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Ethereum Classic [ETC] proposes to set the limits on DAG, averting mining difficulties

Joel Mathew



Ethereum Classic [ETC] proposes to set the limits on DAG, averting mining difficulties
Source: Pixabay

Ethereum Classic claims that DAG has become a negative factor in the field of crypto-mining and on a long-term the security will be compromised. Ethereum Classic has put forth the issue on an open forum, ECIP: Ethereum Classic Improvement Proposal. The purpose for the ECIP was to set up restrictions on the size of the DAG and to inhibit its vast and rapid growth.

Directed Acyclic Graph – DAG’s working mechanism is different from blockchains. It does not require PoW- Proof of Work from miners on each and every transaction unlike other blockchains instead gets around this process of blocks. These DAG transactions are interwoven, making one transaction acting as a confirmation for the next and so on. It’s reported that DAG was originally purposed to provide resistance to ASIC from mining protocols and augment decentralization of mining distributors, generating an unbiased distribution of tokens.

ASIC – Application Specific Integrated Circuit is a computer specialized towards a specific use such as a circuit designed to execute digital voice recording or a high-efficiency Bitcoin mining, rather than proposed for public use. However, recently DAG has failed at its true functionality and now just inhibits wider investments in ASICs.

Dev commented:

“Cyclic DAG size oscillations, instead of constant bloat is interesting. I appreciate this. The only function and purpose of DAG was to make mining memory-hard and hamper ASIC development”

Cody Burns commented:

“It seems as if the DAG is more or less a secondary bomb. It was generated to make Asics’ mining difficult, but it wasn’t controlled. If it keeps growing at this rate it will make mining only available to those who can afford high dollar cards with high processors. Eventually will have the same effect as Asics, centralizing the mining power to a few.

Mikey B at the forum commented:

“My suggestion is to stop the DAG growth and keep a high number to prevent Asics but simultaneously low enough to keep everyone equal.  The main agenda should be on creating ‘DAG controlling committee’ or something that reviews the GPU market and makes recommendations every time a system upgraded.”

A Twitterati Victor Martine Replied to ETC:

“I think it’s a great idea, this will revenue many more people a good currency like ETC with their home hardware again, a true decentralized idea.”

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