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Cat Doge Coin surpasses 500 holders



Source: Cat Doge Coin

Cat Doge Coin today announced that its token (CATDOGE) has surpassed 500 holders. The token is retaining a low market cap, which reveals great potential. 

What Is Cat Doge Coin (CATDOGE)? 

Cat Doge Coin is a meme cryptocurrency that seeks to improve upon Dogecoin by improving transaction speeds and adding more deflationary attributes that reward users. Like some other meme cryptocurrencies, Cat Doge awards users by giving them a percentage of every transaction that occurs. That means users’ wallets will receive CATDOGE automatically over time. This reflection encourages more supporters and holders of the coin. Cat Doge bills itself as “hyper-deflationary” crypto, meaning it will become increasingly more valuable and scarce over time. 

“We strongly believe that every investor needs to have a voice and be part of the process, it was decided from the launch that every major decision will be determined using a private voting system with investor access, lasting a full day,” said the Cat Doge Founder & creator of the CATDOGE token.

“As the marketing manager, my day-to-day consists of finding unique ways for getting exposure and ensuring we’re always seen by new people interested in investing. Nothing is off-limits as we’re currently searching for taxi side-doors adverts and crazy enough people to streak a high-caliber football event wearing a CatDoge t-shirt,” said the Cat Doge Marketing Manager.

The founder gladly shared with us the team which consists of four (4) people at the moment – 

  1. CEO & Founder 

Primary responsibilities include making major decisions, managing the overall operations and resources of the project. 

  1. Co-Founder / Investor 

Providing capital investment for marketing campaigns and liquidity. 

  1. Community Manager 

Management of the project’s social presence. By supporting communications on various platforms (eg. Telegram, Twitter) ensuring the content published meets the project’s guidelines and overall communication style. 

  1. Digital Marketing Manager 

Developing a digital marketing strategy, planning and executing all web, SEO/SEM, listings, email, social media advertising campaigns.

What makes Cat Doge Coin unique? 

Cat Doge Coin is focused on increasing the value of the crypto for its users while donating using democratic procedures. The core value of Cat Doge is democracy. We strongly believe that everyone needs to have a voice and be part of the process. Lastly, it is also focused on increasing transaction times and improving speeds. Like Dogecoin, Cat Doge Coin seeks to bring its investors “to the moon” in terms of value. 

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