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Cirus Foundation platform helps individuals get complete control over their data



People began to lose control over their data as technology advanced, making it difficult to see where it went and who had complete access to it. 

With that being said, many platforms and corporations got away with it and gained a lot of money by using the information provided by individuals on the Internet. However, the Cirus platform enables users to regain complete control of their data and monetize it as time passes.

The main benefits

Many people have been thinking about this for years. It appears that it has been concluded; the Cirus Foundation platform will speed the possibility of offering people complete ownership over their data. 

Individuals will be able to enter this new era by owning, managing, and monetizing their most significant digital footprint. Data organized by the Cirus device is safely handled and maintained by the hybrid DMP – DSP platform, which forms the Cirus Core platform and works synergistically to monetize the data asset continuously through different channels. 

Contextual data from a user generates a valuable profile of the user and their attributes within an ecosystem. So far, the main limitation has been that this type of created data is not necessarily transferable to another organization or ecosystem and may take months or years to regenerate there.

The Cirus Foundation platform

Since the pandemic has compelled individuals to digitalize, the platform was built to accelerate Web 3.0. Cirus is the first hardware device of its sort, designed to release data ownership, link to the blockchain, and create value. 

Aside from that, the platform is the first entry point into the digital economy, and they have a device that is a simple plug-and-play gadget that allows the owner to access the cryptoverse and earn wealth simply. The Cirus Device, Cirus Core Platform, and Cirus Confluence Network comprise their ecosystem.

All of them are interconnected, establishing a solid framework to assist people in contributing to their own economy. Each paradigm change will rely on Big Data as the key to breaking out from the current Web 2.0 economy.

After the users have installed their device, they will be asked to sign an End User License Agreement that clearly states data use restrictions. Cirus will organize permitted data from all browsers, smart devices, and IoT devices at the home level and encapsulate it into an HQ data asset that is more easily monetizable.

Ownership Economy

An ownership economy is a form of progression of the sharing economy. This one focuses on economic benefits from user engagement, network effects and computer resources, community, and access to financial freedoms debased from traditional models. 

It gives people rights, sharing freedoms, and access through protocols to select how they wish to participate. The Ownership Economy is organized into three paradigm shifts: 

  1. accessibility in the digital era shifting learned behavior;
  2. big data, the key to ownership;
  3. decentralization & WEB3. 

Big data has emerged as the largest commodity in its purest form. Individuals’ desire to build fair and equitable relationships grows in tandem with their sense of ownership.

Where to find Cirus?

Cirus is trading on Kucoin, Gate IO, Bitmart & Uniswap

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

With Masters in Mass communication and journalism, Anjali's interests lie in blockchain technology adoption across emerging economies.

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