform has catapulted into the ranks of the top five crypto news portals globally, now claiming a spot in the top three.

With a staggering 10 million-plus page views every month—a number that continues to escalate—the company has become an indispensable partner for major brands like Binance, Coinbase, Huobi, eToro, Nexo, KuCoin, Trezor, and Dfinity, among others.

Their marketing reach extends across 14 languages, with plans for further linguistic expansion. It boasts a robust email list of over 100,000 subscribers, gaining approximately 100 new additions daily. Their bespoke services encompass custom ad creation, native ad experiences, and optimization solutions, making them an all-encompassing marketing hub for over 800 projects seeking to achieve their outreach and engagement goals.

Businesses looking to reach a targeted audience within the cryptocurrency and blockchain sectors can leverage AMBCrypto’s influential platform for various marketing opportunities.

Key services 

  • Sponsored articles: AMBCrypto’s sponsored articles provide companies with a unique opportunity to feature their products or services in a detailed and editorially sound format, reaching an engaged audience of crypto enthusiasts and professionals.
  • Ad placements: With targeted ad placements on AMBCrypto’s platform, companies can gain visibility and attract potential customers who are specifically interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.
  • Newsletters: AMBCrypto’s two newsletters (Unhashed and OpenTools) offer curated content delivered directly to subscribers’ inboxes. This provides an ideal space for sponsored content or advertising to a dedicated audience.
  • Analytics and market insights: Leverage AMBCrypto’s analytics and market insights to gain valuable data on user engagement, market trends, and campaign ROI, helping to fine-tune your future marketing strategies.
  • Social media amplification: By utilizing AMBCrypto’s expansive social media reach, companies can amplify their messages, promotions, or announcements to a wider yet targeted audience interested in the crypto and blockchain sectors.

2. Locx Labs

Locx Labs is a full-service digital agency with three decades of experience in the industry. Specializing in a variety of services across the marketing mix, the agency aims to deliver effective and measurable campaigns within time and budget constraints.

With a global team of digital marketing experts, Locx Labs has a diverse portfolio, including branding, website design, and content strategies. The agency prides itself on a customer-centric approach, boasting a 100% customer satisfaction rate. Whether helping startups carve their niche or aiding established companies in rebranding, Locx Labs is a one-stop-shop for all digital needs.

Key services 

  • Brand identity: Locx Labs specializes in working with companies to build and enhance their brand identities. It offers a unique blend of creativity and strategy to create compelling narratives.
  • E-commerce: The platform also offers e-commerce solutions that include strategy, platform selection, and execution, ensuring a smooth customer journey from browsing to purchase.
  • Website design: The agency is skilled in crafting standalone websites as well as improving existing platforms. This ensures optimal UI/UX design for maximum user engagement.
  • Copywriting services: Moreover, it provides revenue-driven content strategies designed to increase web traffic and convert visitors into customers.

3. is a comprehensive platform for all crypto and non-fungible tokens (NFT) marketing needs. Firstly, the agency’s team of experienced marketers has a proven track record in traditional marketing and advertising. Moreover, they’re also early adopters of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, giving them a unique perspective on the industry.

Key services 

  •  Influencer outreach: It’s critical to make the first contact with influencers, and has a vast network of connections to draw from.
  • Exchange listings decentralized exchanges (DEXs)/centralized exchanges (CEXs): helps with the listing of cryptocurrencies and tokens on a number of top cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Promotion of B2B and tech companies: The team is always a crucial component of the promotion of B2B segments as well as the help, supervision, and development of a wide range of Tech companies.

4. Twin Peaks Digital

Twin Peaks Digital is a Web 3.0 native digital agency that aims to disrupt the traditional digital marketing landscape. With a focus on innovation and a 99.7% customer satisfaction rate, the agency offers a 360-degree suite of services, including crypto marketing, public relations (PR), branding, and development.

The agency also specializes in operating niche digital publications. Twin Peaks Digital follows a comprehensive approach from market analysis and planning to implementation and evaluation, backed by data-driven metrics. Moreover, their tech-savvy solutions and specialized teams set them apart in the fast-paced worlds of fintech, finance, and cryptocurrency.

