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European Blockchain Convention is landing in Copenhagen as the 1st international blockchain conference in the Nordics



The European Blockchain Convention is an exceptional opportunity to help the Danish business sector take a strategic position on the Global Blockchain map.
Source: European Blockchain Convention

The European Blockchain Convention is an exceptional opportunity to help the Danish business sector take a strategic position on the Global Blockchain map.
Following on from a successful conference in Barcelona in 2018, the founders Victoria Gago [Copenhagen] and Daniel Salmeron [Barcelona] have decided to bring the European Blockchain Convention to Copenhagen on May 20, as the 1st international blockchain conference in Denmark.
The event will bring together over 400 industry leaders, business decision makers, tech innovators and investors from all around the world. With the vision to bring people closer to the technology and develop more familiarity to how blockchain can add value in various business sectors, the presentations will among other shed light on real-life use cases as well as current blockchain initiatives in progress.
Blockchain Technology has only been on the agenda for few companies in Denmark, and therefore it seems that the country has already fallen behind the blockchain development curve. That’s a problem because Danish companies will continue to be dependent on digital platforms [internet companies] such as eBay,, Airbnb, Uber, Amazon, Spotify, etc.
The blockchain technology has the potential to change how today’s digital platforms can:

  • Control the interface between the customer and the provider of the goods/services. In other words, the interface is where the power sits
  • Store all data and interaction information, and gets continuously smarter using technologies such as AI
  • Drain the profits and revenues of companies selling their goods and services on the digital platforms

Blockchain as a decentralized platform has the potential to disrupt the disruptors – the so-called central platforms. Danish companies should be prepared to use blockchain as a tool to defend themselves against disintermediation from large, centralized digital platforms and reclaim control of the customer interactions in industries where monopolies have been created.
To meet these matters, the European Blockchain Convention is gathering over40 visionary speakers to address the opportunities and challenges of blockchain technology for some of Denmark’s most important sectors: Finance, Shipping, Public Sector, Pharma and Healthcare.
The welcome speech will be held by Cecilia Lonning-Skovgaard, Mayor of Employment and Integration in Copenhagen.
Speakers on stage will include representatives from EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum, World Economic Forum, Ripple, Maersk, DanmarksNationalbank, IOTA, Danske Bank, IBM, ING, Bank of England, IMF, TrustWorks, MakerDAO, University of Copenhagen, PwC, Distributed Labs, Swiss National Bank and many more.
In addition to getting extensive insights into the current state of blockchain, the event is an exceptional opportunity to connect with industry-leading experts and innovative tech start-ups within the booming Blockchain space in Europe and in the Nordics.
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