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Is Artbreeder Free? How to Access Free Version and Cost

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Uncover the truth about Artbreeder’s pricing in our comprehensive guide. Discover how to access the free version and explore the costs associated with its premium features for unlimited artistic exploration.

Is Artbreeder Free

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In the world of digital art, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a game-changer, offering artists an array of innovative tools and techniques. Among the myriad of AI-powered platforms, Artbreeder stands out as an impressive tool that facilitates the creation of unique, AI-generated images. But is Artbreeder free?

This article delves into the fascinating realm of Artbreeder, exploring its availability. We will also cover how to access its free version and pricing options.

Understanding Artbreeder 

Artbreeder is a machine learning (ML)-based platform that enables you to generate photorealistic, AI-crafted images, blending the realms of imagination and technology seamlessly. This platform, initially known as GanBreeder, is a space to explore the possibilities of mixing and breeding art. 

It utilizes generative adversarial networks (GANs) technology, allowing you to generate or edit images with a high degree of control. Furthermore, you can tweak over 30 attributes, including skin tone, age, and facial features, to create a piece of art that aligns with your creative vision.

is artbreeder free

Logo of Artbreeder

Is Artbreeder free?

Yes, Artbreeder does offer a free version. However, the free version is limited in features and the number of operations you can perform each month.

With the free version, you get 10 credits per month, which can be used for a variety of operations such as uploading images, generating video frames, downloading high-resolution images, and extending images.

Accessing Artbreeder’s free version

To access the free version of Artbreeder, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Artbreeder website (
  • Look for the “Sign Up” button, which is usually located in the top right corner of the website.
  • Then, select the “Sign Up” button, and it will direct you to the registration page.
  • Fill in the required information, typically including your email address and a password.
  • After you fill in the information, click on the button to create your account. You may be asked to verify your email address.
  • Once you’ve verified your email address and logged in, you can start using Artbreeder’s services. The platform typically provides a brief introduction or tutorial to help you get started.

Remember, as a free user; you will have certain limitations on the number of operations you can perform each month and access to certain features. You can always upgrade to a paid subscription if you need more extensive use.

Learn how to use Artbreeder efficiently in our step-by-step guide.

is artbreeder free

Accessing the free version of Artbreeder

Artbreeder pricing plans

Here’s a simplified breakdown of the pricing plans offered by the platform:

  • Starter ($8.99/month): With this plan, you get 100 credits per month, plus extras, Google Drive sync, privacy controls, and the ability to use custom genes.
  • Advanced ($18.99/month): This plan provides you with 275 credits per month, in addition to the extras, Google Drive sync, privacy controls, and custom genes.
  • Champion ($38.99/month): At this highest tier, you get 700 credits per month, as well as all the additional features like extras, Google Drive sync, privacy controls, and custom genes.

Remember that these plans are designed to fit different users’ needs. The free version is a good starting point for those who want to try out the platform or use it occasionally. The paid plans offer more features and more credits, which are beneficial for more frequent use or professional needs.

Unlock the creative possibilities with these mind-bending AI art tools. Explore our curated list and harness the power of artificial intelligence to create mesmerizing artworks that push the boundaries of imagination!

Artbreeder credits

Let’s take a look at the conversion rates for Artbreeder credits to understand how many actions you can take based on the amount of credits you have. Here’s a simplified explanation:

  • Generate a Collager image (slow render): This action is free and does not require any credits.
  • Generate a Collager image (fast render): For each credit, you can create 30 fast-rendered collage images.
  • Generate a Splicer image: This action is also free and does not require any credits.
  • Upload an image to edit with Splicer: You can upload approximately 1.3 images per credit.
  • Use Splicer to generate a video: Each credit allows you to generate 1000 video frames.
  • Get a high resolution download of an image: For every credit, you can download 100 high-resolution images.
  • Extend an image with Outpainter: This action costs one credit per image.
is artbreeder free

Exploring the world of Artbreeder

Exploring Artbreeder’s features

Artbreeder is packed with an array of dynamic features that provide users with a unique creative experience:

CrossBreed: The CrossBreed feature allows you to merge two images to create a new one. You can adjust a slider to control which image dominates the final result.

Children: The Children feature enables you to create three variations of an image. You can adjust the image using sliders below the template to create nonexistent character designs.

Edit Genes: The Edit Genes feature allows you to modify an image according to your preferences. You can refine uploaded portraits by altering character designs through eye color, skin tone, width, height, facial hair, smile, and more.

Using these features, you can:

  • Create a new image from an existing one.
  • Generate random images.
  • Manipulate the genes of a self-portrait to align with your vision.
  • Create landscape images.


To conclude, Artbreeder is a powerful, user-friendly, and exciting platform for creating AI-generated artwork. Whether you wish to create a unique profile picture, crossbreed two ancient portraits, or generate a highly-customized landscape painting, Artbreeder offers a world of possibilities for your creative exploration. Try Artbreeder’s free version to get started today!


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