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Enjoy betting using Ethereum



Enjoy betting using Ethereum
Source: Fortune Jacks

Advantages of betting with Ethereum

Ethereum is the revolutionary cryptocurrency that was introduced in 2015 and has since taken the virtual money world by storm, thanks to its unique features. Although, not as valuable and popular as the cryptocurrency king – Bitcoin, Ethereum still holds a significant N2 position on the list of most popular virtual currency options.

Since its creation, Ethereum has caught the attention of online casinos and a lot of them started implementing the newcomer into their payment systems. There are several amazing benefits behind this utilization and we’re going to talk about the advantages of Ethereum Gambling.

How does Ethereum betting work?

Ethereum Casinos are considered to be the safest and most secure, thanks to the advanced security and dual payment system possibilities. You can deposit with Ethereum in two different ways.

First one is the payment through Ether, which is conducted just like BTC or any other virtual or FIAT currency. This type is extremely simple to understand because it just revolves around deposits and withdrawals.

The second way is to use Ethereum Smart Contracts.  Instead of sending through Ether directly to the casino’s wallet address, you send funds to a smart contract that was established with the Ethereum Casino. From here, depending on the final result, the smart contract will pay you out or absorb the funds to pay back to the casino.

Superiority of Ethereum Gambling

Just like BTC, Ethereum overtakes FIAT currencies in many different aspects. The upper mentioned payment options are a significant advantage compared to all of the competitors

Ethereum is superior when it comes to the speed of transactions, with both deposits and withdrawals being almost instantaneous, compared to conventional bank transfers that might take days to process the transactions.

Thanks to the Blockchain technology, Ethereum Gambling is significantly more secure and safe compared to classic transfer system. It’s almost impossible to hack the blockchain system and players can feel completely safe when playing with Ethereum.

Last but not the least is the advantage of superior anonymity. While gambling with Ethereum, nobody can decipher your personal information, keeping you completely hidden to any unwanted attention. No trace will ever lead to your gambling activities, thanks to the blockchain system that Ethereum is based on.

Best Ethereum Casinos

Ethereum betting is becoming increasingly popular among the gambling community and there are always discussions about various different online casinos that provide the platform for crypto-gambling. It can be a little hard to find good Ethereum Casino, but websites like BitcoinGamblers are good source to find one.

Disclaimer: This a paid post, and should not be treated as news/advice.

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