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DVK Token burn triggers 83.36% surge in blockchain gaming market

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In a bold move that has caught the attention of both crypto enthusiasts and seasoned investors, the blockchain gaming world witnessed a groundbreaking event – the burning of 3 billion $DVK tokens. 

The decision to execute such a large-scale burn, involving 1 billion DVK on KleverChain and a further 2 billion on the Tron Blockchain, reflects a deep understanding of the digital asset landscape, and its subsequent 83.36% surge in $DVK price is a testament to the efficacy of this approach.

Discover the Story Behind the Burn

To fully understand the reasoning behind the substantial 3 billion DVK token burn, we need to rewind to the last weeks of December, a period marked by strategic maneuvers among the major players in the crypto space. 

This sequence of impactful decisions began on December 19th, with Dio Ianakiara’s announcement of stepping down as the CEO of Klever in a public letter on his and Klever’s official channels. 

“As I reflect on this moment, it fills my heart with a mix of emotions as I conclude my journey as CEO at Klever. After 25 years of tireless dedication, it’s time for a well-deserved vacation. Yet, my connection to Klever remains strong — I’ll continue as Board Chairman and an engaged community member. Amidst this transition, my soul stirs with excitement and sentiment, fueled by the pursuit of a lifelong dream: To establish a game studio. Additionally, I’m moved by the prospect of sharing the wealth of experience gathered over the years, and offering guidance and knowledge to the public through teaching. The path ahead is both nostalgic and forward-looking, and I embrace it with a touch of heartfelt emotion.”

Leadership Changes at Moonlabs Studios 


(4/5 In ushering in the promising dawn of 2024, I am delighted to introduce a fresh, dynamic presence at the helm of MoonLabs. Dio, former Klever’s CEO, will be assuming the role of CEO, injecting new energy and vision into our beloved Devikins.
— Sergio N. (@snsjr) January 2, 2024After that, on the second day of 2024, Sergio, the former CEO and a pivotal figure in the development of the Devikins game, decided to step back from MoonLabs executive chair, passing the baton to Dio Ianakiara.)

This change at the top echelons of MoonLabs Studios signifies a strategic realignment and a fresh vision for the studio’s future.

Dio Ianakiara, previously the CEO of Klever, a key player in the blockchain industry, brings a wealth of experience and a track record of success. His tenure at Klever was marked by significant achievements, including the development and popularization of the Klever Wallet, a critical tool in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. His expertise in leading a company at the forefront of blockchain technology is expected to inject new energy and direction into the gamestudio.

Dio’s Strategic Vision for MoonLabs Studios

In his new role as CEO of MoonLabs Studios, Dio has outlined a comprehensive strategy aimed at steering the company towards sustainable success and growth. Central to this strategy is a company reorganization with a strong emphasis on resolving existing issues and bugs, rather than rushing to introduce new features. 

This approach indicates a shift in focus towards long-term objectives and key results, prioritizing the stability and continuous improvement of the Devikins game.

A major aspect of this reorganization involves restructuring all teams and operations for increased efficiency and effectiveness. Dio’s plan includes a thorough review of all game events to align them with the studio’s new direction. 

Additionally, there is a commitment to implementing a more rewarding system for the community, particularly in recognizing contributions such as reporting issues, bugs, and promoting the game through referrals and affiliate programs.

DVK Economics

In terms of the DVK economy, Dio’s plan is both ambitious and strategic. It includes burning all DVK tokens used in-game during 2022 and 2023, amounting to approximately 1 billion tokens. This move is part of a broader plan to make DVK a deflationary token, enhancing its value and appeal in the crypto market. 

The strategy also involves locking foundation tokens via staking, thereby increasing transparency and trust among investors and players. A monthly burn of all DVK tokens used in the game store is also on the agenda, alongside a reduction in the staking APR from 30% to 4% for 2024.

This comprehensive strategy culminates in the end of DVK migration from the Tron Network to the Klever Network, symbolizing a new era of growth and innovation under Dio’s leadership.