Key services 

  • Crypto marketing: Twin Peaks Digital specializes in crypto marketing, covering initial coin offerings (ICOs), PR, and influencer outreach to elevate your crypto presence.
  • Development: It crafts responsive websites and decentralized Web 3.0 applications (dApps) using custom-made code to bring your digital vision to life.
  • Community management and growth: The agency helps build, engage, and grow a loyal brand following through focused community management strategies.
  • UI/UX design: Twin Peaks Digital delivers stunning, user-friendly designs for websites, apps, and dApps that are not just visually appealing but also high-converting.
  • Advertising: The agency also helps capture the audience’s attention with visually captivating digital and print media campaigns.

5. FINPR Agency

FINPR is a Middle East-based PR agency specializing in serving the ever-evolving sectors of cryptocurrency, NFTs, decentralized finance (DeFi),  metaverse, fintech, and AI. Established in 2017, the agency has already assisted over 500 startups globally, leveraging its comprehensive list of 300+ crypto media outlets that publish in 15+ languages.

In addition to traditional PR, the agency extends its services to include community management, SEO, and listing on crypto exchanges. With a proven track record, FINPR is dedicated to elevating its clients’ profiles through a variety of targeted marketing strategies.

Key services 

  • Exchange listing: The agency specializes in guiding clients to select suitable crypto exchanges. Their advice covers both IEOs and secondary listings.
  • Crypto ads: FINPR runs ads across multiple platforms, including social media, search engines, and crypto-specific media outlets.
  • Shilling services: To create buzz, FINPR writes messages in crypto-related online spaces. Clients choose the platform and duration.
  • Website development: The agency crafts websites with the latest design trends in the crypto and Web 3.0 markets.
  • Influencer outreach: FINPR also leverages YouTube crypto influencers and Twitter personalities to increase brand awareness and attract potential customers.

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crypto marketing agency

Elevating your presence in the world of crypto

6. Bitcoin PR Buzz

Bitcoin PR Buzz is a pioneering PR agency focused on the cryptocurrency and blockchain sectors. Established in 2012, it holds the distinction of being the original Bitcoin PR agency and the oldest crypto newswire service.

With a client-centric approach, the company offers pay-as-you-go pricing and personalized account management, eliminating the need for retainer contracts. Over the years, Bitcoin PR Buzz has worked with over 1,000 companies, secured more than $1 billion in funding for clients, and guarantees content coverage on over 500 high-profile websites in the crypto, financial, and mainstream media spaces.

Bitcoin PR Buzz’s specialized digital content and decade-long experience in the crypto landscape make it a go-to solution for projects looking to supercharge their marketing efforts.

Key services

  • Press releases: Bitcoin PR Buzz crafts and distributes press releases. These releases aim to maximize exposure in both crypto and mainstream media outlets.
  • Sponsored articles: The agency creates sponsored articles. These promote client projects or products across a variety of publications and platforms.
  • Token services: It also assists with token listings. Platforms like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko are targeted to increase token visibility.
  • Business services: The agency offers additional business services. These include web design, SEO, and legal support to enhance a client’s overall brand presence.
  • Social media management: Bitcoin PR Buzz also manages social media accounts. They engage with online communities to build and sustain a strong following.

7. Luna PR

Luna PR is a leading communications agency specializing in elevating brands in an increasingly digital and media-saturated landscape. With a seasoned team of over 100 employees spread across offices on three continents, Luna PR boasts expertise in emerging technologies like Web 3.0, blockchain, and the metaverse.

With an impressive portfolio including 600+ clients and a history adorned with 25+ awards, the agency provides a full suite of services from PR to event management. Luna PR’s adaptability and foresight position it as a trusted advisor for brands, whether they are burgeoning startups or well-established multinational corporations.

Key services

  • PR: Luna PR excels in global and regional media outreach. They specialize in executive branding and crisis management.
  • Marketing: The agency uses influencer marketing and growth hacking for quick brand growth. They also develop marketing campaigns with SEO and search engine marketing (SEM) support.
  • Branding and development: Luna PR creates strong brand strategies and identities. They offer website development, logo design, and whitepaper beautification.
  • Advisory services: The agency provides specialized blockchain advisory, including token economics. They help with market-making, legal partnerships, and crypto exchange listings.
  • Event management: Luna PR handles all event management aspects. This includes the venue, guest list, and entertainment. They also secure media and sponsorships for events.

8. NinjaPromo

NinjaPromo is a pioneering UK-based digital marketing agency specializing in tailored marketing solutions for cryptocurrency and blockchain projects.

Additionally, the breadth of NinjaPromo’s services includes blockchain marketing, social media management, SEO, NFT marketing, paid social advertising, influencer marketing, PR and media relations, video production, web design and development, branding, rebranding, and more.

