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Entities Meta: A unique and lucrative collection by Vasily Popov

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The main task in 2023 is to explore the NFT market and look for new blue chips. Investors should be careful about investing in NFTs for profit. Therefore, one should analyze the whole NFT market, choose the best and invest.

This article examines the market prospects of one of the most sensational collections of digital art – the Entities Meta collection by NFT artist Vasily Popov. The uniqueness and perspective of Vasily’s works will be shown, as well as the painting that was the first in the world to visit space. And you still doubt the value of these works? Then go ahead!

Entities Meta: An investment opportunity 

The first thing that deserves attention is the NFT collection Entities Meta. It attracted attention first of all by the fact that its sales volume quickly exceeded $250,000 and is still growing. 

The main feature of NFT is the right to free entry to the VIP zone at all of Popov’s private events around the world, including the $100 million auction.

Vasily Popov started creating NFT paintings in the spring of 2021 with his first Entities Meta collection. A special place in the collection is the “SPACE” painting, the world’s first NFT painting to visit space, which is described in more detail below. 

According to experts, the value of the Entities Meta collection continues to grow, and already today on OTC it is valued at no less than $5 thousand per lot. The world’s top businessmen, such as Igor Rybakov and Oscar Hartmann, have already turned their attention to the works of Vasily Popov.

Several sources have already confirmed that there will be private auctions this year and next year with representatives from the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi and other major museums. The $100 million auction will take place at the end of this year or next year in Abu Dhabi. You won’t be able to buy a ticket for it, access is only for NFT holders, which is why the value will go up.

The “icing on the cake” of the auction will be the sale of the “Space” painting, estimated at an incredible 100 million dollars. The opening bid will start at 999 ETH (over 1.5 million dollars).

From a reliable source close to Vasily we learned that the entrance to the auction will cost from $50,000 for 3 days. Only NFT owners and VIP guests will have access, so buying NFT is the only way to be among those invited to the private auction. 

If the cost of entry to the closed club for 3 days is $50,000, it means that closer to the auction date, the price of each NFT will be aimed at $50,000. In addition, it will be available for sale at the auction itself.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to bid high on Entities Meta and put this collection at #1, and at the very least, expect a huge amount of attention from millionaires around the world. The auction will take place, and according to confirmed information, collectors from China, UAE and India are already vying to buy the entire collection. And Russian billionaires are buying NFT Vasily Popov – the prospects for Entities Meta are huge.

The auction for 100 million dollars (a swing to the most expensive NFT) is an interesting move, allowing to get acquainted with the strongest people in the world and give investors to make money.

It is not clear if he will be able to do it, but he is already creating hype around him. 

And the owners will be able to capitalize on it. The minimum plan is to sell the “ticket to the auction” even for $25000 or to enter the final auction where we will sell our NFT. In addition, there will be local NFT auctions, where you can meet interesting people interested in the collection and resell Vasily’s work. 

“Space” painting by Vasily Popov

The most interesting project was the creation of a unique painting that traveled to the International Space Station (ISS). In March 2022, the physical painting “Cosmonaut” went on a six-month expedition beyond Earth’s orbit. The work became part of a crew that already included Oleg Artemyev, commander of the spacecraft, and 2 astronaut flight engineers, Denis Matveev, and Sergey Korsakov. In October 2022, after the successful completion of the 67th expedition to the ISS, the canvas returned to Earth.

On its return, the painting became the centerpiece of an NFT exhibition in St Petersburg. The canvas is still in the artist’s possession. According to the organizers, the artist has been persuaded to put Cosmonaut up for sale in a private auction.

Only NFT (Entities Meta) holders will have access to the private event. The artist has managed to maintain a community of fans of his work. The painting will be exhibited in a unique 1/1 format called SPACE.

Entities Meta collection

The Essences collection is featured on OpenSea, the largest marketplace for NFTs. A total of 350 NFTs are planned for the collection. So far, 302 digital art objects have been created (as of July 2023).

The main idea behind the collection is that these entities are manifestations of facets of human personality, reflecting both light and dark sides.

The most expensive work in the series was purchased for 3 ETH (approximately $6,000). The total value of the collection was 118 ETH.

Continuation of the Entities Meta collection is planned for the near future. According to experts, its value has already exceeded that of the previous edition, starting at $5,000 per lot, and will continue to rise.

Reasons for the popularity of Vasily Popov

Initially, Vasily Popov was not an artist, but he always created: from childhood, he showed his love for art. After school, he quickly realized that the career of a lawyer was not for him and moved to Moscow, where he was able to realize himself as a poet: to date, he has published 5 books of poetry, and colleagues in the profession speak of him as a talented young poet, appreciating in his work sincerity and liveliness.

Since the spring of 2021, Vasily Popov has begun to see himself as an NFT artist. He creates his paintings intuitively: images come to the creator instantly, in flashes, in pictures – he can make sketches in the margins of manuscripts (such were his first works) or create his paintings without brush and paint – directly on the screen with the help of paint and the finger of his hand. His art is impulsive and sensual, expressing thoughts and images that arise in the artist’s mind as bright flashes of emotion.

If we talk about the value of the collection, the first painting was sold for 12 dollars and today the price of his paintings is calculated in hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. There are several reasons for this:


– Launch of NFT’s “SPACE” painting into space (this is the 9th time this has been done under the auspices of Igor Rybakov)

– Publication of a book about space with photos from the ISS by Oleg Artemyev – the rights to the film adaptation of the book are recorded in the blockchain and also represent NFT.

– Cooperation with famous businessmen and support of the most famous billionaires – Vasily Popov creates NFT portraits of them, giving them not only an artistic value but above all an applied value: the owners (buyers) of such portraits have access to consultations with the depicted businessman or other ways of communication with him.

These are the main points that make Vasily Popov’s collection so relevant and in demand today, because thanks to such steps the artist’s fame is ahead of his peers. 

Vasily’s creativity is constantly evolving, so the value of his work will only increase. The announcement of this important auction confirms this once again.

Where can you buy NFT paintings by Vasily Popov?

Today, the collection of NFT paintings by Vasily Popov is presented on OpenSea. Moreover, the value of his paintings is growing in proportion to the rumors of a soon-to-be-closed auction. Recently, the starting price (reserve price) was about 0.8 ETH. Now it is at least 1.25 ETH and growing every day.

Today, you can still buy his paintings at a relatively low price, but since the sale of the jewel of his collection, the prices for the rest of the Entities Meta may increase dramatically. Don’t delay your purchase so you won’t regret it in the future.


A lot of work has been done to study Vasily Popov’s creative path, his success story, and his prospects in the NFT market. It is important to note that Vasily’s paintings are not just JPEG images that can be easily generated by a neural network. This is real art from a first-class artist, one of the best in the CIS at the moment. 

According to closed sources, his paintings are already being snapped up by billionaires and top businessmen who are queuing up to buy NFT. Follow Vasily and his development, lest you later regret not having bought a painting at a low price.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.  


With Masters in Mass communication and journalism, Anjali's interests lie in blockchain technology adoption across emerging economies.
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