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Creating a play-to-earn metaverse: An interview with TCG world CEO David Evans

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A metaverse is a virtual reality that combines parts of online gaming with social media and networking and Augmented Reality. While the concept of a metaverse is still in its early stages of development, TCG World is a platform that is gaining popularity in the cryptosphere.

It is the largest open-world metaverse on Binance Smart Chain and also gives users a play-to-earn platform where they can buy their own land, interact with other characters and users, and build a career or life path for themselves virtually.

In an interview with David Evans the CEO of TCG World, we discussed the TCG world platform, its real-world use cases, the TCG Coin 2.0, and much more.

1. Tell us more about the vision behind creating TCG World as an open-world Metaverse?

An open-world metaverse has no boundaries and allows users to discover, learn, understand and ultimately drive innovation in TCG World. The metaverse is the future of how technology is used, we have created a virtual space that allows users around the world to come together as a virtual global community to work, play and socialize.

2. What makes TCG World stand out from the rest of the blockchain-based games out there?

Most blockchain-based games are Web 3.0 based metaverses with what we consider limitations in terms of the gameplay, graphics, and instances where users can be in the same area before it causes issues.

By creating a downloadable game in a gaming engine you are able to utilize the processing power of your PC. Our servers are fully scalable to allow for multiple instances with tens of thousands of users all experiencing 4k real-time gameplay.

Because we started the development of TCG World several months before other projects were announced, we are in a strong position to hit the market before some of the competitors, opening us up to all of the markets available.

3. How is the platform giving users a chance to make real money from the game?

TCG World has a play-to-earn approach and will reward users for spending time in the game in multiple ways. Users can go on adventures, complete challenges or search for TCG Crystals that spawn in the world and mine them, rewarding users in TCGCoin 2.0.

Our current allowance to in-game earnings is around 1,000,000 TCG Coin per month spread between the different activities within the Metaverse and this will increase through a revenue share of in-game spending for Avatars, NFTs, buildings etc. We currently estimate 25% of in-game spending will go directly back into the TCG World economy allowing us to grow our user base and earning potential.

TCG World is also a user-built environment that has been developed on Unity Engine with 100,000 player-owned plots of virtual land. TCG World allows users to create and build 3D models using compatible software like Blender and import them into TCG World and our Marketplace and list their creations for sale. We want to encourage creativity from all over the world to enable people to be paid for their creations and have the freedom to earn elements of gameplay as well as the pay-to-play elements.

4. What are sprites? Talk to us about what users would be able to do with these creatures and their evolution?

Sprites are the mysterious creatures that inhabit the regions of TCG World. Each creature is powered by artificial intelligence algorithms enabling them to be caught and tamed by users and placed on their plot of land. Creatures will have come in different tiers of rarity which makes them more valuable to their owners.

Each Sprite is unique and stored as an NFT in the players assets which allows them to be sold or traded with other users on our marketplace. In TCG World your Sprite NFT also becomes playable in-game and users will be able to train, evolve them, and take them into battle with other users in the TCG Arenas found in TCG World for points and rewards using a built in battle system.

5. Could you tell us more about TCGCoin 2.0, the native token of TCG World?

TCGCoin 2.0 is the foundation for our economy and will be the in-game currency used for buying and selling in TCG World. TCGCoin 2.0 is also used as the main currency on our TCG Gaming trading platform which allows users to safely buy and sell real-world collectibles and memorabilia such as Pokemon by using an escrow provider and smart chain contracts.

This methodology drives continuous demand for tokens across a wide range of physical and virtual transactions. TCGCoin 2.0 also offers a cross-chain solution allowing the value of tokens to move between different EVM compatible blockchains, by a simple in-build TCG finance ecosystem cross-chain exchange at a rate of 1 token on one blockchain into 1 token on the other blockchain.

6. How does TCG World plan to help users create and further their own businesses?

Users that own virtual plots of land in TCG World will be able to apply for business licenses to be able to generate income from their land. TCG World will offer a limited number of business license types in each region to ensure that the world is not saturated with one type of business and encourage users to be creative with their business ideas.

Users are already planning on opening up NFT galleries, creating mini-games, offering design services, as well as advertising opportunities for businesses, and many other ways to generate passive incomes from their investment.

7. What steps are being taken to ensure community engagement and involvement on the TCG World platform?

TCG World is a community-driven project and we love to get them involved in the development of our ground-breaking metaverse. Our community is great support for ideas and plans for development in TCG World and aspects of the game will be developed based on community demand and feedback. We currently have a Diamond and Platinum plot holder group that supports us with many aspects of our game development and they will also be the first to test TCG World Alpha before public release in Q1 of 2022.

We recently ran our Sprite naming competition where the community selected the names of the first NFT Sprites in TCG World. We are also running a 3D modeling competition for our community to design buildings that will be the first to populate TCG Worlds cities and regions.

Our community is at the heart of everything we do. TCG World will continually be shaped by its users, therefore the development of our project should be shaped by our amazing community to ensure that it is the best blockchain-based metaverse globally. 

8. How can users increase their APY and get staking rewards in the game?

TCG World provides a mining protocol through a decentralized gaming model. Users can purchase and own farming plots of virtual land in TCG World which will allow them to stake their TCGCoin 2.0 to earn TCGCoin 2.0 as a reward.

Each farming plot will yield different percentages of rewards based on the size of the land, the bigger sized plot you own the more rewards the user gets. Users will be required to interact with the farming land through gameplay mechanics to increase and collect their rewards from their farm which brings a new approach to crypto asset staking.

9. What does the TCG World platform have planned out for the future?

Our development team has been working incredibly hard on developing our 2D interactive map which allows users to select the location of virtual plots of land in TCG World. This will be released alongside our Gold regional plots.

10. Tell us more about any updates or partnerships that we can look forward to?

We have already announced a partnership with Sportemon GO who will be building an SGO Sports Stadium, along with Sportebot NFT Avatars. Starship who will be building the TCG Wallet and Retro Farms who are providing staking pools.

Our latest partnership announcement included Blockchain Collective and Shes Blockchain Savvy who will become TCG Worlds education provider and offer real-life diplomas and courses in Blockchain Technology. More partnerships are being announced on a weekly basis as our metaverse expands.

For more information on TCG World, please check out their official website.

 Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.


With Masters in Mass communication and journalism, Anjali's interests lie in blockchain technology adoption across emerging economies.
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