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ChatGPT’s price predictions for the best new cryptocurrencies 2024

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In 2024, long gone are the days of the ICO craze, when it seemed like any new cryptocurrency had a chance of making a killing. Nowadays, a great narrative is necessary, and we’re even seeing meme coins launch with real utility. Memeinator is a brand new meme coin, in stage 14 of its presale, and with each stage rapidly selling out, there are now only 150,862,069 tokens left to scoop up.

Where could this new cryptocurrency go? The Memeinator team intends to climb the crypto rankings and achieve a $1 billion market cap, which would take tokens from their $0.0292 launch price to $1 dollar: an increase of 3324.66%. Of course, valuations differ depending on several factors, so we’re asking ChatGPT for its prediction to see what the most powerful AI tool thinks.

What is Memeinator?

Beamed from the cybernetic future of 2077, where the ugly spawn of our current meme coins has created a dystopian landscape lacking value or utility, Memeinator has arrived with a mission to clean up the clutter of the meme coin universe. This futuristic crusader aims to slice through the digital excess and establish a new order in the meme coin market once and for all.

Building on the nostalgic zeal of Terminator fans and gamers alike, Memeinator also sets its sights on aligning with the burgeoning GameFi sector with its signature new Meme Warfare game. In this immersive experience, players transform into The Memeinator, stepping into a battleground where they can unleash devastating moves upon an array of useless meme coins. 

The AI-driven Memescanner tool is vital in this gameplay as it scours the Web for useless meme coins. It throws them into the game, representing them as characters for players to obliterate and consequently sanitize the meme coin genre.

To bring this gaming experience to life, Memeinator has joined forces with Red Apple Tech. Red Apple Tech is a mobile app and gaming company with offices across multiple continents. With a lot of expertise in blockchain, Metaverse, AR & VR and success with titles like 3D racing game “Drafting King” or the innovative Cocos2d game “Alien Smasher”, the studio is the perfect partner to help Memeinator realize its vision. More details on this collaboration will be disclosed in future AMAs with Memeinator’s team.

The presale frenzy, currently in stage 14, has already marked its territory with a $0.0208 price point, attracting investors with a keen eye for potential 100x ROI as it prepares to launch on popular exchanges. 

A closer look at Memeinator’s features and strengths  

The fusion of meme coins and gaming has captured the zeitgeist of the digital age, and a new cryptocurrency that blends these two trends is cultivating more than a fleeting interest among early investors. 

With a token supply capped at 1 billion MMTR tokens, Memeinator offers deflationary tokenomics, with manually triggered token burns to ensure the MMTR token holds its value. In December, the team executed its first token burn, as per the recommendation of its +90k community on X, burning 6 stages worth of tokens: roughly 130,000,000. This brought significant investment to the already highly in-demand presale. 

In addition to offering captivating gameplay, Memeinator boasts a lucrative token staking program, delivering an impressive APY of up to 45%. The team is also forging powerful alliances with top-tier brands and influential figures, already visible through aggressive marketing strategies. Highlighting its promotional prowess, Memeinator offers the fantastic prize of a $250k out-of-this-world trip on Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, and is currently giving away $100k via airdrop.

Beyond its digital offerings, Memeinator boasts a merch store, a trove for enthusiasts seeking to demonstrate their allegiance by wearing Memeinator gear. And there’s an innovative referral program that further rewards the visionaries already contributing to the Memeinator ecosystem’s growth.

What is ChatGPT’s 2024 Prediction for Memeinator?

We fed the most powerful AI tool with relevant information on Memeinator and asked it for a prediction. Its first response was that it was “poised to redefine the meme coin landscape,” coining Memeinator’s “unique proposition of marrying meme-worthy appeal with a tangible utility,” setting it apart from other meme coins.

“This blend of viral charm and practical functionality is not just a novelty — it’s a game-changer, ensuring that Memeinator is not merely another token in the crypto cacophony but a standout star with a compelling narrative.”

ChatGPT shied away from a price prediction, or “price speculations,” as it preferred. It did, however, say, “the outlook for Memeinator is unmistakably bullish.”

It emphasized that “the team’s ambition for a $1 billion market cap doesn’t just resonate with optimism; it seems distinctly achievable, especially when reflecting on the meteoric rise of meme coins like Bonk, which, despite its lack of utility, soared to a staggering $1.5 billion market cap recently.”

Why current market conditions bode well for Memeinator

Looking at macro trends and close competitors, there’s every reason to believe that Memeinator and meme coins in general are likely to gain significantly in the coming months. Over $25,000,000,000 of meme coins have been purchased, according to Dune Analytics. And the market currently stands at well over $20 billion. To put that into perspective, that’s currently a little more than the market cap of AI and big data coins at the time of writing. A sector we can all agree, shouldn’t be ignored.  

Regarding the wider crypto market, there are big trends afoot that are likely to boost the market for quality meme coins further. According to recent analysis by CoinDesk, altcoin season is likely just around the corner – a period where investors bullish on Bitcoin diversify into altcoins, often causing altcoin gains to outstrip BTC. And, as per another recent CoinDesk piece, Bitcoin has seen its first ever “weekly golden cross”. 

This consists of the 50-week simple moving average (SMA) on Bitcoin crossing over the 200-week SMA. In short, this is a sign of a long-term bull market ahead. 

Looking at competitors, there are plenty of meme coins that have performed well recently, signaling the high potential for Memeinator. As mentioned, Bonk has gained significantly, and although it has recently slumped, its price is still sitting around 1300% above where it was in November.

Similarly, the meme coin dogwifhat, is trading at around a 300% increase from where it was just a few weeks ago, with its all-time high at roughly 600% in gains. With success stories like these and positive shifts in the market as a whole, there’s every chance Memeinator can do exponential numbers from its presale price.


Meme coins started as a joke, and the success of this niche market within the cryptosphere has taken many by surprise – yet this generation of investors clearly understands the power of the meme, even if there’s seldom any utility behind the tokens.

One such investor is Elon Musk, the subject of a recent piece of Memeinator-related PR. This involved a billboard being placed close to the SpaceX offices, designed to catch his attention. This resulted in the #Memeinator hashtag trending worldwide on Twitter.

Memeinator sets the stage for unprecedented growth, eclipsing traditional meme coins with actual utility. The ingenious fusion of the cult classic ‘The Terminator,’ meme culture, a cutting-edge game, and AI elements all position Memeinator to rise in the crypto rankings.

For investors eyeing substantial returns, smart money gravitates towards any undervalued new cryptocurrency, such as Memeinator. ChatGPT says, “The team’s $1 billion market cap ambition is distinctly achievable,” citing Bonk’s rise to prominence last year.

Time is ticking as the Memeinator presale draws to a close. There’s a limited window to get your hands on MMTR tokens at $0.0208 before an expected 50X to 100X growth after its Q1 launch on exchanges. Don’t miss the chance to get in early; join the Memeinator presale now and be part of today’s future.

To buy Memeinator (MMTR), visit the official Memeinator website.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.


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