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Flickto (FLICK) set to hold public sale on decentralized launchpad



Flickto, a community-based media launchpad built on the Cardano blockchain, has announced that it will be hosting the public sale of its token FLICK on the launchpad. This development is expected to enable the public to access the token for the first time. 

Flickto public sale details

The public sale is expected to kick off from December 27, 12:00 UTC, to December 30, 12:00. Flickto has allocated 300,000,000 FLICK tokens at a starting price of $0.009 per token with a hardcap of $2,980,000.  

Participants will purchase FLICK tokens at the best possible price by using Cardano’s native token ADA. Following the public sale, the tokens will be locked until June 1, 2022, vesting in full that day. 

Flickto revealed that the choice of KICK was a no-brainer as it was one of the top launchpad platforms that support Cardano native projects. KICK token holders have priority access to the public sale. In addition, KICK holders will be able to endorse the Flickto public sale and earn a percentage for every FLICK token sold. 

Flickto also intends to take advantage of the extensive support and KICK community to drive the adoption of its token and platform. 

Flickto is bringing movies to the Cardano blockchain

Flickto is an innovative blockchain project with an ambitious vision to empower content creators to release the next generation of content. By providing direct funding to content creators, Flickto is changing how movies and content are produced. 

It places decision-making with the public who can also benefit financially from sponsoring successful movies. Flickto community will fund innovative movies, TV and streaming shows currently deprived of funding. 

The entire process is fully decentralized, and FLICK token holders can earn more tokens by voting on projects, staking, and receiving a portion of proceeds from successful media projects. 

FLICK tokens will also be fully tradable on the open market, including centralized and decentralized exchanges. There’ll also be NFT airdrops and Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISPO) that will provide Flickto community additional ways to earn FLICK. 

About KICK.IO 

KICK.IO is a Cardano-based fundraising platform and project accelerator designed to provide transparent, efficient, and fully decentralized crowdfunding services. It is built according to the best DeFi industry practices, ensuring real-time settlement, top-notch security, interoperability, true decentralization, zero counterparty risk while also being fully scalable to meet the needs of

institutional investors.

About Flickto

Flickto is a community media launchpad platform that intends to change the status quo and enable content creators and producers to access funds without hassle. The blockchain project is built on Cardano, a highly scalable blockchain with fast transaction speeds and low gas fees.

To learn more about Flickto, visit the following links. Website     Blog     Twitter     Telegram

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

With Masters in Mass communication and journalism, Anjali's interests lie in blockchain technology adoption across emerging economies.

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