Key services

  • Organic social media: NinjaPromo leverages the power of social media platforms to engage audiences and drive brand visibility.
  • SEO: The agency uses SEO strategies to improve the visibility of crypto brands on search engines.
  • Paid media: NinjaPromo manages paid advertising campaigns across multiple platforms to reach a wider audience base.
  • Influencer marketing: Lastly, the company has a vast network of influencers who can help build your brand in the crypto space.

9. Coinbound

Coinbound is a popular crypto marketing agency that focuses on helping new crypto brands go viral, thanks to the company’s vast network of influencers across platforms like Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

Key services 

  • Influencer marketing: Coinbound specializes in making crypto brands go viral with their vast network of influencers on all leading platforms.
  • Twitter management: It can also handle your project’s Twitter account. Moreover, many clients have seen a follower growth of over 400% in the first month of the partnership.
  • PR services: The firm also has a dedicated PR service with contacts at several major publishers, helping deliver coverage to your brand. 

10. Blockchain PR

Blockchain PR is a Silicon Valley-based PR firm that offers promotional services related to cryptocurrency, ICOs, and blockchain technologies. Furthermore, the company focuses on innovative campaigns that help your project stand out from the crowd whilst still giving you an element of control in the proceedings.

Key services 

  • PR services: Blockchain PR offers a range of PR services to help boost the visibility of your project. This includes ideation, outreach, social media, and the design of all marketing materials.
  • Community building and engagement: It places great emphasis on community building and engagement, ensuring that promotional content is authentic.
  • Consulting services: Blockchain PR also offers consulting services to help guide you through the complex world of crypto and blockchain marketing.

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crypto marketing agency

Top 21 marketing agencies that can help you stand out

11. Lunar Strategy

Lunar Strategy is a marketing agency specializing in all aspects of the crypto market. This includes DeFi, metaverses, NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and more. Moreover, after the initial discovery call, Lunar Strategy’s team will discuss which avenues suit your project best, whether that be SEO, Google ads, social media campaigns, or an alternative approach.

Key services

  • SEO services: Lunar Strategy offers comprehensive SEO services to help improve your project’s visibility online.
  • Google ads: Additionally, Lunar Strategy can manage your Google Ads campaign to help drive more traffic to your project.
  • Social media campaigns: Plus, Lunar Strategy can manage your social media campaigns to help engage your target audience and build brand awareness.

12. BDC Consulting

BDC Consulting is a marketing consultancy agency specializing in blockchain-associated market verticals. It offers a range of services, including market making, influencer outreach, exchange listings DEX/CEX, and B2B and tech companies promotion.

Key services 

  • Market making: BDC Consulting provides liquidity on pre-agreed terms, enhancing the project’s appeal to potential investors.
  • Influencer outreach: It has an extensive network of influencers to help promote your brand in the crypto space.
  • Exchange listings DEX/CEX: BDC Consulting assists with listing cryptocurrencies and tokens on various leading crypto exchanges.

13. Coinpresso

Coinpresso is a leading crypto marketing agency known for its expertise in social media, SEM, and content marketing. Additionally, Coinpresso’s model is based on a click funnel approach, using their demonstrated experience in SEO and SEM to great effect.

Key services 

  • SEO-enriched copywriting: Coinpresso uses its SEO-enriched copywriting prowess to ensure top-quality content.
  • Content marketing: It assists in creating, distributing, and intensifying content through suitable streams, thereby boosting the social media presence of the projects.
  • SEM: Coinpresso leverages its SEM expertise to maximize visibility and drive high-quality traffic to your website.

14. CryptoPR

Based in London, CryptoPR is a leading crypto and blockchain marketing agency known for its proficiency in promoting crypto exchanges, wallets, tokens, and NFTs. However, despite its relatively short operation period of just over two years, CryptoPR has grown exponentially. It now boasts a team of over 100 employees.

Additionally, CryptoPR’s portfolio includes high-profile brands like eToro,, and Binance. Moreover, the company’s services revolve around promoting crypto-based projects through press releases, advertorials, and Telegram groups, offering fast turnaround times and guaranteed placements.