The 3 Billion DVK Burning Event 

On January Third, 2024, a 3 billion DVK token burn marked a watershed moment in the history of MoonLabs Studios and the broader blockchain gaming sector. This strategic maneuver, executed with precision and purpose, saw the incineration of 1 billion DVK tokens on KleverChain and an additional 2 billion on the Tron Blockchain

Note: You can check out the transaction hashes both on the KleverScan –

And at the TronScan –

Why Burn $DVK? 

By reducing the supply of DVK in circulation, the studio aims to increase the token’s scarcity and, potentially, its value. This move is aligned with the principles of supply and demand that govern the crypto markets: as supply decreases, and assuming demand remains constant or increases, the value of the remaining tokens could rise.

The User Sentiment and Market Reaction

The market’s reaction to this event was immediate and noteworthy. Within 24 hours of the announcement, the price of DVK surged by 17%, a testament to the confidence and excitement generated among investors and players alike.

(Source: CoinMarketCap – January 3rd,2024)

This price movement underscores the impact of strategic token management on market perception and investor sentiment, highlighting the interconnectedness of game development, token economics, and market dynamics in the blockchain gaming universe.

(Source: CoinMarketCap – January 8th,2024)

In a remarkable display of market resilience and investor confidence, Devikins ($DVK) has surged an astounding 83.26% in the past week, showcasing the burgeoning optimism in the cryptocurrency sector. This bullish trend in $DVK’s valuation not only exemplifies the dynamic nature of the crypto market but also underscores the growing investor sentiment that is tilting decidedly in favor of digital assets. 

The surge is a testament to the robust community belief in the long-term potential of $DVK, further fueled by positive developments within the Devikins ecosystem and broader industry trends. Investors, buoyed by this uptick, are increasingly viewing Devikins Coin as a viable component of a diversified portfolio, geared towards long-term growth. 

This bullish wave, reflective of the broader market sentiment, signals a renewed confidence in the transformative potential of cryptocurrencies, as they continue to carve out a significant niche in the global financial landscape.

Background of DVK and Its Ecosystem

DVK, the native token of the Devikins game, plays a central role in its unique Play-to-Earn (P2E) ecosystem. Developed by MoonLabs Studios, Devikins has carved out a niche in the blockchain gaming world, blending captivating gameplay with the intricate economics of cryptocurrency. 

The game, leveraging the attributes of blockchain technology, offers players not just entertainment but also the opportunity to earn through strategic gameplay.

The significance of KleverChain in this ecosystem cannot be overstated. As a blockchain platform, KleverChain provides the necessary infrastructure for a secure and efficient gaming experience. It facilitates smooth transactions and interactions within the Devikins universe, making it a cornerstone of the game’s success.

Reflecting on the Historic Shift from Tron to KleverChain for DVK

Back in 2021, MoonLabs Studios made a strategic decision that significantly impacted the DVK ecosystem: the migration of DVK staking from the Tron blockchain to KleverChain. This move marked a pivotal moment in the evolution of the Devikins game. Initially, DVK staking on the Tron blockchain offered a 10% annual percentage rate (APR), but the studio sought to enhance this by transitioning to KleverChain, where they introduced an attractive 30% APR through Klever Wallet.

This shift wasn’t just about higher returns; it represented a deeper integration and optimization of the DVK token within the Devikins ecosystem.The transition process involved encouraging users to convert their DVK TRC20 to DVK KDA, facilitated by the former Klever Exchange, now, for more efficient staking. 

This historical move, while providing immediate benefits like higher APRs, was also a foundational step towards creating a more unified and efficient gaming experience on KleverChain.

Reflecting on this transition now, in light of the recent 3 billion DVK burning and the leadership changes at MoonLabs Studios, it becomes evident how these early decisions have shaped the current state and future direction of DVK. 

The consolidation of operations on KleverChain laid the groundwork for the smooth functioning and expansion of the Devikins game, aligning with the studio’s vision for a cohesive and robust blockchain gaming environment.

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