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First YouTube account tokenized with BANKEX MediaToken

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First YouTube account tokenized with BANKEX MediaToken

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Trending YouTube channel TechHives, dedicated to infotainment about tech for non-tech people, has become the first tokenized YouTube account. The channel has opened a BANKEX MediaToken account to issue tokens for attracting contributors from all over the world.
MediaToken provides contributors with full access to all social media channel performance metrics and offers detailed account analysis, including a real-time reporting on likes, views, social shares, and other traffic data. Channel owners provide reports about their expenses and income.
As tokenized channels grow and attract advertisers, token holder revenue increases. In exchange, bloggers and social media channel owners get the funds they need to develop their channel. The MediaToken funding model sidesteps bank loan applications, intermediaries and high financing fees and offers security, simple automated processes and rapid growth.
Opportunities for YouTubers
Many YouTubers all over the world find themselves at a dead end after their channel has reached a certain level of development. They produce interesting content, but need money to make their channels more attractive to boost subscriber levels and attract advertisers.
Their needs are real, for example, a new camera, attending video or photography courses, travel to locations for video production and other expenses, but their needs are often seen by banks as personal. Furthermore, banks often underestimate the solvency social media channel owners and deny loan applications.
On the other hand, as these social media revenue platforms are new, potential contributors face risks supporting YouTubers and other social media bloggers financially as there is no infrastructure to manage financial collaboration for shared benefits. This is one aspect of the social media revolution that keeps YouTubers and bloggers at their day jobs and relegates their creative contributions media to a sideline hobby.
It doesn’t have to be this way, however. With MediaToken, social media channels have a better chance to support their owners and contributors financially. MediaToken is the next step in the social media revolution – where creative ideas and great content can move from being a hobby to a source of income.
Before joining MediaToken the TechHives team faced these very same problems. The TechHives team explores blockchain and cryptocurrency topics and presents video reviews of breakthrough technical solutions in different spheres such as fitness, education, medicine and more.
All content is produced in a positive and easy manner that even tech newbies can understand, get an overview of different products and their quality and get comfortable in the tech-sphere. TechHives updates weekly and nearly 3000 subscribers waiting for new videos. Each TechHives video generates up to 285,000 views.
Of course, the channel’s team wants to grow subscribers and increase the number of weekly updates without reducing the quality of it’s content, there are also plans to launch new shows. TechHives viewership is promising enough to attract advertising opportunities, but the channel needs funding to take the next step in its development.
MediaToken is the key to bringing plans into reality in the nearest future. TechHives Creative Director Alex Bulgakov said:

“We wanted to find partners who understood our main goals and would help us to grow faster and better right away. MediaToken will help us to achieve our 3-year objectives ahead of schedule. For those who contribute to TechHives with MediaToken, this means a consistent, reliable source of revenue.”

The creation of TechHives tokens has passed through three stages. First, TechHives YouTube account was put on blockchain. Then the tokenization technology processed the account’s data and provided a predictive model for the volume of funding the channel might attract from potential token holders. Finally, tokens were issued and are available for purchase by contributors anywhere in the world.
This simple process will provide TechHives with funds and contributors will be able to earn either a fixed percent of the channels revenue stream or use the tokens to pay for ad placement on the channel.
The goal of BANKEX MediaToken is to provide prospective bloggers, vloggers and social media influencers with funding without hassle or major risks. Any blogger with more than 5000 followers on Instagram or YouTube can qualify for tokenization and use MediaToken to get funding in the emerging blockchain financial ecosystem.
The TechHives video blog joins Spanish Instagram blogger Turismospain to become the first on their respective social media channels to tokenize their accounts.
Opportunities for Contributors
Tech savvy investors are always looking for new opportunities and many have known since the birth of social media that these platforms would eventually be monetized and compete with mainstream media.  As the practice of supporting Instagram bloggers or YouTube channels is new, market information is scarce.
Those who would try to make revenue sharing agreements with successful social media bloggers find it difficult to assess a project’s real potential for growth and revenue generation. There are also many unknowns related to how such arrangements will be regulated in the future.
Finally, existing channels for making agreements with social media bloggers are inefficient and offer no security for those who want to cooperate in revenue sharing deals. The result has been very slow growth in this high potential market.
MediaToken not only offers transparent information, clear and secure agreements and minimizes risks, it bypasses intermediaries and makes agreements between contributors and bloggers possible from any point in the world.
With the blockchain based platform, contributors can purchase tokens from particular bloggers, take part in automatically generated smart pools for contributions or set their own contribution parameters to create contribution pools based on revenue, risk level and other KPI. As blogs develop, the cost of ad placement and the volume of advertisers will increase,  offering token holders more revenue.
Bloggers must qualify for MediaToken and this is a filter that offers both information and protection for contributors. The ability of a particular blogger to produce quality content is analyzed and potential for development is calculated. The MediaToken platform continuously screens out bloggers who do not fit basic growth criteria.
MediaToken holders have a full array of dashboard information about the social media accounts they’re looking to contribute to, including:

  • the volume of subscribers, views and likes and other account metrics gathered from open and closed sources
  • complete information about the tokens: price, the volume of tokens issued, tokens available for purchase
  • complete and transparent financial information about the social media channel – its revenue and costs broken down by categories in regular reports

The MediaToken platform also provides a broad analysis of changes in a given social media channel’s metrics over time and the per post cost of ad placement. These auto-generated reports are updated regularly. In the future version of MediaToken, the platform will have an auto-generate feature for calculating optimal sums for a contribution that would provide the best revenue streams over time has given projected growth rates.
MediaToken Organizes Airdrop Campaign
Soon, the BANKEX MediaToken team will launch an airdrop campaign in order to make the whole process of funding YouTubers and generating profit more understandable to contributors. 1000 free tokens will be sent to participants in exchange for subscribing to the TechHives channel as well as sharing one or more videos.
The airdrop will be launched via the BANKEX Bounty Service –  the first turnkey service to automate and structure bounty and airdrop campaigns, making the entire process transparent and accessible for both bounty organizers and hunters.
Please write to to get more information on the airdrop campaign and apply for participation.
Opportunities for Influencer Agencies
Existing agencies working with social media influencers offer no standardized approach and usually only target blogs that have already reached a high level of development. Many prospective bloggers remain out of the sight of such agencies. Bloggers facing development obstacles often doesn’t meet the baseline requirements of agencies for the volume of subscribers even if they have a potential for high-quality content.
Ad agencies aren’t in the business of committing resources to help such blogger to take the needed steps to achieve more with their content. With MediaToken – empowered bloggers, agencies will have more opportunities to expand and strengthen their influencer portfolios and to bring the quality and volume of interaction with influencers to a new level.
BANKEX powered MediaToken will revolutionize revenue-generating opportunities by enabling a new social media generation to attract both contributors and agencies who more clearly see their potential. This will open opportunities for all participants of this new market – bloggers, contributors and agencies as well.
For BANKEX MediaToken and more information, click here. 
You can also join BANKEX on Facebook and Telegram.


Biraajmaan covers market trends of major cryptocurrencies. As a graduate in engineering, his interests lie in Blockchain technology. With over a year as a journalist, his articles focus on US and UK markets.
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