Key services 

  • Press releases: CryptoPR’s core service is promotional press releases. The company has exclusive partnerships with leading financial news sites, enabling instant launch of press releases on these platforms and providing massive visibility for crypto projects.
  • NFT promotion: Personalized marketing services, such as PRs, celebrity endorsements, shilling campaigns, and more, are provided by CryptoPR for NFTs. Additionally, these components support targeted traffic generation for your project, increasing investment opportunities.
  • Banner ad campaigns: Additionally, CryptoPR offers dedicated services within the banner ads segment to run a tailor-made banner ad campaign with various sizes and placements on offer.
  • Advertorials & features: Furthermore, CryptoPR also offers an advertorials and features service that will list your project on the biggest comparison and review sites.

15. CryptoVirally 

CryptoVirally is a marketing platform tailored for the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Also, they assist crypto projects in boosting their online presence and gaining widespread attention in the competitive crypto space, ultimately driving adoption and engagement.

Key services

  • Social media marketing: CryptoVirally leverages the power of social media to promote blockchain projects. Furthermore, they create and manage engaging content, run targeted ad campaigns, and build a strong online community around the project.
  • Analytics and reporting: The firm provides clients with detailed analytics and performance reports. Also, these insights help projects refine their marketing strategies, optimize their efforts, and make data-driven decisions to achieve their goals in the crypto market.

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The ultimate showdown of crypto marketing agencies

16. Melrose PR

Melrose PR is a public relations and creative marketing agency established in 2012. It integrates traditional PR channels with modern engagement platforms to offer tailored communication solutions. Moreover, the firm has a particular emphasis on serving tech-driven brands and has been noted for its involvement in the Bitcoin and Web 3.0 domains.

Key services

  • Strategic messaging and positioning: Melrose PR tailors brand messages, ensuring resonance with audiences and highlighting unique value in the tech space.
  • Press relations: They foster relations with media outlets and journalists, securing meaningful press coverage and promoting a positive brand image.
  • Thought leadership promotion: Melrose PR elevates clients as industry authorities through insightful content showcasing brand expertise.
  • Education-oriented campaigns: These campaigns simplify complex tech concepts, educating audiences and fostering trust and community engagement around the brand.

17. Blockwiz

Blockwiz is an award-winning crypto marketing agency. Their strategic approach aims at maximizing reach and tripling clients’ ROI, showcasing expertise in leveraging both global and regional influencer networks, and fostering vibrant online communities. With a dedicated team and a track record of 2,500 growth campaigns, they provide comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the unique demands of the crypto market​.

Key services

  • Influencer marketing: Blockwiz connects with global and regional influencers to unlock viral growth for crypto projects.
  • Community management: The firm cultivates vibrant communities with continuous Telegram and Discord moderation.
  • Explainer videos: They boost engagement with high-quality product explainer and social media videos.
  • Product and growth advisory: Blockwiz accelerates growth by integrating its leadership with client teams.

18. Coinzilla

Coinzilla is a reputed advertising network and agency focused on the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector. They offer a variety of services aimed at promoting crypto-related projects and enhancing their visibility within the targeted audience.

With their tailored advertising solutions, they assist businesses in reaching their marketing goals and improving ROI. To date, the firm has delivered over 16,000 campaigns.

Key services

  • Display advertising: Coinzilla crafts visually appealing ads, captivating audiences, promoting crypto ventures effectively.
  • Self-serve campaigns: The firm allows full control over display campaigns so the client can manage them easily.
  • Performance marketing: They target specific actions like clicks or conversions, aligning with marketing goals.

19. Bitmedia

Bitmedia positions itself as a comprehensive solution for business growth and audience acquisition, specifically in the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin domain. Since its inception in 2014, the firm has amassed a targeted audience from over 7,000 crypto-related websites.

They offer publishers a platform to effectively monetize their audience and have greater control over advertising revenue. Simultaneously, Bitmedia’s robust workflow supports a wide range of crypto and blockchain projects, adapting their advertising services to each unique case.

Key services

  • HTML5 ads: Bitmedia offers interactive, attention-grabbing formats to pack more information into an ad.
  • Customised Targeting: The firm enables you to reach particular crypto audiences with many targeting settings, ensuring ads reach the right customers.
  • High-end publisher placement: It offers more control over crypto ad displays by giving you the flexibility to select top-performing sources on Bitmedia’s network.

20. Cryptoken Media 

Cryptoken Media is an excellent crypto marketing agency offering a range of services to boost the visibility and profitability of crypto businesses. They excel in delivering SEO, PPC, influencer, and creative content marketing solutions aimed at maximizing return on investment for their clients’ crypto projects​.

