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Creating a sci-fi NFT gaming ecosystem: An interview with Cryptomeda CEO Martin Jerabek

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The NFT space has grown exponentially in the past few years with a total value reaching $17 billion in 2021. Although a lot of platforms offer NFTs and related services, one of the biggest problems in the space is the lack of a pivot marketplace and links between various communities.

Cryptomeda is an NFT based ecosystem that aims to give users a chance to experience and own collectibles in the crypto space.

The play-to-earn ecosystem consists of a marketplace, NFT collections, games, and staking platform.

The platform intends to make various avenues of earning NFT collectibles and trading them easily and also incentivize them with different chances to earn rare NFTs and native tokens.

In an interview with Martin Jerabek, CEO, and co-founder of Cryptomeda, we discuss the play-to-earn platform, Meda wars, their marketplace, $TECH token and much more.

1. Tell us more about the Cryptomeda platform? What was your vision behind creating a play-to-earn universe? 

Cryptomeda is a gaming platform where players can collect, use, upgrade, merge, burn, or sell Cryptomeda NFTs in every game we create to increase the utility, usability, and playability of NFTs. Cryptomeda also has launched its own marketplace, staking platform, NFT collections. All economic activity is facilitated by one unified currency — $TECH tokens, which enable trade and commerce within the platform.

In my opinion, play-to-earn games are the next step in the evolution of the gaming industry. We want to create a platform where players can earn by playing games and having fun simultaneously. My vision is to constantly improve our features, develop better games and cross-game collaborations.

2. What is Meda wars? What are the two modes in it and how do you plan to reward players in the game?

Meda Wars is a mobile turn-based strategy game with two modes. In Conquer mode, PvE gameplay where players conquer territories on the map where 2 factions fight against each other. The faction that occupies more territories will earn rewards at the end of the cycle. Players can also craft weapons from earned resources, upgrade them or sell them to achieve income. There will be more ways to earn, for example, a leaderboard for best players, daily and weekly quests, NFT lending. 

Players will have plenty of opportunities how to earn by playing the Empire mode. Landowners can utilize lands for resources production, build and upgrade structures, cooperate with other players, create clans, earn fees for using the land by other players, or even find secret treasure on the map.

3. Can you elaborate more on the NFT lands and collectibles on the Cryptomeda platform?

NFT lands maximize benefits in Meda Wars. Players can own three different rarity types – common, rare, and legendary. Each rarity has different resource production, the number of hexagon plots on the map, construction options, visibility around the land, and the number of workers that can mine resources.

Cryptomeda collectible cards (ERC721) represent characters from crypto history transformed into a fantasy story. Each character is unique, having three randomly generated attributes showing their strength and rarity. Moreover, each character has specific usability and ability in our games. Cards are grouped into collections of 4 unique cards, which can be merged into a Revolution card. Only 20 Revolution cards can be created per collection, making them incredibly rare, more powerful in games, and give the holder daily airdrops in $TECH. We designed the NFT concept to have great collectible value and exciting utility.

4. How does trading work on the Cryptomeda platform? Tell us more about your marketplace?

Our marketplace has several features: trading, bidding, NFT merging, loot boxes, and NFT launchpad. Members can also check Cryptomeda NFTs and even check NFTs owned by other members and give them an offer. In addition, TECH tokens secure trading NFTs on the Cryptomeda marketplace on the Polygon network to establish fast and cheap transactions.

5. What is the $TECH token? What utilities does it provide on the platform’s ecosystem?

$TECH token is the cryptocurrency used in the Cryptomeda ecosystem. $TECH is used for trading NFTs, locking in the staking or farming pools, rewarding the community, swapping for Meda gas, and marketing incentives. Tech tokens have implemented a burning mechanism to reduce the supply. The more players play Cryptomeda games, the more TECH tokens will be burned. 

6. How does staking work on the Cryptomeda platform?

We have created our own staking and farming smart contracts that incentivize members to lock $TECH and earn exceptional rewards. We selected 30% of $TECH tokens for staking and farming rewards through the shared reward system. The more you stake, the more significant piece of the reward pool you get every week. In addition, we distribute 40 rare collectible cards as extra rewards every week. The more you stake, the higher chance to win NFTs.

7. Community engagement is an important part of any platform. Tell us more about how you are engaging your community?

Community cooperation is almost like a governance feature. The team is in touch with the community on a daily basis. Cryptomeda members give us feedback, help us to test our products, help us with debugging, and of course, test our games. We also do community games and competitions for which they can earn juicy rewards in the form of NFTs and TECH.

8. What lies ahead on the Cryptomeda roadmap? Can you elaborate on your goals for this year?

Most importantly, we are currently focused on our main game, Meda wars. We will spend the most energy to deliver a competitive NFT game with an attractive reward system and fun gameplay. Besides that, we intend to extend our gaming platform significantly, upgrade the staking platform, and increase usability and utility for our NFTs. We have many exciting plans we want to achieve in the future, for example, a huge sci-fi metaverse with many new features, VR/AR implementation, increased cross-game collaborations, Cryptomeda story (NFT book, comics).

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.


With Masters in Mass communication and journalism, Anjali's interests lie in blockchain technology adoption across emerging economies.
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