Key services

  • Content marketing: The firm crafts compelling narratives to enhance crypto marketing effectiveness.
  • Digital PR and outreach: They help you in building a favorable public image to influence target audience behavior.
  • Email marketing: Cryptoken Media utilizes cost-effective email strategies for remarkable returns on investment.
  • Mobile advertising: They also engage mobile users through effective campaigns tailored for crypto investors.

21. Bitcoin Marketing Team

Bitcoin Marketing Team, stationed in Dublin, epitomizes seasoned crypto marketing, with a rich history dating back to the early crypto era. This boutique agency, one of Europe’s foremost, selectively engages with a limited clientele, ensuring quality service during product or service launches. Their veteran team of senior marketers and support staff have successfully launched over 60 crypto projects since 2014.

Key services

  • Advertising: The agency expertly manages advertising campaigns aimed at enhancing user engagement.
  • Consulting: Through consultancy services, they analyze existing marketing strategies and assess the readiness for launches.
  • Marketing: Their marketing services leverage gaming backgrounds to provide detailed attribution against in-product key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Recruitment and hiring: They also assist in the recruitment of full/part-time or contract crypto staff, ensuring the right talent for various crypto projects.

Choosing the right crypto marketing agency – Image via Pixabay

Crypto marketing strategies: Top 3 high ROI generating ideas for 2023

1. Utilizing NFTs

Leveraging the popularity of NFTs can be a powerful marketing strategy. Businesses can create and sell or auction branded or gaming NFTs or collaborate with artists to design unique digital assets. 

The scarcity and uniqueness of NFTs can drive engagement and create a buzz around the brand, potentially leading to a higher ROI.

2. Community building and engagement 

Building a strong, engaged community is crucial in the crypto space. Engaging with the community through Ask Me Anything sessions (AMAs), educational content, and discussions can build trust and encourage user retention. Moreover, decentralized platforms may offer better control and monetization options compared to traditional social media.

3. Strategic partnerships and collaborations

Forming partnerships with other projects, platforms, or influencers in the crypto space can significantly broaden the reach and credibility of a project. Collaborative efforts such as cross-promotions, joint ventures, or co-created products/services can generate a high ROI by tapping into the established user bases and networks of partners.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q: How do I choose a crypto marketing agency?

A:  When selecting a crypto marketing firm, keep these considerations in mind:

  • Track record: Opt for a firm well-versed in promoting crypto and NFT initiatives. Review their past projects to gauge their competence.
  • Specialization: Confirm that the firm boasts a skilled team with deep insights into the crypto and NFT sectors. Ensure that they are adept at both crafting and implementing a tailored marketing strategy for your venture.
  • Credibility: Investigate the firm’s online standing. Also, go through feedback from former clients to understand the quality of the firm’s offerings.
  • Cost: Seek estimates from several firms before finalizing. Ensure their pricing structure is both clear and reasonable.

Q: Who is the best NFT marketer?

A: There is no one best NFT marketer, as the best marketer for your project will depend on your specific goals and budget. However, some of the top NFT marketing agencies in the industry include:

  • Chaincella
  • TurnKey Town
  • AppDupe

Q: What does a crypto marketing agency do? 

A: A crypto marketing agency is a specialized digital marketing firm with a focus on promoting blockchain and cryptocurrency ventures. They assist crypto startups and businesses in enhancing brand visibility, drawing investors and customers, and elevating sales.

The spectrum of services offered by crypto marketing agencies includes:

  • Content marketing: Generating and sharing superior content regarding your venture to enlighten and engage your target demographic.
  • Social media marketing: Overseeing your social media profiles and devising captivating content to broaden your project’s reach.
  • Community building: Establishing and overseeing online communities for your venture to encourage interaction and backing.
  • Influencer marketing: Engaging in partnerships with social media influencers to have them promote your project to their followers.
  • Paid advertising: Executing paid ad campaigns on platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads to connect with a broader audience.
  • PR: Crafting and circulating press releases and securing other media exposure to foster favorable publicity for your venture.


In the highly competitive cryptocurrency industry, working with a specialized crypto marketing agency is crucial for companies to stand out and achieve their marketing goals.

Moreover, the top 21 crypto marketing agencies mentioned in this article have a proven track record of success. They can help companies navigate the complex and ever-changing crypto landscape.


Kamina is a content writer at AMBCrypto. With a Journalism degree and MBA in International Business, she expertly navigates blockchain, crypto, and AI, melding her academic insights with future-forward interests to create compelling narratives that educate and inspire in the evolving digital landscape.
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